Introducing the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary

Attention:  If you have a devotion to the Holy Rosary, Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception, St. Bernadette or the Holy Souls in Purgatory then you will want to peruse this unique and special offer.

The Rosary Designed and Inspired After St. Bernadette’s
Description Of Our Mother Mary’s Own Rosary

Dear Child of Our Mother Mary and Rosary Prayer Warrior,

Without a doubt, I know how much the Rosary means to you.  St. Pio, St. Bellarmine, St. Louis de Montfort all have called the Rosary “the weapon.”  And why not?  Who here has not been humbled by the power of the greatest sacramental of all time?

Do you remember grasping the Rosary close to your troubled heart or suddenly stop praying?

Did you feel the fire?  Were you overwhelmed with a sudden sense of peace?  Maybe you were given the confidence that everything will be all right?  Now, that’s the Divine power.  Answered prayers straight from Queen of Heaven.  How much do we owe Our Mother?

When our hearts have been pierced, it takes us to a new profound level of overwhelming love, like the birth of a child.

You know when God ordered Moses to build the Arc of the Covenant, Solomon to build the Temple and Noah to build the Ark, He had two commands.  They were ordered to to build according to the designs revealed to them and to use the purest, most noble material.  “Look, and make it according to the pattern that was shown you in the mount.” Exodus 25:40.  Would you want a Rosary like that?  Designed from the revelations of St. Bernadette and using the purest materials.

Maybe you recall that St. Bernadette actually described the Rosary that Our Lady of Lourdes used while praying with her.   I will never forget the first time I read the description of Our Mother’s Rosary.

St. Bernadette described the Rosary as “a Rosary of white beads with a chain of gold shining like the two roses on Her feet.”  My heart raced, it created a strong desire to pray with that Rosary, a Rosary after our Mother’s own heart.

Now, here’s the problem . . .

Every time I looked for an Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary, they never seemed to be inspired by the actual description of the Rosary or Her messages. They either had Lourdes’ water in the centerpiece or were created in the town of Lourdes. This did not fulfill my desire to have a Rosary designed after Our Lady’s heart. Not to mention the fact that Rosaries tend to be so fragile and come apart so easily.

Here it is 10 years later, and I believe Our Lady has answered that desire. She has prepared a sacramental which is overflowing with many spiritual graces for those called to pray with The Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary.

Hello, my name is John Quinn.  Jeff Gares and I founded Courageous Priest.

I am a father of 5 little children! We home school and love it. Through the work of Our Lady, Courageous Priest has seen tremendous growth.   It is so exciting and humbling to be able to share this huge milestone with you.  Since the founding of Courageous Priest during the Year of the Priest . . .

we have 1.5 million visitors! (1,662,213 to be exact)

This is hard for us to comprehend. You see we both work full time and have young families.  Besides finding Courageous Priest articles, which takes many hours, we have done virtually nothing to attract visitors. Well, I must confess, we did consecrate the Courageous Priest apostolate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That’s not “nothing,” that’s everything!

Here are some additional accomplishments Our Blessed Mother has fulfilled this year:

  • We are now on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Co-Founded, with my twin brother Dan, the Immaculate Conception of Mary Apostolate: a dedicated to spreading devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  You will learn more in time.
  • We just received news (today December 8th) that Amazon will promote and produce our book series:  “The Ultimate Saints Guide To.…”  The first book will be called The Ultimate Saints Guide to the Immaculate Conception.  It was approved on Saturday at 5:30 PM on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception.
  • We have broken the 6,000 subscribers mark.

As you can imagine, our apostolate is a labor of love in which we graciously volunteer our time, talents and money. We have not asked for any donations believing that there are many other worthy Catholic charities. But, like most other Catholic apostolates, we believe offering an occasional Catholic item is a very prudent way to grow this apostolate.

That is why we are excited to introduce to you The Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary.  By the way, we actually have two different custom-made heirloom Rosaries, the first one is gold, we call it the Authentic Gold Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary  and the second one is sterling silver.  So, please keep reading to discover more about the Our Lady of Lourdes’ Pardon Rosary and why you should support this apostolate and get one yourself or offer one as a Christmas present..

God has been very good to us!


So, What is the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary

It is what I am coming to realize to be a truly inspired sacramental, a symbol of grace.  Here, let me explain. The Our Lady of Lourdes’ Pardon Rosary is inspired by Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception, St. Bernadette and devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Quite the powerful connection wouldn’t you agree?


