He Won’t Go to Hell. Will He?


by Fr. Christopher Pietraszko:

So long as a man lives in mortal sin, there is nothing meritorious within him. It does not matter how many homeless he feeds, how many children he saves from a burning building, how often he prays or attends mass with pious behaviour. So long as a man has sinned mortally, he stands condemned. If a murderer stood trial, openly admitting his sin without sorrow, yet boasted of good deeds, and acts of faith, it would mean nothing for the judge. The man is being sentenced for the injustice, and rightfully so. Man compartmentalizes his sins. He hates God with one breath, yet claims to love him with another. Like a husband who slaps his wife’s cheek and kisses the other.

Man cannot ever undo the Justice that is due to him. But God can. Confess your sins, and you are rewarded with the merits of Christ.


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4 comments to He Won’t Go to Hell. Will He?

  • Lise Baur

    @Paul Estavillo – I had a similar problem. I went to confession weekly and still stumbled with the same sin. I started reading a beautiful book entitled Frequent Confession by Benedict Baur. I started using what I learned in that book. It isn’t a long book and it isn’t a very complicated read. I also do the St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Jesus through Mary and I find help from our dear Mother, the Blessed Virgin. Just persevere…

  • @Paul Estavillo, you might consider the Angelic Warfare Confraternity. It helps!

  • Paul Estavillo

    I keep doing the same sins and I go to confession. How can I break my lustful ways?

    • Connie Etie

      You can break the hold serious sin has over you by first asking the Lord to walk with you. Have a good long serious, heart to heart talk with the Lord if you haven’t already and then continue asking for His help(He knows it all already, but you please Him immensely when you trust in Him to be merciful- which He will be.

      Do not give into dispair. Instead, make the conscious desion everytime that you may be tempted to, instead decide to make an act of faith by saying “Jesus, I trust in You”. Continue to go to confession- you receive a multitude of graces everytime you do, provided you are sincerely repentent and sincerely want to change. You may notice over time that your resolve gets stronger or the near occasions of sin are easier to avoid or perhaps your prayer life gets deeper and you experience greater consolations during prayer. You should begin to notice some good effects if you continue confessing your sins even though they may seem to be the “same old ones”.

      Get some help from others. Talk with your pastor or someone else maybe who has been through what you are going through such as a friend, a support group. Ask others to pray for you and with you. I will pray for you now. Know that the Lord loves you and wants you to overcome His and indeed is standing by your side to help you. Trust in love and mercy!

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