Homosexuals Upset Over Cardinal’s “Gay Marriage” Comments

Cardinal Estévez – “Homosexuality
Activity is Immoral”

Chile – The gay community in Chile is reacting with indignation to recent comments by 83-year-old Cardinal Jorge Medina Estévez, who led the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments from 1996 to 2002.

Habemus Papam

Reacting to Argentina’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the cardinal said that “the Church distinguishes the homosexual tendency and homosexual practice. If a person has a homosexual tendency it is a defect, as if one lacked an eye, a hand, a foot.” On the other hand, homosexual activity, he noted, is immoral.

“In my life as a priest, I have had [pastoral] care of many people with this problem,” he added. Some, like alcoholics, have overcome this tendency by “discipline, education, or reeducation,” he said, while others have heroically resisted this tendency for their entire lives.

Same-sex marriage, he added, “is something in opposition to the law of God, and no human law can go against the law of God. If a human law goes against the law of God, that human law does not exist.”

In a 2002 letter, Cardinal Medina Estévez, in his capacity as a Vatican prefect, had reiterated the Church’s discipline against ordaining men with homosexual inclinations.

“Ordination to the diaconate and the priesthood of homosexual men or men with homosexual tendencies is absolutely inadvisable and imprudent and, from the pastoral point of view, very risky,” he wrote. “A homosexual person, or one with a homosexual tendency is not, therefore, fit to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders.”

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13 comments to Homosexuals Upset Over Cardinal’s “Gay Marriage” Comments

  • Rosemarie kury

    In response to the clergy’s abuse, now you can see more abuses in public school re teachers and students.

    That being said, many heterosexual married couples also struggle with a celibate life. Some of our husbands due to health reasons are now impotent, but that doesn’t mean that we select other partners but by Gods graces live with this daily. I’m sure too there are wives who have health issues, and their husbands must stay celibate. Both may have struggles. Point I’m making is marriage is not an emotional issue. God will give graces to endure, but in same sex marriage, as it is unnatural, the only grace you will receive is to be celibate, and resist this evil.

  • Andy

    I am more concerned about the cover up of the abuses. At he highest levels of the church. The scandal in Ireland about child abuse wasn’t a minority of priests.

  • Teresa

    People that are constantly referring to the Priest scandal are the ones looking for a reason to discredit Catholicism. Not that the scandal didn’t damage the Church. It surely did. But, did the media cover all the other denominations that their clergy were guilty of the same? If people would do a little research it would show them that the Catholic Church has only a very small minority even compared to others. But you will never see that covered widely in the media because the media HATES Catholicism and will do everything they can to marginalize them. It was a perfect crisis for them! What happened was diabolical. Did Satan enter the sanctuary? YES!!! Did Satan enter the culture? YES!!! Most importantly……were most of those Priests that violated children homosexual? YES!!!!!

  • Gloria

    Prayer changes things! Every time.

  • Savio Sequeira

    Well, the debate over legalising ‘same sex’ union and broadening of the definition of the term “Marriage” is heating up and both the groups (i.e those for and those against) are at daggers drawn.

    In the first place using the term ‘Marriage’ to refer to same sex union is absolutely “devious” and morally incorrect. The devil has struck at the foundation of Civil Society. He is using us humans to further his agenda. Sadly we have become willing accomplices in this hideous assault on Marriage by our silence, because the silent majority is not raising its voice. Why this apathy ?
    GOD will judge us.

    Why should civil society allow a few to tamper with / redefine the word ‘Marriage’, which since times immemorial has been universally accepted to mean / defined as an “Union between a man and a woman only” ?

    GOD gave (dictated to) Moses the “Ten Commandments” on Mount Sinai. One of the commandments states “Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife”. The word ‘Wife’ is very clearly stated. It proves that GOD blessed the union of man and woman (in marriage) only, solely for the purpose of procreation.

    Isn’t the female & male anatomy complementary ? Can a union of two men or two women ‘naturally’ give birth to children ? Can those of the same sex who wish to live in union reflect on whether they would have been born in this world without their father and mother ? So why redefine the term “Marriage” to encompass same sex union ? Same sex unions are wrong, for they are against GOD’s plan.

    Let us “all” pray to GOD not to permit the Devil to succeed in his devious plan and that all misguided souls realise their folly and change their ways and mindset. For, it is the LORD alone who will judge each one of us (for our silence and inaction) in this very grave matter.