This Rosary Is Truly Inspired By Our Lady of Lourdes

Of course you are familiar with the story of Our Lady of Lourdes and how the Blessed Mother revealed to St. Bernadette the healing spring waters and confirmed her title as the Immaculate Conception, but do you remember the rosary Our Lady prayed with?

St. Bernadette described the rosary as “a Rosary of white beads with a chain of gold shining like the two roses on Her feet.” You will get the full description of the the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary after you read this.


This is a True and Little Known Fact About Rosaries.

Not all sacramentals, like a rosary, are created equally. You see, how it is made, the crucifix used, the center piece used and many other little details or symbolism can make a huge difference.

Think about it. Which is better; a custom-made rosary by a loving mother praying for the intentions of the person receiving it, or a rosary mass-produced in China for a profit? Unfortunately, most rosaries are mass-produced from machines purely for the purpose of profit.

Outside of the Sacred Mass there is nothing more efficacious to the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory than the reciting the Holy Rosary. Now add that to the indulgences attached to the Pardon Crucifix! This little Rosary is going to be a power house, because God is good and faithful to His promises.

Again, which is better, a cross or a crucifix? It is a simple answer, but so many people still choose a cross over the crucifix.  Why people wear or have a Rosary with only the cross , besides sentimental attachment, puzzles me.   I think people honestly forget, that it was the Pharisees at the foot of the cross who wanted to separate Jesus from the cross. But remember not all crucifixes, like the Pardon Crucifix, have special indulgences attached to them.


 What’s The Pardon Crucifix?

Gold Pardon Crucifix

Well, if you haven’t learned about the pardon crucifix, then you are in for blessing.  This is no ordinary crucifix, as it is adorned with spiritual imagery and sacred messages.  It’s BEAUTIFUL, like the baby Jesus being held in His Mother’s arm.

Truly, this sacramental is a thorn in Satan’s side, slammed in there by our good Pope St. Pius X. It is unclear why so few Catholics have ever heard about this sacramental. But, what is clear is that Satan absolutely hates it.


Because the Pardon Crucifix ranks up there with the the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict Medal.  You see Pope St. Pius X used the keys to heaven to attach heavenly rich indulgences to it.   And Satan hates powerful sacramentals.  What does he do when he hates a devotion or sacramental which is so immersed with Divine graces?

Gold Pardon Crucifix: Back

He simply hides them.  And the Pardon Crucifix has been hidden for quite sometime its promulgation in 1905. Other examples 0f Satan’s dirty work include his literally hiding the Shroud of Turin (Jesus’ burial cloth), the true Cross and  St. Philomena.  How about how he perverts devotion to the Rosary, Miraculous Medal and Our Mother of Sorrows?

Yes, the Pardon Crucifix is beautiful; however, it is the words describing the indulgences / Divine graces will that blow you away.


 Here Are the Indulgences Pope St. Pius X Attached to the Pardon Crucifix

  • Whoever carries on his person the Pardon Crucifix, may thereby gain an indulgence.
  • For devoutly kissing the Crucifix, an indulgence is gained.
  • Whoever says one of the following invocations before this crucifix may gain each time an indulgence: “Our Father who art in heaven, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” or “I beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray to the Lord our God for me.”
  • Whoever, habitually devout to this Crucifix, will fulfill the necessary conditions of Confession and Holy Communion, may gain a Plenary Indulgence on the following feasts: On the feasts of the Five Wounds of our Lord, the Invention of the Holy Cross, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Immaculate Conception and the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Whoever at the moment of death, fortified with the Sacraments of the Church, or contrite of heart, in the supposition of being unable to receive them, will kiss this Crucifix and ask pardon of God for his sins, and pardon his neighbor, will gain a Plenary Indulgence.


His Holiness Pope St. Pius X has declared that the indulgences attached to the Pardon Crucifix are applicable to the souls in purgatory.  Did you notice the FULL indulgence available on the feast of the Immaculate Conception just for habitual devotion to the Pardon Crucifix?

As you can tell, this sacramental is a powerhouse. You can discover more about this “hidden” sacramental at The Pardon Crucifix, a thorn in Satan’s side.

And the center piece makes a big difference too.


Gold Miraculous Medal Center

How about comparing the center where it is the outline of the Virgin Mary’s head compared to the Miraculous Medal? The Blessed Mother gave the design of the Miraculous Medal to Saint Catherine Labouré. Can you do any better?

