From Priest of Satan…

To Man of Mary!

our-lady-of-the-rosaryMost would think that it is not possible for a priest of Satan to become a saint in the Catholic Church.  However, as you will see, it is not only possible, but we have an example in the person of Blessed Bartolo Longo.

Bartolo was born in Latiano Italy, and he was raised in a devout Catholic home and was considered a pious child. However, this all changed when he went off to the University of Naples.  There Bartolo studied philosophy under a fallen away Catholic priest, and thus Bartolo’s entire world view changed dramatically.  Bartolo also started to hang with the wrong kinds of people, he became emirshed in the occult, and eventually became a priest of Satan.  It was said that at Bartolo’s ordination into the satanic priesthood that evil spirits could be heard shrieking and cursing.08_05_08_Bartolo_Longo

Following his entrance into the satanic priesthood Bartolo’s physical and mental health declined, and Bartolo fell into a very deep depression.  After awhile, Bartolo began to think that something was truly wrong with him so he set out to visit his friend Vincenzo Pepe, who was a devout Catholic.  After meeting with  Vincenzo Pepe, Bartolo decided to quit satanism and he returned to the Church.   However, Bartolo fretted that because he was a former priest of Satan that God would not forgive him of his sins, and that he was predestined for hell.  However, one day Bartolo heard that one of Our Lady’s promises about her Rosary was that those who will promote and propagate this devotion will not suffer the fires of hell. So from that moment on, Bartolo promoted the rosary far and wide, and he took the Lay Dominican name of Brother Rosary.

Bartolo became a great Marian apostle. His prayer and spirituality was based on the most holy Rosary which is why John Paul II mentioned Bartolo several times in his Apostolic Letter on the Rosary.

There are a couple lessons that we can learn from Blessed Bartolo’s life.  The first lesson is that no matter how far we have fallen, God will always forgive us and take us back if we are truly sorry.  Second, there is no limit to the power of the rosary.  There is no evil be it in our own lives, in our family, or in society at large that can not be defeated if we would just humble ourselves, and PRAY THE ROSARY!!

God bless!

Jeffrey David

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