A Fr. Frank Pavone Sound Off

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That’s it. We at Courageous Priest truly want to know how you feel about this sad situation involving Father Pavone and Bishop Patrick  Zurek the current Bishop of Amarillo?

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Courageous Priest

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek

Bishop Patrick J. Zurek

Fr. Frank Pavone

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A dear friend, a Redemptorist priest, told me a long time ago, that his vow of obedience is so very important in his religious life.  This vow does not diminish his priestly work but actually enhanced his personal growth because he knows that God is using him in his full capacity to carry out His mission.  With that said, I believe that God will always protect the priest who loves and obeys his bishop.  Please continue to pray for Father Pavone for strength and humility to remember his obedience to his bishop with and fidelity in his vows.

Thaivi P


I believe in what Father Pavone is doing. His fight for life is a most worthy effort.  I would hope and pray his bishop sees the importance of the work he’s doing and encourage and enable him to continue the work.

I do understand, the necessity for obedience for priests to their bishops.  Obedience is an essential virtue for all the faithful, but especially for priests who take a vow of obedience.

God bless the Bishop and Holy Spirit guide and direct him.  Also, God bless Father Pavone…Holy Spirit guide and direct him, also.

It’s very easy for people to jump to conclusions and have an opinion, but we must tread carefully not to make assumptions without all the facts.

Christina P.

Glendale, AZ

James 1: 2-4

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.



I like Fr. Pavone’s work and what he was doing but I have to admit that I felt overwhelmed by the amount of peperwork he put out.  It seemed like weekly I was receiving another urgent letter to give all that I could give.  Even my husband who takes little notice of Fr. Pavone’s work commented on the large number of lengthly mailings we would receive.  It must have cost a fortune to print all that up and send it out.  I wrote a letter to Fr. Pavone and mentioned that as much as I agree with him about abortion I simply could not be pushed in ever letter to give so much.  I told him (the staff…and I recived a kind letter in response) that he did not have to educate the pro-lifers so much, we already know.  I will send money but you don’t have to give me a three hour sermon in a letter to get me to send it.  There are a lot of good people working on ending abortion and money plays a role, I wish he would have stressed more prayer (like 40 days for life) instead of money.  I hope things go well for him.  He is a tireless leader and I hope and pray that this is good for him and for all of us in some way.

Cathy Z.




With all due respect to Bishop Z, while he retains every right to move his priests around like chess pieces, his last move was lacking in strategy. Father P is too valuable to set aside just when the pro-life movement was to announce, “Check-mate”. Taking Knight Pavone off the board is an act of negligence, rancor, or revenge…or befuddlement. It can be no other. The sequence of events and facts place Bishop Z in a bad light. I am praying for justice and truth!

God Bless,

Maureen B.





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125 comments to A Fr. Frank Pavone Sound Off

  • Marlene Willis

    I believe in what Father Pavone is doing. I have learn the hard way to never idolize any one ever again. I did with Father Corapi and was let down. I knew from day one what
    the verdict was, why is it you never see a priest get up and admit the truth. No big deal ask for forgiveness and proceed on. When someone as Father Corapi did, tells you who they are believe them. He could have been a Envangelist like Billy Graham and kept all that money. Everything seem to be ok people had to have known what was going on and then he was deserted. They sure didn’t turn down all that money that was flowing in. Makes you stop and think??
    Marlene Willis

  • Louise Raffy

    How much longer will Fr. Pavone be exiled? Is a resolution being worked upon. Has he met with his superior? Why the silence?

  • It is a shame that Father Pavone was not a bishop himself so he could be free to speak, just like Bishop Fulton J. Sheen was. Like Sheen, Pavone’s preaching is extraordinary. His delivery is wholehearted, he preaches with conviction.

    Father Pavone’s last televised sermon Sep. 13 2011 is on YouTube and titled, “St. John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor of the Church.”

    Perhaps this is a clue to Bishop Zurek’s rage: it was Chrysostom who famously said, “The road to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”

    Audio and Video of this homily is no longer available on the Priests for Life website; the title there was “What we should remember about our priests.”


