What is a Good Steward?

My Dear People,

Numbers in the Sacred Scriptures are very symbolic of deeper mysteries. When Mathew speaks of bearing “good seed” 100, or 60, or 30 fold, he does so to make a point. We are blessed twice every time we submit our personal will over to Our Heavenly Father’s Divine Will for us. God is never outdone by our generosity.

Like the loaves and the fish, just a little can be blessed, and be made to go a very long way. The seed represents the grace God bestows on everyone. We need to invest these gifts and graces come down from Heaven. We then place them at the service of the Church. This is what it means to be good stewards.

A steward is placed in charge of his master’s property and goods. Any master will expect a return on his earthly goods. So too, Our Lord expects a return on His “goods” given to us.

When we completely surrender to Jesus, He blesses us a “100 fold”. This gives great glory to His Father. In turn it blesses His Church. What gifts do you have to offer? What is the Father’s will for you in serving His Church? Always be willing and ready to invest yourself and your talents in Our Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we sow the seeds of the Holy Spirit on the path of our journey.

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2 comments to What is a Good Steward?

  • Judy Roberts

    It is difficult for me to discern what my state of life is. I no longer work and my family is grown and living on their own. My days are free/empty. What should I be doing to serve God?

  • Anthony (Tony) Smith

    I am the editor of the magazine “Light Of Christ” in Australia. We come under the patronage of Archbishop B. Hickey Perth Western Australia. All work carried out on this magazine is on a voluntry basis. I would very much like to print the article “What is a Good Steward?” by Fr. Mark Bozada and, perhaps other articles as you see fit. All credits as to author and website would be included.

    In Christ and His Blessed Mother
    Anthony F. Smith editor LOC

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