Silver Miraculous Medal

Futhermore, what Catholic Medal has its own feast day? Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is celebrated November 26th  on the Traditional calendar. How cool is that?  The Miraculous Medal is the only Catholic medal where Our Mother says “all who wear this medal will receive great graces.”  She goes on to prove her claim with countless miraculous healings of the heart, mind, body and soul.


Do you know the original name of the Miraculous Medal?  It was called the Immaculate Conception medal.  That was a natural conclusion for a name as Our Mother declares to have the prayer  “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee” on the medal.


This year, we have two rosary options available for you.  The first, the Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary is gold (actually it is a thick layer of gold over sterling silver) and the second is pure sterling silver. Because each Rosary has the same components, we will describe each part, detailing the rich symbolism of grace behind each one.


Here is what you get . . .

  • Your very own prayerfully custom-made Sterling Silver or Gold Pearl Rosary lovingly created by our very own Emily Gares, the wife of co-founder Jeff. Emily is sought out for her ability to create the finest Rosaries around. This is evident by the glowing smile she gave when she said “Of course John I will make them. I love making rosaries for other people.” She reminds me of Blessed Mother Theresa, “It is not what we do, but the love we put into what we do.”
  • A perfectly pure sterling silver or gold over silver Pardon Crucifix with all of the attached indulgences just waiting to alleviate the pain of those suffering souls in purgatory for whom you are praying.
  • The greatest Catholic medal of all time. Hands down, it is the Miraculous Medal. With all of the impurities burned away, leaving you an option between a perfectly pristine gold over sterling silver medal or a sterling silver center piece. It is a proven fact, that a Miraculous Medal used with a loving faith produces the “great graces” promised by Our Lady. The Miraculous Medal exemplifies the summit of St. Bernadette’s revelations when St. Bernadette reveals that “The Lady was standing above the rose bush, in a position very similar to that shown on the Miraculous Medal. . . She said to me in a voice vibrating with emotion ‘I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION’.” This makes perfect sense, as the Miraculous Medal proclaims this very fact, “Mary Conceived Without Sin . . .”
  • Heirloom-quality authentic white fresh water cultured pearls.  These top-grade pearls represent the word of God and the the kingdom of heaven. Jesus warned his disciples not to cast pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). St. John tells us in Revalations that “the twelve gates are twelve pearls, one to each: and every several gate was of one several pearl.” The white pearls also fit perfectly as the white beads described by St. Bernadette.
  • Why white? White symbolizes purity, virginity, innocence and virtue. It also symbolizes holiness and is the Christian color for all high Holy Days of the Church Year, especially the seasons of Christmas and Easter.
  • Perfectly fire-purified sterling silver links and chains.  Listen to what scripture has to say about silver as it relates to our souls. Proverbs 25:4 “Take away the rust from silver, and there shall come forth a most pure vessel.” Proverbs 17:3As silver is tried by fire, and gold in the furnace: so the Lord tries the hearts.” Silver also symbolizes the emblem of moral innocence and of holiness.
  • The links for the Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Gold Rosary are gold filled.  This is vital, because gold filled links are 30 times more durable than gold plated links.
  • A beautiful hard bound Rosary case, like the one used for diamond necklaces, with the easy flip top lid to keep the Sterling Silver  or Gold Rosary free from dirt and other impurities. It is a fitting case for something so precious.


What Good Is A Rosary That Keeps Falling Apart?

Emily, our Rosary expert, taught me a thing or two about Rosary making. Link size does matter. Does your Rosary keep falling apart? It’s mainly because of the size of the links and the quality of the chains used. Or, in our case, how strong and stubborn your toddler is.  Emily’s rosaries are so strong that our toddler has not managed to break his baptismal rosary!

These links are strong.  Honestly, they are so strong that we had to pay extra money to specially drill the pearls as to accommodate for the extra durability and thickness of the links.

Is there anything more disheartening than spending your time repairing broken links of something that you hold so dear? We want to take that frustration away.


What people are saying about the Heirloom Pearl Rosaries offered by Courageous Priest?

“I received it today and it is really beautiful!  It’s very stunning . . . I guess even prettier than I had expected!  It did really take my breath away . . . so different than the Red Jeweled Rosary that I have.  I was trying to explain the look to my friend, but told her once I received it, I had to show her in person because words didn’t do it justice.  So tell [Emily] great job.  If I had the money, I would buy one for my sister too, but she may need to purchase for herself this Christmas!! HaHa”

Theresa F.