    All of you, especially preachers listening to me right now, well maybe you are thinking “the people are not ready!”
    Every vocation is about being open to life.
    We as priests have to give the full, clear Word!
    St. Chrysostom worked for the reform of the clergy; and he was an outstanding preacher because he knew this: we are ordained to give the fullness of the Word.
    You, the laity, have a right to hear the full message!
    We at Priests for Life are working for reform of the clergy.
    We hear it every day, “Why aren’t our preachers preaching about abortion?”
    Let’s pray for the renewal of the clergy.”


  • John King

    The priest must be obedient. In this way he accepts his suffering and promotes his way to sainthood. No one becomes a saint without much suffering. He must let God act just like David with Saul. Righteousness will prevail. This does not mean he should not appeal to the Bishop or the Pope. David appealed to Saul but was not disobedient. In the modern world we live in we forget that suffering or mortification are the road to Heaven. We think that suffering is a defeat when it is just the opposite. Perhaps Father Pavone will not be the person God needs him to be without this suffering. No one in Heaven had an easy life. I must always remind myself of this. The Bishop will have to account for his actions sooner or later. God’s justice is perfect. I would be more concerned about the Bishop’s eternal soul than Father Pavone’s relatively petty hardship.

  • rose vengilio

    Fr. Frank Pavone was, I believe truly dedidated to the cause.
    I, no matter what, will continue to pray many rosaries, as usual, for
    our good and fallen priests. One might ask: To all Bishops – Are we
    obliged to be obedient to disobedience? rose vengilio Dec. l5, 2011.

  • Sandy Diodati

    As we speak Bishop , babies are being aborted. Their blood cries out to heaven. That is the important issue at hand.Lets keep our hearts and our eyes focused on what is truely important here. Let us rescue those who are being dragged towards death. Our focus is not about money, but the souls of the innocent. God Bless you
    What is of God will remain ,what isnt will not stand. Let us be careful lest we find ourselves fighting against God.

  • Jimmy K Bond

    Fr Frank Pavone began his ministry under the auspices of the late John Cardinal O’Connor with good intentions and a generous heart. As it evolved over these many years, Priests for Life sadly became more and more about a fundraising bonanza, building Pavone’s own brand, his own fame and his notority. Many well-meaning people are upset that Bishop Zurek has called Fr Frank home to his diocese of record. However, let’s look at what is really going on:

    (a) More than $ 10 million a year is being raised for Priests for Life, a group under the de facto auspices of the Catholic Church and one lone Priest of the Church, even as it is for a cause near and dear to every true Catholic. In the name of our Church, there must be a strict accounting of ALL funds raised and strict guidelines on the spending of donor money. If 75 percent of the annual budget goes to administration/travel/media promotion and building up of a single person (Pavone) is Priests for Life keeping faith with the intent of its donors?

    (b) The cause is bigger than a single man, a lone Priest-promoter and for the cause to survive it must be about more than promoting Fr Pavone but about fighting abortion in the courts, in the state legislatures, in Congress and not by getting one Priest’s name out there instead of getting the organization and its cause out there. An examination of their activities reveals no active legislative program to change the pro-abortion laws.

    (c) PFL should take a page from “Sisters for Life” a group of devout religious women who are fighting against abortion (created by Cardinal O’Connor as was Priests for Life). It is about their cause not their leader whom no one knows because it is all done in the name of their group not a single media star.

    (d) Fr Frank had a problem with his previous Bishop Egan and that is why he transferred assignments from New York City to a diocese in Texas (even as he resides in Staten Island). Now he is challenging his current Bishop Zurek via the Vatican and with a Canon lawyer.

    (e) Priest take a vow of obedience to their Bishop, to humility and devotion to Christ and their Church and to the sacraments. Sadly, Fr Frank has gone secular, preferring a jet-set, life of fame and adulation. He has our prayers for a conversion of heart, to return to pastoral life, the core values of his priestly vows and letting go of Priests for Life so others may take up this cause of protecting life.

    Let us all pray for Father Frank that he not go the way of Father John Corapi.

