Fr. Bozada – The End of Time and the Reign of Peace

My Dear People,

Don’t Be Confused With The End of Time and the End of All Time

“See that you are not deceived…” is the admonition given in the Gospel this week. The question was posed to Jesus, when will the end of time occur? Jesus tell His Disciples signs will take place before the “end of time”. This is not to be confused with the end of the world, or the end of all time. Jesus states, “there will be wars and rumors of wars, and many nations will be at odds with each other.” A false Messiah will appear on the scene saying that he is the one the nations have longed for. Earthquakes, famines, plaques, and awesome sights will take place. It will be a time of great turmoil. Christians will be hated, jailed, and persecuted all on behalf of the Holy Name.

“Do not be afraid, Jesus, tells us, for the Holy Spirit will speak through us at that time.” All of this must take place in order for the reign of peace to take place. So we are not to be depressed or sad when these things happen. Stand up straight and look toward the Heavens for the Lord. He has conquered sin and death. “Maranatha” Come Lord Jesus Come.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always remember those who need the help and support this parish community can give through our combined gifts of time, talent and treasure.

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6 comments to Fr. Bozada – The End of Time and the Reign of Peace

  • Patty

    In all the O.T. prophecies and in Revelation, there is reference to “the time of the end” and the “end of time” which seem to me to be two separate statements….(there are also other expressions of time, time ending and granting of time for actions and certain beasts, Antichrist, etc.) The “time of the end” would seem to be the whole series of events beginning with The Gospel of Salvation from the time when Jesus Christ lived UNTIL the Gospel of Eternity (Rev. 14:6, 14:7) is announced to mankind by the angel. (today I haven’t heard the angel and chances are tomorrow he might not come either….) With the announcement of that new Gospel of Eternity [to humans] TIME will end. TIME will no longer exist. Time is a device created by God and He can uncreate it. Solomon had it straight when he said that “for everything there is a TIME and a PURPOSE under heaven.” Events in TIME have always happened. The closer we get “in TIME” to the Gospel of Eternity – according to Revelation, events are going to be pretty bad….Where are we in TIME? Well, read the papers, internet news, look in your wallet, where we are in TIME is pretty violent, anti-christian, and scary….BUT when TIME ceases, so will the elements we know and touch around us…..Final Judgment comes….Jesus creates a new heavens and a new earth…IN ETERNITY according to the New Gospel God Announces through the Angel at that TIME! It will be very obvious to all people if the elements are melting away and the sky is rolling up… me on that one! So pray lots, live humbly, do penance, sacrifice things, and Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength! Jesus says so…..


  • Philip Anthony Dick

    Father, I think you have it wrong. The Bible verses quote Jesus as saying we will always have these terrible things, but until we begin to be persecuted as Christians for His hamesake, the end of the world is not here.

  • Hi Marilyn,

    End times refers to the change from the current status quo, the way we all live…whereas End of all time refers to the Final coming of Jesus in Glory that effectively ends this world.

    In the end times/end of times, we are expected to experience massive upheavals in nature, possibly wars, disruptions of our lives, in any case, to turn our hearts towards God and away from the false idols of our lives. Then the Warning, where God introduces Himself to us and we will see ourselves as God sees us. The Cross will illumine the sky and each of us we be at the foot of the Cross seeing the state of our souls. This will effectively separate the sheep from the goats, as everone will know the Truth and be made to take sides. After that the Anti-christ and his minions rule for a time, three and half years (if we take scripture literally)…

    Then, the End of All Time comes with Jesus’ Victorious Return!

  • Elizabeth Mary

    I know some fairly holy people who believe the warning and triumph of our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will most probably be 2011…next year?
    We all need to have our souls prepared for eternity, whether next week, next year or when ever it may be..

  • Aren’t we experiencing many of those tragedies now, most in past year or two. I’m sorry I don’t understand, what is the difference between the “end of time” and “the end of all time”. If ‘time’ ends doesn’t everything else?

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