“I have my silver pearl rosary. It was worth the wait! WOW. How beautiful. No words can describe. Emily was truly guided by our Blessed Mother to create this masterpiece. I will look upon it when I say my rosaries and feel the love that went into this rosary that I was blessed with this year.”

L. Cantrell


“I received today the Rosary, which is truly special.  I am very grateful to Emily for making it.  It looks like a Rosary that was made in Heaven.   I especially like how it feels in the hand as its weight is just perfect.  It is certainly the most beautiful thing I have.   Thank you.”

D. Beaudoin


Gold or Silver, Does it Matter?

No, it does not.  What does matter is your personal preference.   However, this is the first time ever we have a Gold Option for the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary.  The gold by far and away fits St. Bernedette’s description best as the “chain of gold.”  It took us a long time to  find the quality parts needed to produce the Gold Option.  But, after researching scripture, we were blown away with these little-known facts.

Did you know that gold is mentioned 391 times in the bible? And out of that, it was combined together with silver 246 times. We discovered that although gold had a higher value than silver, the disparity was not anywhere as large as it is today.  The two precious medals were virtually interchangeable back then.

Here is a fact that you will want to consider.  The past two years we offered these special and unique Rosaries, the silver option sold out in less than 24 hours each time.  Last year was first time that we offered a gold rosary, and it sold out in 3 days.

As much as I hate to do this, I must tell you that the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary is . . .

Limited To The First 20 Faithful Buyers

You Only Have A Limited-Time of 7 Days To Buy

Why would we limit such a powerful devotional to 20? Honestly, it is because we are not a business.

Emily, our Rosary expert, is a full time mother with three little ones to take care. On top of that she must work part time to make ends meet. I was happy she agreed to create any and was ecstatic when she committed to 20.

Now the reason why we limited it to 7 days is so we can guarantee that you receive your Rosary before Christmas.  Shipping by December 15th is the only way we can guarantee this.

Either way you will want to act quickly, because with the thousands of visitors we get, history has proven the offer won’t lasting long. Please don’t let this happen to you.


Unfortunately, Roseann was not the only person who waited too long.

“Could you please tell me where I can find  “OUR LADY OF LOURDES’ PARDON ROSARY ”  It looks like you sold out. Thank you!
Roseann C.


Will they ever be offered again and if so, When? I can’t believe they are sold out. Please make them available again!! Thank you!! – Mary Bellino


I bought one for a dear friend last year. I am so sorry to miss this one as I was behind reading emails because of illness. Please let me know when you will have these beautiful rosaries available. Thank you.  Agnes

Click here to buy the Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary . . .

Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary


Click here to buy the original  Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary . . .

Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary

or call me at (573)735-2002,
Many people call to confirm the order and, because this is a special offer, I will take calls anytime.

In Order to Maximize Your Ability to Effectively Utilize Your Heirloom-Quality Rosary, We Are Going To Sweeten The Deal

We honestly want you to be able to maximize your ability to help the Holy Souls in Purgatory. We also really want you to know more about Our Lady of Lourdes, Purgatory and the Immaculate Conception, so we are adding in some saintly bonuses to elevate your ability to obtain graces for yourself, family, friends and the Holy Souls.

So, here’s what else is in store for you when you purchase your Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary . . .

Additional FREE Bonuses

FREE Saintly Bonus # 110 Aids to Mental Prayer, Don Jean-Baptiste Chautard, O.C.S.O. This comes from the book Soul of the Apostolate and was the favorite book of Pope St. Pius X. The good Pope said he left this Spiritual Masterpiece by his night stand so he could read it in his bed. Considering mental prayer is half of the Rosary and the Church declared a partial indulgence for those who spend time in pious mental prayer, you can understand why this is a great bonus. Any time we are better able to comprehend God’s mysteries the spiritual benefit is priceless, but if we have to put a earthly value on this e-book, then $5 to $10 should cover it.

FREE Spiritual Bonus # 2 – Purgatory as Revealed by Mystic St. Catherine of Genoa; This e-book is a must read. Although St. Catherine was not an intellectual scholar, but the Lord graced her with a special gift to reveal great mysteries in a way that is very easy to understand. Eternally PRICELESS, earthly $7 to $17.