    Our prayers and our fight to uphold the truth ought to go side by side. Ultimately TRUTH will prevail

  • Jane Ryan

    “How can a person who is unhappy with the body and sex that God gave to him/her be “gay”?”

    This would imply that homosexuality is always a choice… as if all gay people are actually heterosexuals who happen to be unhappy with the gender they were born with. As the cardinal himself rightly noted, the current teachings of our Church view homsexuality (in many cases) as a condition that one is born with and not a choice each person makes. There is nothing inherently wrong or sinful in being a homosexual. A person only sins by actually engaging in homosexual activity. There are some gay people who choose to be celibate. Their abstinence however, doesn’t make them any less gay. There are also some gay people who try to avoid sinning in this way but sometimes fail…as do many heterosexual people, of course. Their failures may be sinful, but their effort not to enagage in sinful behavior should be seen as a good thing. Again, the Cardinal himself called these efforts “heroic.” The fact is that there isn’t ONE gay lifestyle any more than there is ONE single heterosexual lifestyle, and happy homosexuals (a.k.a. gay people) do in fact exist.

    I generally find that people who insist on constantly labeling gay people as “homosexuals” and flatly refuse to use the term “gay” often do so as a way of passing judgement on them, condescending to them, or insulting them. So what if it’s technically correct to use that word? Why is it necessary to refuse to call someone what he or she calls him/herself and would prefer to be called by others? Technically, it would also be “correct” to refer to an African American person as a “negro,” but we all know that’s only done in a deliberate attempt to offend and/or degrade that person. When it comes to following Church doctrine, intentionally passing judgement, insulting, disrespecting, or obliquely chastising someone just for BEING gay violates both the letter and the spirit of the law. And it certainly doesn’t feel very Christlike to me. Rather than publicly assessing their level of sinfulness and trying to distance ourselves or make them feel locked-out of the Church, couldn’t we just pray for these people?

  • carmen

    Ted—i can see that when it comes to Yvette and many others like her, that everything that has to do with priest, they always bring up the negative, these people will never change, so just pray for them.they are on one track mind and can’t stop.

  • Ted

    Yvette – Your comment is germane of nothing. Pedophile priests have nothing to do with the topic under discussion. Straw men and red herrings such as yours are invalid.

  • Barbkw

    Fidelty to chastity & celebacy is the key differance – whether a person is same sex attracted or heterosexual.

    Various Protestant demoninations are ordaining noncelibate homosexual female and male bishops, priests and priestesses.

    Please take a minute and count out the progressive steps that occured within a parish for a Christian to accept the “queering of the Bible”.

    Children in public school are being taught that homosexual sex and bisexual desires are normal and that to deny that is “bullying” and “hate speech”.

    The question for all of us Christians is whether or not we will be faithful to God when He asks us to be chaste in our respective relationships.

    I have learned, that to do that, it required me to embrace the sanctity of life, the holiness of the family bond (one man-one women & their children), that there is theology that surrounds my body, and that as a single person I needed to see chastity as an integral part of my life.

    News broke last week of two young same sex attracted Catholic priests in Rome who (after saying Mass in the morning) were videotaped performing homosexual sex acts and dancing bare chested in gay bars in the evening.

    I viewed that news report on Youtube and was left wondering how void & blank those two priests’ relationships are with the Holy Spirit.

    The lay faithful are calling them Father and asking their guidance in Confession. They read Sacred Scripture each day and people listen to these unfaithful priests’ understanding of Christ’s Word in their homilies.

    Both, the unfaithful same- sex-attracted and the heterosexual priests are a deep concern for me.

    I understand we are “clay vessels and human stones”.

    It is a welcome relief to see the small numbers of widowed men with grown children who are becoming priests.

    Fathers who are tried, tested and true examples of Christ.

  • Yvette

    How about the priest who raped and molested all the little boys? Were they Homosexuals, rapist or just monsters who are disguise as priest. And what would you call the Cardinal’s and priest’s who let it continue to happen?

  • dbond

    So true concerning the use of the word “gay” I have a family member who has the middle name of Gay, and I often think that calling a homosexual “gay” is an oxymoron. How can a person who is unhappy with the body and sex that God gave to him/her be “gay”? Such confussion about oneself can only be unsettling and sad.

  • Maryanne Linkes

    Please use the correct language. It is not the “gay” community. It is the homosexual community. There is nothing gay about leading a homosexual lifestyle. We must take back the language. Gay mean happy, carefree.

    • Done! The pro-life movement has taught you well.

      I can change the title, but the article I did not write. Please excuse any future mistakes as I am sure this forgetful person will make more.


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