Fr. Michael Rodríguez: Are Homosexual Acts Right or Wrong?


by Fr. Michael Rodríguez; January 31, 2012

Address to El Paso City Council

In the middle of our dark, secular, godless society, there is a light.  This light is the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Jesus Christ and His Church teach the truth about homosexuality, and we can summarize this truth in three points:


(1)  Homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity; they are mortal sins which cry to heaven for vengeance.  Under no circumstances can they be approved.

(2)  Homosexuality is an objective disorder.

(3)  Homosexual persons are to be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.


In the debate over homosexuality, the dark side seeks to frame the issue as one of discrimination and civil rights.  This makes no logical sense.  No one has a civil right to do something morally wrong.  I don’t have a right to steal.  I don’t have a right to lie.  I don’t have a right to commit adultery, and I don’t have a right to engage in homosexual acts.  As for discrimination, discrimination exists when one is against a person not when one is against actions on the part of a person.  The Roman Catholic Church condemns actions of a homosexual nature.  She does not discriminate against homosexual persons.


Thus, before anyone speaks about discrimination and/or civil rights, the following questions must be answered:

(1)          Do you believe in right and wrong?

(2)          How do you determine what is right and what is wrong?

(3)          Does society have an obligation to establish law and order in accordance with its best effort to determine right and wrong?


Thus, before anyone speaks about discrimination and/or civil rights, the following question must be answered:

(1)          Are homosexual acts right or wrong?

If a Catholic does not believe and hold fast to the truth that homosexual acts are wrong, one is no longer Catholic.  Such a “Catholic” must refrain from receiving our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion, because one is no longer in communion with the moral truths taught by Jesus Christ and His Church.

In conclusion, no one on the face of this earth has a greater love for homosexuals that the glorious Roman Catholic Church.  But it is never loving to lie.  If you lie to homosexuals and tell them that “homosexual acts are o.k,” then you are the one who is showing disdain for homosexuals, because you don’t care about their true good, happiness, and salvation.

Sancta Dei Genetrix, ora pro nobis.

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14 comments to Fr. Michael Rodríguez: Are Homosexual Acts Right or Wrong?

  • Marie

    Dear Father Michael Rodriguez, God Bless you and cover you with His Grace and Love and give you His Peace, Thank you for speaking the truth with charity and clarity , with courage, perseverance and above all in your faithfulness God and the Church.
    Father, what can I say to a person who has lived the homosexual lifestyle, and recently lost his partner of 12 years to cancer, and is really mourning the lost of his partner, whom, he holds dearly as a very good person in life, who was very good to him and took good care of him, and especially help him take care of his parents, when they needed help to care for his mother who was very sick in bed? He stood by his side at the hospital during his sickness and right to the very end. This is the second partner in his life, who has gotten sick and has died rather quickly, Could it be that the Lord is calling to him to change his life from now on and try to live a chase life to God? I fear with all his mourning, sadness and in his loneliness he’ll try to fill the emptiness with other people trying to find another partner, almost like a cycle. What can be said to understand and comfort him in his lost and at the same time, let him know that God loves him dearly and waits for him?

  • Mary Elizabeth

    I like what Dan commented. I truly appreciate the Courage it takes for this good priest to state the Truth. The people out there need to know why the Church teaches what it does. Unfortunately we have to keep telling them. Please keep speaking the Truth. Jesus needs to be heard. The gift of sexual intercourse is bestowed upon man and wife only, for the procreation of children. When we deviate from this, all hell breaks loose, as we see in our world. When we find it necessary, as married couples, to forego the possibility of procreation, we can use Natural Family Planning as a means of determining when a woman is fertile and when she is not, although, we must always be OPEN to the gift of life when it comes. Study up people. This is beautiful stuff.

  • I have nothing but praise for Fr. Michael for holding true to the roman Catholic faith I wish he were in Ireland because he would be strong enough to stand up to the Irish bishops who have lost the true faith. They hate anything that smells of tradition such as the Latin mass.

    Slight editing.

  • Dan

    You didn’t at all discuss why Catholics believe homosexuality is morally wrong. All you did is restate it. Can you elaborate?

  • Karen

    Thank you Father, for your continued courage, strength and perseverance in defending our faith despite the persecution and trials that you are currently experiencing. You are a true shepherd, and inspire me to stand courageously as well no matter what the consequences. You are in my prayers daily.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Keep up the good work Father. I’m a gay Catholic brother who experience a remarkable conversion back to God.I truly believe God has place me in this special place because of his Divine Mercy. I am highly condemmed by the gay community for by stance of maintaining the teachings of the Catholic church regarding homosexuality. By the grace of God I don’t struggle with celebacy nor do I have any temptations to that lifestyle. Many find this difficult to believe. However they must understand that when a person graces his or her lives with the presence of God anything is possible. My story is long. Much of it has been posted in the Huffington Post. I am always willing to share it with others in hopes it can help bring people closer to God.
    God bless,
    Br. Christopher Sale B.P.P.

  • Judy Roberts

    Dear Father, I pray for you daily, and I thank God for giving you the Grace to be a voice for our Catholic Faith. Please never give up. God Bless you, Judy

  • Dear Father,

    God’s Peace! Wow…what a great response to the El Paso City Council. Your efforts to clarify the Catholic Church’s teaching’s on homosexuality as well as the need to differentiate between what discrimination is and is not was excellent. Succinct and absolutely and unequivocally clear and to the point. Well done!!! You certainly are very focused and have received great Light and the wisdom necessary to speak out on this topic and still maintain a position that is both loving and responsible in the greatest moral sense.
    May God continue to lead you in the direction always in His Truth and in His Love for those in need of both….

    Through the heart of the Holy family,

    Faithfully in His Love,


  • Ida Day

    Thank you, Father Rodriguez, for your clarity with charity. How blind is our world that it has lost sight of where it is going. Thank you for reminding us all that our soul is bound to live forever, so that the choices we make every moment hold weight at the time of our judgment.

  • marshall

    God loves you just the way you are. However, God loves you SO much that He doesn’t want to leave you that way.

  • JeanneO

    Thank you Fr. Rodriguez for speaking the truth so plainly. Speaking the bare, bold truth makes it harder for those fooled by the Homosexual Agenda to be comfortable with that deception. I am so grateful for your strength and faithful leadership. May God bless our priests!

  • tg

    Thank you Father Rodriguez for always speaking the truth – how I wish you were at my parish in Central Texas – Temple. Let us all pray for faithful priests like this one and for the repentence of those in error.

  • lisag

    My husband and I were just talking about how lying is so pervasive in the society. It is common to lie to get your way. Saul Alinsky teaches this. The ends justify the means. Look at our President and those who are running for president. Misrepresentations of the other side are heard over and over again. Kinsey lied about his sexuality work with children and adults. Psychological societies lied when the took homosexuality off its illness list. The Texas case that allowed sodomy acts was a lie. Aids warnings were lies when they said it was a disease of all people. Seminaries lied to themselves when they allowed open homosexuals into their ranks. Sodomy is not an act of love, because it can never create life. God is love and life.
    Homosexuals lie to themselves when they say their relationships are equal in the eyes of God.

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