Fr. Bozada – You Need to Hate Your Father?

My Dear People,

What is Your Primary Purpose as Parents?

Why would Jesus tell us in the Gospel of Luke this Sunday, that we need to hate our father, mother, and siblings, if we are to serve Him?  As often happens in translating a language from one to another, it suffers in the exchange.  “Hate” would better translated into being “dis-passionate” or emotionally free from unusual attachment. When Jesus called His Apostles, He asked them to leave their primary role as provider in worldly affairs, and to translate it into a focus on spiritual affairs.

Yes, parents are suppose to provide food, shelter, clothing and care for their offsprings; but their primary purpose is to prepare their children for HEAVEN. What good are parents who only provide children with temporary goods, when their real purpose is to teach their children the value of “eternal” gifts? As parents, you will not be judged on the level of education, wealth, or prestige that your children achieved, but on how well they lived Christian lives, and were readied for a good and holy death. How well have you taught your children to carry their crosses in this life, so that they might use them to reach Heaven?

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we come to more fully realize that everything we have is a gift from God, and that we are called to generously share these gifts with all who are in need.

Let us know, leave a comment on how well
have you taught your children to carry their crosses in this life.

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7 comments to Fr. Bozada – You Need to Hate Your Father?

  • Denise

    Dear Father,
    I had four children and two practice the faith.I have one who is living out of wedlock and one who is divorced,living a celibate life yet not receiving the sacraments.I taught and brought them to church, and tried my very best and failed in teaching two ,they decided as adult what they were going to do.I blame me first! no one else! the culture in public schools and in society make very difficult… but the blame is on me!!
    I pray with all my heart that our Lord will help me to continue to witness to my children that Mom goes to mass and confession and continues to be who the Lord wants her to be ,a child of God, rosaries and Mass our all I have and prayers that God will save them from damnation. It is on my heart everyday!
    Thank you for the Truth Please continue to teach the truth maybe some day their hearts or other children hearts will open to hear you and they will be saved. Please Pray for all of us parent who hold on to HOPE That our children will come home to the church and be saved . I will keep you in My prayers always Denise

  • terrig

    Tom, I sympathize with you. I was taught by nuns and priests and know the faith. I turned from the Catholic faith in my 20’s and 30’s and failed my children. I took them to CCD and they received the sacraments but they didn’t learn anything and now don’t attend Mass. If I had been involved in what they were learning, I could have taught them so much more. I have returned to my faith but now face the awful truth of how I failed my children. I pray God forgives me and pray that maybe someday they will return to the Catholic faith just like I did. Julia, I agree with what you say to. If only the Bishops would make all priests give good homilies about truth – talk about mortal sin, such as living together which so many young people do now a days, tell them how if they were to die without repentance, they would go to to hell. You never hear that anymore unless it’s from one of the priests in this website. You should write a letter to the US Catholic Bishops.

  • Julia

    Dear Sirs,

    I am sure the email below based on Fr Bozadas sermon on the responsibility of parents in saving their childrens souls is good and right and the only way to stand before God at judgement with a clear conscience, from the parents point of view.

    But I would like to challenge the basis he uses in this piece.

    We brought our children up to the best of our ability and I believe we did our best to pass on the faith as we ourselves were given this faith.

    The society and catholic school education (which we sacraficed ourselves to provide for their wellbeing and redemption), was in many ways not in line with the faith which I grew up with. It would take too long here to go into all of it; but I do not agree with the full weight of responsibility falling on parents. Unless we live as hermits with no influence other than our own family values, most parents are up against a huge tide of misinformation aimed at their children, this introduces objections to the faith we value. Our children are influenced by peer pressure, catholic school education (which seems to present all religeons as equal) and the mistaken belief that man has evolved to some imaginary superior intelligence level, I suppose on account of the technology developed in the last few years. I personally am not impressed by the latter belief; but it needs to be taken into account. The other major stumbling block I encountered was in the mamby pamby sermons which seem to be encouraged at weekly mass. How can anything parents share mean anything if school, peers and Church ignore the truths. Children come to regard their parents as out of touch with reality which children see all around them, and that being even at church on a Sunday while they are still young enough to be brought to Mass. Once kids are on their own, they get into what they see as the real world, and that nowadays does not include living within the 10 commandments or Gods Laws and Precepts. That is a fact. Of course there are still some who do not leave the church, what would that be maximum of 20%. We need to reach the other 80%.

    As for myself, my parents did their best for me as I was growing up. It was not always enough, and by that I mean there was not always a stable meal on the table or sufficient clothing to be blunt. This was caused by circumstances, and we can put God right in there. I can tell you God was never blamed, there was no bitterness. On the other hand, my parents example alone became more and more important to me, and that would be taking my faith into my 50’s and even now in my 60’s.

    I could have chosen not to go to mass on a Sunday from the age of 9 or 10. But every body went, it was normal. Children are not surrounded by that sort of environment now, as you know.

    If you want to influence the rot that is destroying the faith in our society, and that seems to be world wide, start by supporting the Truth. Holy Roman Catholic Church is the one true church founded by Jesus. Stop confusing children with all the other false faiths. When they are older, they can learn as I did to be tolerant of other races, creeds and cultures, whcih it is our duty to do.

    Find a way to get the sermons on a Sunday geared to instructing us in the faith, us older ones would benefit from being reminded and the young ones would at least get to hear the truth before the world fills their minds with so much nonsence leaving them vulnerable and ignorant and like putty in the hands of satan and his buddies. Help needs to come I think via the Bishops, who else has encouraged priests to talk so much about basically nothing from the pulpit that feeds the spiritually starved sheep and lambs before them.

    I will finish my whinge by asking a question that has been playing on my mind lately.

    I bleieve Our Lord said to His Apostles, “feed My lambs, feed My sheep”. If we can compare our Bishops to the Apostles, I would like to ask the Bishops “why do you treat us like cattle, Our Lord asked you to treat us like sheep” And I say this because it seems to me that is one great change which is suffocating the faith in recent years, from my point of view.

    With kind and sincere regards

    In Christ Jesus.


  • MaryTherese Lieb

    Fr. Bozada: In Hebrew the word hate means to love less which makes a whole lot of sense when reading this passage from the bible. Jesus did not ask us to hate mother, father, siblings just to love God more. And yes we are supposed to love our enemies. There are so many different degrees to love, we can love less we just can not hate. My parents taught me so much about my religion and how to carry my cross. I am severly handicapped, they not only taught me to carry my cross but to embrace it. I have no children of my own so I try to teach my nieces and nephews and friends and anyone else what I have learned. Didn’t Jesus once say that not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but is how we live our lives that will get us there.

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  • Tom

    Dear Father Bozada

    I deeply appreciate and agree with your comments re: parenthood. Sadly I did prepare our children for survival in the world but did not accomplish this endeavor re: their faith. We sent our son and daughter to Catholic school (elementary/high school) only to later realize that they did not know their faith. I had the experience of catechesis through nuns and priests. However, they were educated just after Vatican II was initiated. I don’t think that they really understood the ‘black and white’ reality of ‘good vs. evil’. I made assumptions but also excuses that their Catholic education would be sufficient. How wrong we were! If I was to return again to that time I would take responsibility for giving them the Good News as preached by Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. May God be merciful to me – a sinner. There’s old saying that the ‘sins of the father’ will be visited upon his children. As it stands now, I can only hope, pray and do penance for our children who are living lives away from the gift of our Catholic Faith


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