Fr. Mark Bozada – Do You Want To Be Healed?

My Dear People,

How Does The Healing Process Work?

The Thankful Leper

All healing comes from Our Lord. We know that when our bodies, minds, souls and spirits get healed, Jesus is the source of all of this. When Christ encounters the ten lepers on the road, His heart is moved with pity. Everywhere Jesus comes across those who are ill, He reaches out to touch and heal them. And so it is with the lepers. From a distance the men call out to the Lord, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us”. Telling them to show themselves to the priests, was in keeping with Mosaic Law. In obedience the lepers comply. While on the way they were made whole. Only one of them, a non-Jew, a Samaritan, returns to give thanks. Jesus points outs to this leper that it was his “faith” that healed him. Why would Jesus say this? Had not His healing power healed the lepers? Of course the answer is yes.

But we need to work with Our Lord in the healing process. This is where our faith enters the picture. Without our complete trust and confidence in the Lord, no real healing can take place because Jesus heals from the inside out. First He forgives sin and heals the heart, and then the body follows. So “unforgiveness” is a major blockage to our healing. Frequent confession not only heals the soul, but the body as well. God puts the whoe package together. Consider this, if you have not been in the confessional for a long, long time, consider going to confession. This will not only heal the hear and soul, but he body as well.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

Like the one leper who returned, may we regularly take time to thank God for all the blessings He bestows on us.

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11 comments to Fr. Mark Bozada – Do You Want To Be Healed?

  • Philip Peter

    Please pray for my family me and the healing of my ocd and that i may know my mind and true self again to be able to serve God clearer and to remember what is true. Amen

  • My wife and I totally enjoyed Fr. Mark Bozada leading our Parish Mission. Ss Cyril & Methodius Church. Fr. Mark please consider going to our web site we would like you to discuss your mission work. Look at our guest at:
    [email protected] Our president wouuld like to interview over the phone if your unable to come back to Michigan.
    Blessings & Merry Christmas
    Ray & Mary Jendrowski

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  • Adelaide

    Please pray for my son Bruno and be so that: we recover our hair, cure the ears, skin, get rid of social phobia, that my son gets an education, that he wants to be catholic. Please pray that we find good friends. Thanks.

  • Pray for my son Adam who is in jail and needs a major conversion as does my daughter, Jennifer.

  • for tom ,suffering is love and love is suffering. i just prayed for you tom and tomorrow at mass.god love you and watch over you .friend,john e.rodrigues t.o.carm.

  • Tom

    Dear Father

    Again Father, I deeply appreciate your thoughts on the subject of healing. I am most impressed by your spiritual insight into the nature of healing ‘from the inside out’ so to speak. Also I would like to mention those persons who are not physically healed (as in my case). As many of us know, God heals in different ways. I believe that sometimes Our Beloved Master chooses souls to share His Cross. Why He does this I can not say…He often works in mysterious ways. Because of a number of spinal surgeries and other physical problems I was not only in pain but became very depressed. Throughout this time I initially thought that God had abandoned my soul. Certainly I deserve His Wrath for the many sins I have committed in my life. However, God forgives and heals the soul first. in 2006 by His Mercy alone I saw that there is a purpose in suffering. We, my brothers and sisters, who are confined and homebound. can offer ourselves as a living prayer before Our Savior. This honor is not bestowed on every soul. In this way we (the suffering Church) are called to live as if everyday we can contribute to the Faith and support in prayer the many needs and problems of our Church. Please I beg you, the suffering, do not turn away from Our King because of your plight. He will use for His Glory if you allow Him


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  • Jason

    Thank you for the great message Father. I will be going to confession on Wednesday before daily mass. Have a wonderful day.

  • janette

    Please pray for all my family spiritually. And for protection and strength for my sons and I and may our family be healed from divorce. I will be praying for priest and sisters everywhere. God Bless.

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