Are Gay and Lesbian Marriages Reprehensible?

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 18: Are We Re-living Sodom & Gomorrah? Or Does Equality Trump the Bible?

by Fr. Marvin Deutsch, M.M. – The first reading from Genesis, chapter 18, for today’s Mass is certainly opportune and could not have come at a better time. It is less than a week since the Supreme Court decided that the marriage between one man and one woman (The Defense of Marriage Act, passed by Congress in 1996) cannot be supported by the constitution.  The reading comes just one day after the “Gay Pride” parades in San Francisco, gays and lesbians dancing, celebrating and flaunting their victory over the opposition.  Gays and lesbians in CA can now get married.  Proposition 8, a referendum supported by the majority of residents a few years ago forbidding gay and lesbian marriages, is now null and void.  What has happened, of course, is that our Supreme Court judges, unwittingly perhaps, have shot down the democratic process.  What good is a vote of the majority of the people if one activist judge in California who just happened to be gay, could declare the vote unconstitutional, and this later would be supported by the 9 men and women in black gowns playing God?  (The vote was 5-4 which exonerates some of them)  As Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the spokesperson for all the Bishops recently said, “the Supreme Court’s decision was a tragic day for marriage and the country.”  Somehow the nation has lost its common sense.  All truth has become relative.  Right and wrong is arbitrary, determined by the wishes of those in power.

So let’s return to the Scripture reading.  What does it tell us? Abraham is pleading with God not to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their many sins.  God is telling Abraham that he will not destroy the cities if Abraham can find just a few people living the truth of his will.  Abraham could find none and thus fire and brimstone rained down up Sodom and Gomorrah destroying both cities.  (We see in the next chapter Genesis 19, the principles sins were the sins of sodomy.  These sins are named after the city of Sodom)

Does this story from Genesis have any significance for us today? 

Is the same admonition being given to us by God today?  Or, have times and customs changed to the degree that unnatural sins are at least tolerated by God because people claim that God created them that way?  Why did Cardinal Dolan make the above statement regarding the evil of homosexual marriage?  Is he being intolerant and hateful? In response, first of all, the stability of our society is built upon the truth of the natural family, one husband and one wife and their children.  When the family is functioning properly and living morally, so is society.  There is peace and harmony.  Would that this were true today.

The decision of the courts is based on a so called “equality”.  According to the 14th amendment, all citizens of the United States should have equal rights and protection under the law.  Yes, we are all equal, but what has that to do with gay marriage which is an aberration?  For example: if some men and women decided that they prefer to walk around town naked and gave equality as the reason, (out of equality with those who prefer to wear clothes), I doubt whether this would be allowed or tolerated.  (Although in the future, the way things are going, it might be).  No doubt they would be told that their actions are reprehensible and have nothing to do with equality.  It has to do with decency, good order and common sense.

Gay and Lesbian marriages are quite the same. Sodomy and other sexual aberrations, fall under the same category . These acts are all reprehensible, contrary to nature, good order and common sense.  Can society as we know it continue to exist under these aberrations?  The aberrations of Communism destroyed the culture of Russia; Fascism destroyed the cultures of Germany and Italy.  Even ancient Rome collapsed because of the loss of moral integrity. Our society cannot continue in the way it is going without dire consequences.  It is for us to hold firm to what is right, true and God’s plan.  We should not be merely passive.  Our future as a country and a moral society is at stake.

We have a strong support to stand on, the truth.  Yes, God exists; he has a plan; there is a heaven; there is a hell; there is also a future judgment.

As the song of the 1960’s goes, “When will we ever learn, when will we ever earn?”

Fr. Marvin Deutsch, M.M.


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5 comments to Are Gay and Lesbian Marriages Reprehensible?

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    I have to agree with you Kassie. My greatest worry is what God thinks of us for not loving the sinner enough to turn the other cheek. Granted as Catholic’s we recognize the sin. However recognizing a sin does not give one the right to judge. We should be accountable for our own sins, not the sins of others. As someone who was once a homosexual I had to open my conscience to realize I was truly offending God. We must pray for homosexuals so that they come to recognize their sins.

  • Kassie

    Doesn’t the bible tell you not to judge others? No one is forcing you into a homosexual relationship so why force them into a heterosexual one. Let them be responsible for their own actions. I get that you feel it is your responsibility to uphold the bible but it is only when dealing with your own actions. If you were a student and saw some kid doing something wrong it was not your responsibility to punish your classmate or dictate what you feel they should be doing. You would let the teacher and let them decide on the proper punishment. So if you truly feel it is against gods will and they will be condemned for it they let him take care of it when the time comes. Worry about your own life and your own choices.

  • lisag

    I think the Catholic church will have to divide between those who want to uphold life and those who don’t. There are too many bishops, priests and parishioners who support contraception, abortion, active homosexuality and divorce. It is just like Protestants who left their church to come to the Truth of the Catholic church. I just pray that the pro life Catholics are not pushed out by the anti life catholic minds.

  • Rachel

    VERY WELL SAID FATHER…….but the CLERGY have taken their time speaking about what was coming. MANY clergy have bn PREACHING about the First Testament in their sermons instead of keeping with the TIMES, the 21st Century and it is THOSE CATHOLICS who HAVE NOT bn told that ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, SAME SEX MARRIAGES are WRONG. THEY just go to church every Sunday and hear the SAME BORING sermon every Sunday bcuz that’s the only time they go to church if at that. I BLAME the HIERCHY/PRIESTS, BISHOPS CARDINALS, all the way to OUR HOLY FATHERS who have WANED in LEADING THE FLOCK! 54% CATHOLICS VOTED for THESE ABERATIONS! MANY clergy are WORRIED people will LEAVE THE CHURCH but THEIR VOTES SHOW THEY ATTEND CHURCH and LEAVE CHURCH TEACHINGS BEHIND so they might as well LEAVE AND STAY GONE and NOT CONTINUE TO CALL THEMSELVES CATHOLICS. MANY BISHOPS are AFRAID to EXCOMMUNICATE LIBERAL POLITICIANS but have no problem EXCOMMUNICATING POOR catholics for FRIVOLOUS reasons who DON’T have the money to buy the clergy as the POLITICIANS DO.

  • PA

    Actually, in some parts of SF, it actually IS legal to walk around in public naked. Even walk into a McDonalds naked and eat, though they did ordinance that these people have to sit on a “towel” for sanitary reasons.
    I am not making this up.

    Not coincidentally, there is record high temps out there right now.
    Am waiting for the earthquake…

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