Fr. Bozada – “The Veil Will Be Lifted”

My Dear People,

What Great Joy We Have In Store For Us

John saw a new Heaven and a new Earth… a future time when all who dwell upon the planet will be at peace. Jerusalem, both earthly and heavenly will co-exist together as one. Our Lord uses the image of groom waiting eagerly to receive his beautiful bride. God will dwell intimately with us in a brand new way.

Every tear will be wiped away. Sorrow and suffering will be transformed into joy. The veil will be lifted that separates us from seeing the things from Heaven. The old order, caused by the sin of Adam and Eve, will give way to the new order of the resurrected Adam (Jesus), and the assumed Eve (Mary). What great joy we have in store for us. “Maranatha”, come Lord Jesus. We long to see the coming of the Lord!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we show our love for one another by giving as Jesus wants us to give.

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6 comments to Fr. Bozada – “The Veil Will Be Lifted”

  • Gloria

    I say what a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see, when I look on his face the one who saved me by his grace. this is a song. thanks song writer. LOVE THIS ALL!

  • Mary

    I think the ‘veil will be removed’ refers to the illumination of consciences in which the difference between good and evil will be clarified–then people will choose with full knowledge to be with God or against God and God will establish His reign on earth by vanquishing all his foes. “your heart too will be pierced that the secret thoughts of many may be made known” Luke’s gospel, prophecy of Simeon to Mary

  • Yes; elaborate! Oh, how we need HOLY priests! I pray for this. I for one am starving for words that touch my heart and touch my soul; many are!!!!!

  • anne

    Father, please elaborate this topic. Do you mean that as more people pray and do acts in the Divine Will, the more the Holy Spirit will show to us. The old is going and the new Era of Sanctification is coming and so in the process we are shown the Truth more clearly. Is that what you mean?

  • John,
    I take it that he means that as more of our material comforts are taken away, the more people will begin to awaken to the reality of the supernatural. But that is just my take on it. I would like for Father Bozada to elaborate more too.

  • I wonder what he means by veil? I would love it if he would go into more detail on this topic.

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