How To Know When Jesus Speaks?

My Dear People,

If God is all powerful, omnipotent, and all knowing, why would He seek us? Yet that is what Jesus did as He began His mission here on Earth. Our Lord did not seek out the brightest and best.  He sought those whose hearts were open and ready. All of the Holy Apostles had sinned and were broken. None were perfect. But Jesus chose to use their imperfections to glorify His Father in heaven.

Jesus Calls Peter and Andrew

As Jesus walked along the Sea of Galilee, he called to Peter and Andrew. They were brothers who owned their own business. Matthew tells us that they immediately left their boat, and their father to follow Him. What could Jesus have said or done that would cause them to make such a radical change? We do not now for sure, but we do know that they did not hesitate to respond.

Jesus calls each of us by name at Baptism, just as He will when we die. Like the Holy Apostles we are weak and sinful. But will we hesitate when He calls? What must we do to softened our hearts that we may hear Him calling us? Pray to the Holy Spirit to know when Jesus speaks. He promised to teach us all things, until the Second Coming. Trust in your gifts and use them to glorify Our Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be ready to hear and serve the Lord as His Faithful Stewards.

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4 comments to How To Know When Jesus Speaks?

  • Catherine Smiroldo

    God bless you and Our Blessed Mother keep you, all of our courageous priests.
    We need you to keep teaching us the Truths of our wonderful Catholic Church.
    When I read your emails, I feel uplifted by the Holy Spirit and this feels great.
    My thanks and prayers to you and for you from Australia.

  • Johannes

    Father Bozado,
    words like these encourage and lift ones head again. Words like these are words from God. In my experience I know that the Holy Spirit often gives answere on questions or also as pure information.
    And to Kathleen I want to say, yes we all who yearn for God have followed JER 29,13 (you seek me with your heart and you will find me. In a comment from today about MARK 4,35 (The storm on the sea) St. Augustine said, that Jesus, who was sleeping on a pillow in the back of the boat, got up and calmed the storm down. Jesus sleeps in our boats too and as soon we call him as the apostels did on the boat, he calms the storms in us. Jesus is the dweller on every ones boat and as soon we call him, he calms every storm.
    In my daily prayers I was told that these times show the show down of a period. This world in a way is sinking and simultaniously another world is rising. The new world, which is a new time for us is prior to emerge at the surface. Two things are happening simultaniously, the evil is losing and we, who pray are like the heels of our Lady who step on the head of the serpant. I am convinced that the riots and may be civil wars in different countries will lead to a new time. Jesus is on our boat, who can make it sink, We just have to call him by opening our hearts and showing him how much we crave for him.

    It`s our hearts who long for God and he answeres us. Thank God for sending priests into this world of anguish. Thank you Lord for the comfort they give.

  • kathleen

    Father Bozada, thank you for your inspirational words and spiritual direction. The world, including me, is so in need of God’s love and forgiveness. Please continue to teach us all how to deepen our love for Jesus and strengthen our prayer life. God Bless You!

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