Fr. Mark Bozada – A Future Time of Great Conversion

We Must “Thirst” Now  For the Lord!

My Dear People,

When the Lord poured out a spirit of “grace and petitions” upon the house of David, He was doing two things. First, He was strengthening Israel’s hunger for Him. Secondly, He was opening Israel’s heart to His Divine Mercy and Love. That is the petition part. King David prefigures the Christ. Zechariah uses the image of the “son” being thrust through (sacrificed) preparing Israel for the Crucifixion, and have the choice to “repent” of their sin, or “reject” the One who was thrust through for our sins.

The prophets says their will be a future time of great conversion when mankind will see the great love God has for us in His Son Jesus Christ on the Cross. Only believers will live on. All will be purified of their sin and uncleanliness. So we must “thirst” now, for the Lord Himself. He will satisfy our hunger and thirst. Come to the living waters!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we learn to deny our wants a little more, so that we can more fully follow our Lord’s example of charity to others.

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2 comments to Fr. Mark Bozada – A Future Time of Great Conversion

  • Jeff Sharp

    Fr Mark,
    Thank you so very much for your comments. Being a convert from protestanism, I can attest to the total confusion within its ranks & this inevitably spills over into The Church. The concept of sacrifice is wholely foreign to protestanism; indeed, I would content that all protestantism is both a child of & a nursery for selfishness. That’s been my experience. Some groups are big on “repentantce” but, that seems to extend only so far as to manipulate others. At least, these are the plagues that haunt me & for which confession is regularly made. It seems that we’re going to be in Babylon for the rest of my life & quite possibly for many years afterwards. It’s thanks to courageous priests like yourself, that the Gospel is proclaimed. Thanks be to God.
    Jeff Sharp

  • Patty

    Thank you Father Bozada. From what I have experienced and read on the internet seems to me to be a move towards real sincerity and quality of faith…a desire to do what Jesus Christ wants us to do. I do believe that if people learn (hopefully rapidly) to deny our “wants” and “desires” a great deal more it would be a better response to this outpouring of Spirit that is obviously trying to heal, cleanse and strengthen an extremely broken Catholic Faith in our country. “Repent and do penance” doesn’t mean what it did in the 1st few centuries….but this generation needs the spirit of these two activities more than they did. I believe Christian Catholics are being called to put a complete halt to the “going fast nowhere” of the material world and get out of Babylon.


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