Fr. Bozada -Purgatory is God’s Merciful Gift To Us

My Dear People,


It has been the glorious tradition of the Catholic Church to pray for the dead, particularly our own family members. We know that we all sin. We lack perfect contrition for our sin. And so, when we die, everyone with the exception of Our Blessed Mother, carries the stain of sin into eternity. There are no shadows in Heaven, because we are immersed in the Light and Beauty of God. God the Father is merciful. We have the opportunity to have “burned” from our souls, any remaining stain of sin. Purgatory is God’s merciful gift to us.

Poor souls found there cannot sin nor pray for themselves. That’s where we come into the picture. Our prayers, masses, rosaries, novenas, indulgences, and sacrifices are what “lift up” the poor souls in Purgatory. PLEASE, please remember to pray and sacrifice daily for the deceased members of your family. Your “prayer relief” is the greatest treasure they can receive in their state of being purified. We pray each month at the poor souls mass, for all of your prayer intentions. Please make praying for the dead, a daily habit in your life. When you and I find ourselves in Purgatory, after our own death, it is then that we will thank God for all the prayers we will receive on our behalf.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be eager to pray for the repose of the poor souls in purgatory.

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10 comments to Fr. Bozada -Purgatory is God’s Merciful Gift To Us

  • John Recto

    Purgatory cleanses those SINS which are less serious, unintentionally committed and the scars of our confessed sins. What I meant is; NO ONE… can enter the gates of heaven if he has even a “DOT (.)” of impurities, GOD loves us so he gave us a chance to be with him.

    PURGATORY – WE CAN BYPASS THAT!. Through what we call “INDULGENCES” and of course, doing good noble acts in the name of GOD and to be as good as we can be. – This is the HARDEST part and nearly impossible because even thinking of something silly is not allowed.

    According to the teachings of the church, we can consider a SIN as MORTAL/GRAVE if they contain these 3 elements;
    1.) IT IS a GRAVE SIN.. (Refer to 10 commandments of GOD as an example).
    2.) FULL CONSCIOUSNESS .. ( You know, that what you are doing is a SIN, you have knowledge of it).
    3.) FULL PARTICIPATION .. (NO one urged you, No one asked you to do it. It is totally your Decision.)

    Personally, I am developing a very religious life as I am a Church server. Let us all pray the Rosary, Wear Sacramentals, Go to confession once a month, Attend Holy Masses, Prayers, Devotions, ETC… It is really a Warfare with Satan.

  • Kathy


    Well put.. A great explanation of purgatory found in the scriptures.

  • helen

    Patsy De Rio died January 20th

  • Luciano

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck. Many years ago when I was in the U S Army I was asked if I was saved. I for one don’t like to be put on the spot and not be able to defend myself and that question led me to search the scriptures, I was very fortunate, blessed even, that in the very first pages there was a prayer to the Holy Spirit and it recommended that I pray and meditate on the words I read. It was what I needed and I’ve learned a lot. I knew that protestants did not believe in the existence of Purgatory and as I read I was surprised at the many statements that implied Purgatory. The first one was what Jesus said “make peace with your brother on the way to the judge otherwise the judge will hand you over to the jailer and you will not get out until you pay to the last penny” now it is Jesus who is asserting the surety of the punishment and the full payment of what is justly due. Second we have the example of the steward who owed his master a large sum and when called to account he prostrated himself begging for more time and the master forgave him the whole amount but after wards on meeting a fellow servant who owed him a little money and after asking him to pay up and couldn’t he had him thrown into jail, of course the master found out and had him handed over to the torturers until he paid to the last penny. Here Jesus takes it to the next level and says “My Heavenly Father will do with you likewise unless you forgive your brother from the heart” Jesus also said “to whom much is given much will be required from” notice here also that there is no mention of the worm that never dies and the fire that is never extinguished. Another one is when he says that whomever sins against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this life or in the life to come implying that some sins can be forgiven in the next life again implying purgatory. Of course here we need to have recourse to confession and the teachings of Holy Mother Church for a more clear explanation to enlighten us. The next one comes from Saint Paul when he talks on the day of the Lord that it will come like fire putting to the test all of people’s works, those who built with precious material will not suffer loss but those who built with wood or straw will suffer loss but they themselves will be saved but as ones fleeing through fire. Two things here are God’s mercy through fire for those who build with thing that don’t last or lead to life, the others who built with precious materials to me implies that their work do follow after them. My last example come from the book of Revelation, Apocalypse, where is is said that nothing unclean shall see God, meaning that purification in Purgatory is a great mercy and a real necessity. Personally I find great solace in the teachings on Purgatory and it gives me great hope for myself, my loved ones, my neighbors and fellow workers and all whom I have influenced in some way or another. I’m sure there are more writings that point to Purgatory that I’ve yet to discover. I uses what I said about the duck to show that the word purgatory does not have to be in the Bible in order to be real and what I was able to see and understand was a grace from the Holy Spirit given to me that reminds me of the blind man on the side of the road pleading insistently to our Lord that he may see while everyone else was telling him to be quiet and shut up. Please pray to the Holy Spirit with determination that we may see by the light of faith that overcomes seeing through our own filter that slants what we see and do leading us away from God.
    Excuse me if my explanations are not clear enough or annotated properly, writing clearly was never my strength.

  • terrig

    The Catholic Church has never taught there is no Purgatory (for Marilyn). Read the CCC. However, you get that impression from the prayer intentions at Mass. They always say to pray for the departed and don’t use the word “Purgatory”. That really bugs me because if our departed are in Heaven or Hell, there is no need to pray for them. So they must be in another place if we can still pray for them – Purgatory. After reading many books on Purgatory, I am very devoted to praying for the Souls in Purgatory every day. Unfortunately, many of us will be in Purgatory and there aren’t many praying for these souls especially when priests don’t even talk about it.

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  • Marie Helms

    Please pray for my son, Harvey, who died Oct.30 as a result of compliations following surgery. A big shock to all.

  • Who, when, and why years ago were we told there was no purgatory & now we are to believe there is. Very confusing. Peace to all.

  • Please pray for my deceased mother and brother, Susie and Carl and for the two brothers that are far from their Catholic faith that are alive. God bless you.

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