Fr. Mark Bozada – From the Chair of Peter

My Dear People,

Jesus Christ Protects and Defends Us
Through the Chair of Peter

Good Shepherd Sunday always falls during the middle of the Easter Season. St. John tells us that a Holy Shepherd cares deeply for the life of his sheep. He is willing to lay down his very life for them. When St. Peter was chosen to care for the Church upon the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, Our Lord knew the very quality present in Peter that would protect and nourish His Church here on Earth.

From the Chair of Peter

And so it has been with every successor to St. Peter. Pope Benedict follows in that apostolic tradition. Our Lord Jesus Christ has never left us abandoned. Until He returns, Jesus still guides us from His Heavenly throne. Every time the Holy Father speaks “ex cathedra” (from His Chair), he does so to protect and defend us. How important it is for us to pray for and support the Pope. Pray, pray, pray for holy priests and bishops to lead the flock into the way of Christ’s peace.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

We may find joy by prayerfully reflecting on God’s plan for us and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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1 comment to Fr. Mark Bozada – From the Chair of Peter

  • Marguerite Valascho

    Thank you Fr. Mark for sharing your knowledge and teaching us these lessons! What a wonderful treat to be able to read your articles on this website!The whole family misses you and we pray for you daily!We look forward to reading all of your entries!

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