Modesty! What About Plain Old Good Taste?

Where Things Are Not Sticking Out That Should Not Be Sticking Out

Where You Are Not An Occasion Of Sin Or Disgusting



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  • This is not a social hall.


  • If you do not have reverence for me, than you do not have love for me


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14 comments to Modesty! What About Plain Old Good Taste?

  • This is great! Anyone know where the original video is from?

  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pena

    We reverence God by what we think, say, do and wear. He is our King of kings. It is here on earth that we are to know, love and serve him. Thus we will be able to know, love and serve him in heaven. Blessed be God!

  • smogdew

    Two months after arriving at my Florida church, I researched the 9th Commandment and wrote a 2 page letter to our Parish Priest regarding the attire of parishioners. For my efforts,in the weekly bulletin, between ‘do not park in blue lined spaces’ and ‘do not park between orange cones’ was ‘thank you for dressing appropriately for Mass’. That was 7 years ago – neither the written or spoken word since.
    One does not know whether these people are going to the beach or coming from the beach, men, women, teens – short shorts, short skirts, tight skirts, long skirts slit up to the hip, same w/dresses, backless dresses, frontless dresses, flip flops, men in sleeveless shirts (wife beaters) – nothing left to the imagination. The noise before Mass is deafening, those leaving early from Mass are numerous-I was not raised this way and have been told to ‘adjust’ – I can’t. And I’m not the only one.

  • Francis Butler

    In a few days I will be changing my email address (in order to cut expenses) Please make note of this new email

    Thank you and God bless your good work.

    Hello Francis,
    I sent you an email, that needs to be address for the change of email address

    God bless,
    John Quinn .

  • James Smith

    I suspect this was not the entire sermon since it only broadcast for 5:14. Is there more? Best comment Father made. Do not leave Mass early because(insert pregnant pause) Judas was the first one to leave Mass early. Ofttimes I am the only male who wears a coat and tie to Mass. I do not state that fact to put on the garb of the Pharisee but to bemoan the lack of respect so prevalent in the modern Church.

  • lisag

    I love the line, Judas was the first person to leave mass early. Where your mind is, your heart is, and your body will follow.

  • Carmen

    May God bless shepherds who are bold enough to speak and teach the truth. May many other priests take a lesson from Fr. Trigillio to guide those entrusted in their care. Be blessed in abundance.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I ask our pastor to bring this subject up during mass. He said he didn’t want to violate anyones civil rights. I wonder if its about civil rights or his collection basket.Either way its all about common sense. I’m shock to think people can dress a little nicer for 1 hour a week.
    I’ve mention this several times at my parish and my pastor threaten disciplinary action on me if I speak out.
    Thank God we have a few good priest left.
    God bless,
    Br. Christopher B.P.P.

  • It’s just so refreshing to hear a priest address the problem. We have wonderful priests in our area, but they don’t address this problem. What can I do to address it? Anyone have any suggestions?

  • I keep a skirt (for over slacks which are never tight) 3 veils and my St. Joseph Missal in my car in the event I stop for a visit at Church. My blouses and dresses are never below two inches from my neck. My skirts are always a couple inches below my knees. At 73 years of age, perhaps I go back to an era when respect was shown for My Lord and my Lady. I am a traditional Catholic. who loves the Tridentine Mass whether in English or Latin. Going to Catholic School for most of my school years amy have something to do with it. My clothes may not be the best, but I still try at all times to dress modestly even when not in Church. Men and boys should leave their T-shirts, baggy pants and jeans that are stained and with holes in themat home, preferably in the traxh. May God bless you and the mantle of Mary surround you. Mrs. Carla J. Polzin

  • TG

    I just love Father Trigilio. He always blunt and honest. I agree totally with him. Twice this year I’ve seen 2 women in short shorts (not bermudas)and flip flops at Mass. Disgusting. Women in our society have gone too far. This weekend at my grandson’s birthday party, the sister of the hostess had on a real low cut top showing all her business. As a woman, I feel ashamed for these young women that have no self respect. I pray for them because I was once blind like them. I figure somebody prayed for me too. (But at least I wasn’t ever indecent in a church or at Mass.)

  • Alfonso Ramirez

    Just remember you are going to the Holy Sacrifice of the Lord, Which transcend time and place; that takes back to the very moment that Our Lord was crucified. It is not a buffet. When you go to a lob interview you dress up for the job. Why can you dress up for your interview of your salvation, for eternal life? Do you really believe Jesus Christ is Our Savior?

  • Suzi

    We need more priests speaking this from the pulpit.

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