The Hidden Schism Within the Catholic Church

The Schism Already Exists

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on My Head:

Headlines last week were proclaiming that a group of cardinals believe Pope Francis should step down to avoid a catastrophic schism in the Catholic Church.

Schism? What schism?

In fact, the modern Catholic Church is already in schism, but it is an internal schism, hidden to most people.

The divide is very clear and yet virtually unspoken. Nobody dares to really speak of it. The divide runs between cardinals. It runs between bishops and archbishops. It runs between theologians. It runs between parish priests. It runs between liturgists and catechists, church workers, musicians, teachers, journalists and writers.

It is not really a divide between conservative and liberal, between traditionalist and progressive.

It is the divide between those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Virgin born Son of God and that as the second person of the Holy and undivided Trinity established his church on earth supernaturally filled with the Holy Spirit which  would stand firm until the end of time, and those who believe otherwise.


Those who believe otherwise are the modernists. They are the ones who think the church is a human construct. It is a historic accident that occurred two thousand years ago and succeeded by a few twists of fate and a few happy circumstances. Because the believe the church is a human construct from a particular time and place, the church can and MUST adapt and change for every age and culture in which she finds herself.

This is the great divide. This is the schism which already exists.

The Question?

Is the church a divinely appointed institution established for the eternal salvation of souls or is it a social construct which sincere people have put together to make the world a better place?

This is the divide within the church today and every conflict about everything –from music, to architecture, to art, to Catholic education, from liturgy, to literature, from devotions to disciplines and doctrines–everything comes back to this basic divide.

Of course I believe the first: the church was established by God’s Son Jesus Christ our Lord for the defeat of Satan, the salvation of souls and the redemption of the world through the supernatural graces empowered by the sacrificial death  of Jesus Christ on the cross.

All the rest–from saving the environment to feeding the hungry, from equal rights for workers to opening a soup kitchen, from educating the young to achieving peace and justice–are secondary and reliant on this first and eternal priority.

The schism already exists.

All that is required is for individual Catholics to decide which side of the chasm they reside.


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4 comments to The Hidden Schism Within the Catholic Church

  • Colleen

    Isn’t just possible that the Holy Spirit is influencing these “modernists” that some people have such contempt?

  • Di

    Yes, there already exists a schism it’s EVOLUTION and four Dominicans who are promoting polygenism yup you heard me correct. They think Genesis is and option and they believe you can pick and choose what you want to believe in the Bible if it doesn’t fit into their “god-science” Believing this lie/error destroys the faith even if they do not believe it does. It makes God a beast, how? Jesus human side would have decended from a beast think about it this is horrible and people many Bishops and Priests have excepted this at truth when it is JUST a THEORY.

    This is the reason that Jesus asked if there will be “faith” left on earth when He comes again.
    Belief in any type of evolution, anything that takes your mind and heart from God and places it in the presence of a false god, you are putting your soul and faith at risk….Don’t do it! It is better to look stupid or gullible than it is deny the Holy Ghost and the Inerrant Word of God the Bible interpreted by the very Church Jesus Christ left us.

    “If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”
    ~ Augustine of Hippo
    “human wisdom is always set up against in opposition to the Divine wisdom, when men consider human learning to be paramount in importance, and when they endeavor to make the truths of faith subservient to the teaching of human sciences. This error is the origin of all heresy”8
    —St. Thomas Aquinas, Apology for Religious Orders, chapter XII.
    MAY GOD FORGIVE THESE BISHOPS AND PREISTS and May God bless those Bishops and Priests who are fighting and speaking out!
    Pray like there is no tomorrow!
    ¡Viva Cristo † Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!
    Si vis pacem, para bellum!!!

  • Mariann

    But Fr. Longenecker, I would think most Catholics have decided…and then, what? It becomes quite clear about the differences, so? Persons who, as you, believe: “…the church was established by God’s Son Jesus Christ our Lord for the defeat of Satan, the salvation of souls and the redemption of the world through the supernatural graces empowered by the sacrificial death  of Jesus Christ on the cross.” But, the Parish I am supposed to attend (proximity-wise) is so over the edge the other way that my husband and children travel 35 minutes or so to attend Holy Mass at another Parish. The SJW’s have hijacked every Parish in our diocese. So, what do those souls do who have little to no choice of living community? What do those souls do when modernism escalates on a daily basis (it seems)? It is a challenge, and also makes it very hard to spread the Faith when RCIA or whatever it is called and Parishes are happy-clappy SJW Parishes? Help?

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