Kick Contraception to the Curb

What Causes the Breakdown of the Family?

By Fr. John Hollowell:

Fr. John Hollowell

Fr. John Hollowell

I was at an event recently where an evangelical Christian was speaking about the problem our society faces being the breakdown of the family.

He made fine and true points. But here’s the deal. If we want to solve the problem we have to know what caused it. If there’s 10 inches of water in the basement one ought to be applauded for noticing, but the question that ultimately needs answering: “where did the water come from so we can FIX the problem”???

The problem is actually found in a source most people don’t want to acknowledge: contraception. The Catholic Church has held the line on this teaching and Paul VI, in the late 60’s, said that if contraceptive use became widespread, then our culture would arrive at precisely the disaster we are in.

If you look at society and say the problem is “the breakdown of the family” you get half credit for that answer. But it’s time to treat the cause. Simply shouting at families “STOP BREAKING DOWN” will not work.

Start with your marriage. Kick contraception to the curb. And then have the courage to invite others to do the same. Or waste your time hoping families will stop breaking down.

Addendum after reading people’s comments below: This is precisely why we lose the argument, because we all say “Yeah, the break down of the family is contraception, you’re right, and it’s also _____________” We have to stop saying “also ________________” and start treating it at the source. Contraception is always evil. Full stop. We need to keep saying that if we want to get through to people. Inserting another 100 other related social ills (which are all true…nihilism, socialism, selfishness, pride, vanity, materialism, no fault divorce, greed, adultery, and on and on and on…those are all bad too, and related to contraception) inserting those other things in the argument just waters down our effectiveness when speaking about what has destroyed the family

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6 comments to Kick Contraception to the Curb

  • Colleen

    One often hears that married people who use contraception are selfish. Should selfish people have children?

    • Mariann

      Colleen, I’m guessing you are directing the question to me (sorry if I am wrong). Actually, it all starts before the idea of married people who use contraception being selfish. Marriage is sacrificial love…it is the love that Jesus had for His Church and should be returned the same way to Him. Formation is critical for persons to choose the good. A man and a woman should not enter into marriage if they are not prepared to love sacrificially.

  • Mariann

    I don’t know how old you are, Colleen, but I’m 60. We gave up television 27 years ago because of the horrible disinforming and mind manipulation by promoting everything as acceptable. However, by the introduction of contraception at first only to married couples–promoting infidelity/adultery, it then provided the door opening to the sexual revolution. That’s my take on it.

  • Colleen

    I have never bought in to the idea that contraception is the cause of the breakdown of the family. In some cases it may be factor but there are other things at work here. I believe the banalization of sex in the entertainment industry a huge factor. Premarital sex considered to be the norm I once watched a TV show where a young woman was bemoaning the fact that she had had three dates with a guy and hadn’t had sex with him yet. This past week I saw back to back shows depicting young ladies that were pregnant. Clearly these young women didn’t use contraception and it was interesting to note that the ladies depicted were going to have the baby.

  • Mariann

    I agree 100% Fr. Hollowell. Almost 20 years ago I heard this exact reasoning in a talk given by a wonderful homeschooling Mom, Miki Hill. Since that time I have only heard one Catholic Priest state it in a homily. Perhaps a suggestion for the Bishops meeting this July could be made that this Wisdom needs to be proclaimed, monthly in homilies as well as stated in the bulletin?

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