No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy

No Turning Back Book New Release

No Turning Back

From runaway teen to Marian Priest — Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, has inspired thousands of people around the world to trust in our Lord’s mercy. His radical conversion story is now shared in his latest book, No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy. You can order Father’s books by visiting his website at

“This is an amazing, captivating story, because The Divine Mercy is an amazing and captivating reality. The power of Jesus and Mary move through this story like the power of a ten foot Pacific wave. Read this book and watch the same wave lift Donald Calloway that lifted Paul and Augustine, Francis and Ignatius, from “incorrigible” and “impossible” to “radically converted.” It’s the old, old story and it’s irresistibly new every time. Here, it’s told with winsome candor and simplicity by an ex-druggie, ex-criminal surfer-priest.”
Peter Kreeft, Ph D.

I too have just finished reading Father Donald’s new book, “No Turning Back:  A Witness to Mercy.”  It is an amazing story of how God can do anything for a soul, if the soul repents, and trusts in God’s infinite mercy.  This book should be read by all young Catholics, and for that matter young non-Catholics.   Jeff Gares

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4 comments to No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy

  • Happy Catholic

    That’s an excellent book, I read it earlier this year. God Bless Father Calloway for sharing his testimony so honestly. It is a great book to encourage teenagers and young people who might be on the “wrong track”and even those young people who maybe need to know that these is nothing wrong with being moral and good, even though the world is corrupt.Or for that matter it is a great book for anyone of any age to read.

  • May Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal continue to support Fr. Calloway.

  • I heard about this book & how someone who screwed up his life so bad and ended up in jail was completely converted. I wanted to know how his conversion took place because I too have a son who needs a total conversion because his life wasn’t the best. I couldn’t put the book down. To think of how awesome God truly is because Fr. Calloway should have died many times over with his lifestyle. Thank you Fr. Calloway for your life for your book and for your prayers. Nancy

  • Prudence

    I read this book in one day because I couldn’t put it down. Amazing! Fr. Calloway’s writing style really brings you into the action of every scene. It’s almost impossible to believe that someone so young could have been through so much darkness and come out not only alive but on fire for the faith! He is a true witness to the loving mercy of God.
    I have no doubt that Fr. Calloway’s story will bring hope to all readers, especially the parents of struggling teens. I thank God and Our Lady for the gift of vocations like that of Fr. Calloway and I admire him for being brave enough to share his story with us.

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