Fr. Mark Bozada’s Top 10 Courageous Quotes

Long before Michael Brown showed the world that Fr. Mark Bozada is spiritually gifted, he was featured on Courageous Priest.  It was not because we knew Father was a mystic, but because he is not afraid to share the teachings of the Catholic Church.

If you follow Courageous Priest, you know that we feature Fr. Bozada every week.  Here are some of his strongest teachings to date.

  1. Politicians who are Catholic, and support abortion, cloning and so called “mercy killing” of the elderly, commit grave public sin and grave public scandal.
  2. When you receive Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, you have to come properly disposed and free from serious sin.
  3. “Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock.” This applies not only to the Church, but also to government and civil leaders as well. God will allow the consequences of our immoral and evil choice to overcome us.
  4. The devil looks for any excuse to convince us that daily prayer, Sunday Mass and the Rosary, can take a vacation with us.Throughout the Sacred Scriptures, Our Lord tells us that we are accountable for our individual acts and our communal acts. This past election reaped the bad fruit of many, many years of choosing death over life. Pope John Paul ll warned the United States, that it was becoming a culture of death.
  5. With a move toward socialism in our country, the rights of the unborn are all but obliterated by the powers in Washington.
  6. You can’t become consecrated in Truth, unless you read and know the bible.
  7. It is so easy to get lost in our sin.  The world encourages sin on every level.  Sin is popular.  Sin is easy.  Sin is everywhere.  It takes a well disciplined soldier of Christ, to overcome the “tsunami of sin” in our world.
  8. Who would have thought that even ten years ago people would become so indifferent to homosexuality, abortion, cloning and other deeds of darkness…and to elect an administration that daily promotes DEATH over LIFE?
  9. As we approach Lent, we recognize the overwhelming need for penance and repentance; if not for ourselves, then especially for of all the pro-abortionists. Sodom and Gomorrah were completely destroyed for much less. When God corrects us, we should not be surprised. He is already beginning the correction through our pocketbooks.
  10. We are now suffering the consequences of our immoral actions.

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8 comments to Fr. Mark Bozada’s Top 10 Courageous Quotes

  • Adelaide

    Dear Father,
    Please pray for me that I stop thinking about what someone, already dead, said to me that my son can clean, not have an education, She didn´t want my son have an education. That was only for her sons. Please pray for her, Sheila from Kenya, daughter of indian parents.

  • Adelaide

    Please pray for my son and me so that: we recover our hair, cure ears, sight, get rid of social phobia, that my son gets a job when he finishes his education, that he becomes catholic. and soon has a Family.
    Thank you father and God bless you.

  • Bernadette

    I beg for prayers for my daughter’s return to the practice of her Faith with her two children. For healing of Nicole’s cancer and my cancer; for the means to enable us to buy homes near to the Catholic School. For thanksgiving to my Eternal Father for a great favour received.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  • sheila robnson

    Please prayer for Anna and Clare 8 and 11 when they lost their daddy in a truck accident in 2007. Clare needs a good school friend. Anna has an amazing voice and wants a career in singing. Prayer they meet good Catholic men for husbands. Our builder’s son in a lovely catholic. 22. Anna is 16. In time you never know. My friend is an alcoholic recovering from a triple by-pass. Please prayer he will stop drinking and find some nice cheap accommodation. I am looking after him at present but it is not working out. I must keep my Catholic Faith so it is best he finds somewhere else to live but as he does not keep well please help with your prayers. He was not christened but his mother was a practicing Catholic. Father a Scottish presbyterian. Thank you so much. Sheila.

  • Mary Labonte

    Dear Father,
    Thank you and God bless you! We so NEED our priests to teach us God’s ways and NOT sugar coat anything. I am in fear of the “new” Mass. It seems like the church I’ve attended since I was Baptized has disappeared leaving me empty. I pray that there will be more priests’ such as yourself. Please continue doing God’s work no matter what the so called hierarchy says. There aren’t too many cardinals or bishops that are saints as far as I’ve seen.
    God bless you Father,

  • Michael Zimmermann

    Dear Father Mark,

    I happened to be channel-surfing the other night and came across CatholicTV’s program with your interview. I sense in you a remarkable soul and a true holy man. Thank you for being on this earth, and giving your graces and warnings.

    There is one thing I do not understand, however: I read your comments (and others from Catholic clergy on this) warning of the dangers of leaning towards socialism. I have always thought that if Jesus were with us today he would be a socialist, as his love and deep concern for the poor would seem to indicate. Expanded gov’t does not always have to be a bad thing; gov’t can be used as a means for society to help the weak and disadvantaged. If you have time, your comments would be appreciated.

  • Dolores B Grubb

    Thank you Father Mark for continuing to speak the truth.

  • Kym

    Another really courageous Priests is Fr James Farfaglia…he is out of Corpus Cristi TX…he has also been apart of a Michael Brown seminar here in Houston…He is awesome and Courageous !!! He has written the book Man to Man also….and he has his homilies Podcast also and he has a blog…check him out….Take care and God bless, Kym

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