Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave?

Or Land Of The Enslaved And Home Of The Deceived?

Father Dwight Longenecker-What is emerging in the horrible case of abortion monster Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia is how much the authorities covered up his crimes by looking the other way. The scale of the incompetence and admission that they did not regulate the abortion clinic for ‘political reasons’ is now emerging. It seems Gosnell was only caught because ordinary police turned up to investigate him on drugs charges and noticed the appalling conditions in the abortuary. Read about the bureaucratic crimes here.

Now the nation has to realize just how horrific the whole abortion industry is, and that it is not just the crimes of the greedy and gruesome Gosnell, but of every person who condones this horrible crime in any way. Gosnell had severed baby limbs kept in jars, killed newborn babies by putting a scissors in their neck and cutting their little spinal cord. He preyed on vulnerable, poor, minority and under aged women. At least one died at his hands. The only difference between this and the typical abortion is that the murder and dismemberment takes place in the mother’s womb and the dismembered child is sucked out by vacuum pump. If this went on in Philadelphia what other horrible practices continue uninvestigated for ‘political reasons’?

“Allow us to murder children”  America says. “Just don’t make us look at it.”

Stop! Americans need to look at it, just like the Germans were forced to walk through the concentration camps, and what a cruel irony that all of this happens the week of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the week of Martin Luther King Day, and that the abortionist was an African American preying largely on the poor and vulnerable African American population. “I had a dream…in the land of the free and the home of the brave”

Some dream. Some Freedom. Some Bravery.

Every American should be ashamed.

How much longer O’ Lord will you allow this evil to flourish in our land and in our world?

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3 comments to Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave?

  • fr donald thomas

    i would like to receive more information as much as i can in the mail from any priest or father on any updating of what is happening in the society they are working in each day.i am very happy to be with courageous priest as they do a lot for the community and the unborn of abortions to stop them.god bless you all.father donald thomas.362 springvale road.forest time.11.34am

  • anne mcintyre

    Dear Fathers
    I live in England and would like a day of reparation to God by fasting and prayer, I would also like to see catholic doctrine preached from the pulpit along with family rosary as our Lady’s request as a must in every Catholic family. I would like the priests to recommend TV’s and newspapers be banished from homes and internet use curtailed as this is a huge form of evil. Abortion should also be preached as a great evil in our society. Our churches are always closed.
    Kep up the good work, we need more priests like you,
    Why cant the Rosary be said in schools?
    Yours in Christ,

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