Freedom of Choice = Death of Freedom

saint michaelAlthough the so called “Freedom of Choice Act” has not been mentioned much lately, I feel that it would be wise to use every spiritual means necessary to assist in the defeat of this evil law.  I would  like to propose the following list that all Catholics can do to try and defeat this evil law: 

1) I would encourage all Catholics to pray the rosary and do penance for the defeat of this law.

2) We should also pray for the enlightenment of our new president, who is a sign of great hope for many, but to quote Pope John Paul II, “a nation that kills its own children is truly a nation without hope.”

3) Lastly, I would strongly encourage all Catholics to pray for the grace to accept more faithfully, in humility and obedience, Our Lord’s teaching, through His Church in-regards to all life issues, including remaining open to life.  Thus, by doing so, we can truly begin to build a culture of life, in word and in deed.

Abortion, in general, and specifically, what is proposed in the Freedom of Choice Act is not a right or a freedom, it is an abuse of freedom, and a license to kill, which is never a right. The abuse of freedom always results in the loss of freedom. The unborn already have no right, to their fundamental right, which is life, if someone deems that the child should be killed.  If the Freedom of Choice Act passes, then it will be the death of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and a host of other liberties.

Ultimately our fight is not with the pro-abortion groups, or pro-abortion politicians, our fight is against the powers and principalities of this world.  While we want to save as many babies as possible, our greatest concern should be for the souls of those proponents of death who are so ensnared by the evil one. Let us pray the rosary for their conversions because we are our brothers keeper.

Blogged by:  Jeffrey David

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