FREE Spiritual Bonus # 3The Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God; An Exposition, by Bishop Ullathorne. Nothing is more thorough or complete as the 229 page classic work of Bishop Ullathorne. Whether drawing upon the wisdom of the Early Church Fathers, Scripture, Liturgy or the Holy See ,this great Bishop leaves no stone unturned. Starting from the fall of the Angels, to original sin, to the fall of Adam and Eve, to Sts. Joachim and Anne, to the moment of the Immaculate Conception, this e-book is a spiritual wealth spring of Divine Wisdom. Spiritually PRICELESS, earthly it’s a $17 to $30 value.

FREE Spiritual Bonus # 4 – The History of the Miraculous Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, by Fr. F. Ignatius Sisk. O.C. How many holy books have you read where the forward is written by the Pope? Pope Pius IX approved this authoritative book by Fr. Sisk. That just doesn’t happen too often. This e-book has everything! It is a great way to increase your devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. 435 pages. Eternally Infinite in Value, worldly a $20 to $39 value.

FREE Bonus # 5 FREE shipping to the Continental US and No Taxes Added. Unfortunately, there are no spiritual benefits, but saving an extra $15 is always a good thing.


When you add it all up, you’re getting an amazing…

Total Estimated Value of $64 to $111 of FREE Heavenly Bonuses or an Eternally Infinite Value of Heavenly Bonuses, times four!

Click here to buy the Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary . . .

Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary


Click here to buy the original  Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary . . .

Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary

or call me at (573)735-2002
to buy by a check (we actually prefer checks)

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Powerful,Highly Indulged Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary?

Well, we realize that Sterling Silver, Pearl Rosaries could easily sell for as much as $540 for highly inferior pearl beads and from “Catholic stores” or from a plain old jewelry store with neither store being interested in spreading any type of devotion. 

In fact, if you Googled “sterling silver pearl rosary” you’d will find many Rosaries selling for over $200 a piece.  The highest I found was for over $650 for far inferior pearls. I am sorry, but that is just  plain sinful.  There is gold pearl rosary bracelet going for $466.95.  Yes, I said bracelet.

But, we’re not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. We want it to be a fair price. A price that will help us not request donations, while still reflecting the highest standards which so perfectly fit Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary.

In fact, your total investment for this heirloom Sterling Silver, Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Rosary is just $167 for the silver and $237 for the gold . That is the total price, which includes FREE Shipping, the hard bound Rosary carry case, all of the FREE bonuses, the PRICELESS indulgences offered by The Church and Miraculous Promises from Our Lady.

Granted it is not the cheapest, but honestly for the quality and guarantees you are getting, we feel it is fair and reasonable price.

“When the rosary touched my hand, I experienced a sweet sense of peace and joy. I knew without words from anyone this rosary was the result of much prayer.  Thank you all, very much.  Especially you, Emily, for loving our Lord and His children so well; being willing to give yourself so another could be blessed by the fruit of His love and your labor!”  – – D. Smart


We are so confident that you will absolutely love your Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary that we are giving you a . . .


You’re Going to Love It” Guarantee . . .

Buy it and try it Risk-Free For 365 Days. Your sterling silver, pearl rosary is covered by our full 365-day, complete satisfaction, “love it or your money back” guarantee.

Yes, that is one year. It’s simple: either love it or return it with a no-questions-asked or no-hassling guarantee.

So go and buy it with complete confidence knowing that if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary, just send it back. It can’t be any easier than that.

If you do choose to send it back, you get to keep the bonuses, after all the we want to help spread devotion to the Holy Souls, Our Lady of Lourdes and the Immaculate Conception not suppress it. It has been suppressed long enough.


So, there you have it. Would you please do Courageous Priest and yourself a favor and buy this before the offer is over.

May God, who is rich in Mercy, bless you on this feast day of the Immaculate Conception,

John Quinn
Co-founder, Courageous Priest

P.S. We are serious about the 7 day limit for the first 20 people. If you wait, you could loose. And to be up front with you this prayerfully custom-made Rosary will be shipped in the order they were purchased. The longer you wait, the farther you are back in line. So why wait, go ahead and click on the “Buy Now” button.

P.P.S. This is honestly a one of a kind Rosary. I guarantee you won’t find another like it. Simply because no one has ever put all of this together, which was truly inspired by Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception, the Pardon Crucifix with the purpose of benefiting the Holy Souls. Anyway, I’ve deliberately included my “You Are Going to Love It” Guarantee, with no fine print and no questions asked to remove ANY and ALL risk to you! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! The Holy Souls in purgatory are going to thank you.

