Fr. Bozada – The Key To True Humility

My Dear People,

How do You Behold the Beatific Vision?

True humility can only begin when our eyes are fixed upon Our Lord Jesus Christ. Gazing at many statues of Our Lady, we find her eyes downcast. Always in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, Mary understood Her place within that Divine Glory. To behold the Beatific Vision constantly, we also would have our own eyes in a similar position. So when Jesus speaks to the Apostles concerning the grace of true humility, He uses the feast parable and assuming places of honor. In the end, Jesus models this behavior for His Apostles, by becoming the “servant” of all; the “footwasher”. “Go to the lowest place at the table….” Jesus tells them. Later on, you will be brought up higher.

Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet

Seek out the poor, crippled, and lame; all those who can never repay you. Let your light shine before them.  Love them as you would love Me.  Then, your heavenly Father will see your good deeds and reward you accordingly.  Be pure.  Be simple.  Be humble in the Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

Through our generous giving, may we allow those who are needy to share in the banquet of blessings that God has bestowed on us.

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