  • Bill

    As near is I can tell, there does not seem to be any objections to what Father is teaching, but rather some concern about financial issues. We all know that there have been issues with other priests in the past some of them well founded.

  • susan


  • GHL in Georgia

    Is a priest obligated to Obedience to a Bishop who is Not obedient to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ?

  • GHL in Georgia

    Are not the Bishops obligated to be obedient to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ?

  • GHL in Georgia

    Does the vow of Obedience obligate a priest to be obedient to a Bishop who will NOT take a stand in honor of the Church’s teachings? Are not the Bishops obligated to be obedient to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ?

  • Susan McCauley

    I have only two things to say:
    1. All Saints get attacked in one form or another.
    2. All Saints remain obedient no matter the pain.

    May God Bless and guide all involved. It always ends in His Glory!

    Stay strong and faithful!


  • In reguards to Fr. Frank Pavone and Bishop Zurek –
    Fr. Frank Pavone is doing the Pro Life Movement great honor by OBEYING HIS BISHOP.
    Reguardless of who is right or wrong – OBEDIENCE from a Priest such as Fr. Frank Pavone
    shows other Priests what true leadership is all about when he can OBEY his Bishop.
    Fr. Frank Pavone is teaching by his example that he truly is a Man of God and an AWESOME leader
    when he OBEYS!!!
    God is in charge!
    May we all learn from what is happening.

    Thank You!
    KANSAS Prayers for Life Quilt of Prayer

  • I think Jesus and the Blessed Mother are very sad that a consecrated priest who courageously speaks the truth against sin, but is not supported by his Bishop. The Bishop will have questions to answer at his personal Judgment.

    God bless you.

    Georgeann, Ga
    Parishoner of St. Brigid Catholic Church

  • I can’t remember any priest that has the impact of Fr. Pavone, he is doing the work of God, he is a good priest, Would Bishop Zurek do better? The arrogance that Bishop Patrick Zurek claims to see in Fr. Pavone is not arrogance but passion for Life at all forms, it’s zeal that Fr. Pavone has dedicated to God and in his ministry work, it’s a battle against the Devil who is trying to destroy the person who has been fed lies. Fr. Pavone is fighting for the culture of death to end, exposing the truth behind the lies. Bishop Zurek does not like Fr. Pavone therefore he is not objective regarding his dedication, at least that is what I feel. Otherwise he would allow him to continue in the work at hand and that is God’s work~this priest is good. So I pray for Bishop Zurek because he will have to answer for his actions to God, also for his indifference instead of support. We all see that Fr. Pavone is obedient. Bishop Zurek currently Bishop of Amarillo should be removed as Father’s superior.
    May God Bless Fr. Pavone~may the Blessed Mother Shelter him in her motherly care.
    Thank You.

  • In 1973 my Dr. said I could get an abortion when I found out I was carrying my 5th child. I was appalled! I also had a 6th child. I have been fighting abortion ever since. I took my older children with me when I would protest at a clinic on Michigan Ave. downtown Chicago.
    Fr. Pavone has done so very much to help us with this terrible fight against so great an evil. I personnally cannot believe he could do anything wrong to hurt the cause. I support Father is all his
    efforts. Please help him continue what he is so blessed in doiing.
    Thank You

    Diane J

  • I think there is a power struggle taking place between Bishop Zurek and Fr. Frank. Fr. Frank, due to the nature of his work, is in the news, on Facebook, Twitter, and is often the keynote speaker at many events. I don’t think Bishop Zurek likes this so he is holding Fr. Frank “captive” to prevent him from making public appearances. Fr. Frank and Priests for Life is the only group in the Catholic church that has the mission of defending the unborn. It is because of Fr. Frank’s public appearances that spurred me into getting more involved in the pro-life movement. I’m sure that others can say the same.
    I respectfully ask Bishop Zurek to let Fr. Frank continue the pro-life mission and allow him to return to New York.
    Shari L

  • J C

    We believe that Fr. Pavone should be allowed to follow his vocation as defender of the unborn.