Click here to buy the Authentic Our Lady of Lourdes Gold Pardon Rosary . . .


Click here to buy the original  Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary . . .

One more thing, you can call me to buy with a check or credit card. (573)735-2002

If you have any questions or call, I will love to answer it.

Thank you!

P.S. – Would you do Courageous Priest a favor and share this info with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email right now? We truly appreciate it. Or leave a comment, we would love to hear what you think.

7 comments to Introducing the Our Lady of Lourdes Pardon Rosary

  • To Whom it concernes, I have a Rosary which seems to be a Pardon Rosary. I believe it to have been my fathers Rosary. however it is not a Crusifix, but it is similar to your Crusifix. it is made of bronze or copper. The engravings on the front and reverse sides are the same as the Pardon Crosses researched . I would like to know the significance of a Pardon Cross that is not a Crusifix. Many Thanks, will be looking forward to your response. sincerely, Richard Morris

  • Kathleen Riney

    Bill–You are quoting a scripture, out of context, to make a point. That’s an abuse of “The Word Of God”! The Bible you quote, by the way, was put together by the Leaders of the RC Church,around 360 AD! Christ drove “THE MONEY CHANGERS” out of the TEMPLE!! They had NO right to be there! There were areas set up at a distance from the Temple for that purpose. There is not now, nor has there ever been, anything wrong with selling adjuncts to prayer, outside of the “Temple” area of a Church. As far as your quote about using “vain repetitions as the Heathens do”…that too is out of context, AND, in the case of the Rosary, totally untrue! “VAIN Repetitions”…referred to the practice at that time, of repeating, usually one, magical word, over & over, & running a line of beads on a string because the more times the word was used, the more powerful the prayer. The Rosary is Nothing like that, unless you consider the Angels greeting to Mary, & her response as “VAIN”.. “Hail Mary full of Grace,”, (Greetings Miriam,you who are filled with Grace)”The Lord is with you,” (You are Favored in the Sight of The Lord), “Blessed are you among Women, & Blessed is the Fruit of your Womb, Jesus”. (Mary’s response, “Be it done unto me as God Wills”) “Holy Mary, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinners, now & at the hour of our death, AMEN. (So be it)
    The Rosary is a meditation on Scripture, using Scriptural prayers. As in, “Our Father”…(which really translates as “ABBA” “DADDY”!) Every event in the Salvation History of Jesus Christ is used in the meditations of the Rosary. I suggest you research the “Mysteries of the Rosary” online, before you offend God anymore by trying to use Scripture to Offend the “Mother of God”!! Can you really get your mind around that?? Our Creator God, who cannot be contained in ANY Space, was in the Body of this young Woman!! Took His Flesh from her!! How can you doubt for a moment, that God would be offended if we honored His Son’s Mother?!?? Didn’t He Honor her first? He Chose HER!! He made a Request, He did Not order her to do anything!! She freely accepted!! In total Confidence!! On the Cross, Jesus told John, (the ‘Church’ present there) “Son, behold your Mother”, & to Mary, “Woman, behold your Son”..=the Church”.
    I’m sorry if you don’t understand this, it’s one of the greatest of all Graces we have. It’s very sad that so few take advantage of the many Gifts God has freely given us.

  • TG

    Mr. Quinn has the right to sell this rosary on his website. He is not inside a church selling it. I wish I had the extra money to buy one. A lot of my cheap rosaries having fallen apart. The rosary is a beautiful devotion. It is a contemplative prayer on the gospel. Only those with devotion to Our Lady would understand. I started praying the rosary when I was in mortal sin and it led me back to the church and the sacraments. I can’t believe the unkind comments.

  • I’d love to read about this rosary because St. Bernadette is my patron saint but I’m not feeling well & keep falling asleep: they never just say what it is, how much it is & what it will cost. This is pious advertising & it makes me so sad. Yes, I’d prefer a handmade rosary but I’ll use the one friends gave me for my birthday last year &, if it matters, perhaps someone I know will tell me about this rosary in clear, simple language.

  • Lorra

    This is one of those times that I wish we had money so I could purchase something as beautiful as this Rosary.

  • Bill

    And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

  • Bill

    And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of them that sold doves. Matthew 21:12

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