    He was doing so much good in the world by bringig out the evil that abortion causes to everyone.

    He has been obedient to his Bishop,proving that he is a devoted priest of God and there is no

    evidence that he or the Priests for Life have done anything wrong financially or otherwise so we

    ask that Bishop Zurek please reinstate him as soon as possible. We are in need of his ministry

    now more than ever.We pray that this situation will be corrected with God’s blessings on both sides

    May the Holy Spirit enlighten them in the right decision and Our Mother Mary with the Holy Trinity

    guide them to a successful ending. Our prayers are with you both!

    A & J C.

  • Father Pavone is a Warrior/ Priest. We are AT WAR. Time to call EVIL by its name. seamus out.

    edited for charity

  • kate maruszak

    I would like an update, please. Is Fr. Pavone still secluded? Have there been any meetings with the Bishop? Why would the Bishop order him back then leave for 2 weeks? From what I’ve read, several decisions by the Bishop seem lacking in honest concern for Fr. Pavone and appear to come from some unknown and curious agenda. I understand the importance of obedience and know that God can work in unjust mandates. Padre Pio comes to mind as well as Fr. Kentenich, the founder of the Schoenstatt movement. But is that always the best answer? I wonder… For Fr. Pavone to engage the canon lawyer that defended Gordon Macrea (I know I spelled his name wrong-sorry) also makes me wonder.

  • I believe in Fr. Pavone and what his work is all about, period. What I do not appreciate are the bishops who think it is their job to silence, judge, and humiliate good faithful priests. It is time the bishops start to preach the truth instead of hiding their heads in the sand over issues over abortion, gay marriage, pornography etc. My own parish priest will not speak out against homosexual marriage as his own neice married another woman. The Catholic church had better get on board for a change, and get rid of the heretics that are infiltrating our parishes,with their lies.

  • It is completely Uncharitable to continue to whine & hide our heads in the sand, while good priests are being persecuted for preaching the truth! That’s false piety, & it helps to confirm those living in sin. It also makes it much more difficult for those Bishops who are good, decent, holy men!!

  • I am so sick & tired of Catholics saying “we should not comment because we don’t know what the “Real” situation is! I’ve lived in Texas since 1977. I’ve personally seen & heard what the problem here is!! I lost 3 of my 5 kids to bad & outright heretical Catachisis! I would tell my teenagers the True church teaching, then I was undermined by the parish priests, Order priests, & the Bishop who let them continue! At one time, our parish priest brought in a homosexual priest to give “guidance & counselling” to any young men who wanted to “join the priesthood”! My son went to speak with him & all thoughts of the priesthood left him, forever! it took him some time to even come back to the Church. My letter to the Bishop was ignored. My sister & I went to a retreat in a place I won’t name publicly, in a large city in Texas: Surprise! The retreat masters were a homosexual priest & his “friend”, a ‘Brother’ in the same order! They proceeded to rip up the “Pre-Vat” II Church, Fortunately, I had forced myself to plow through those documents. They’re ambiguous, & hard to read..but there’s nothing in them that even came close to what these guys were teaching! And it continues! The homosexual activists have a strong hold on the Church here & they are not going to go quietly!!! I pray the new Papal Nuncio makes a trip to the University of Dallas, fondly known in Texas as the “Lavender Campus!” That would be a great start. I don’t care if you publish this, I just wanted you to know that there are people around who DO have 1st hand knowledge of some of the things going on. We did speak out…&..we were totally ignored! Kathleen Riney

  • Ken Kietzman

    Fr. Pavone has been an exemplary leader of the pro-life movement and even if his new bishop has erred, for what ever reason, in reining him in, his heroic efforts will continue to bear great fruit. Just the other day, I heard Dr. Alveda King speaking up for Herman Cain against allegations that, also, I believe, are injustly raised. We live in dangerous and strange times. But Father Pavone has lit the torch for the rest of us. He had connected with Dr. King. I had met him briefly myself. Now it is up to us to follow through on his work. His white martyrdom will shout from the rooftops and Bishop Zurek may have unintentionally helped in promoting this cause of Priests for Life.

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