Fr. Bozada – Our Lady Prepares the Way

My Dear People,

The Assumption of Our Lady is a stark reminder of what our life was meant to be before the fall of Adam and Eve. Our first parents enjoyed a complete and perfect union with their Creator. It was “sin-free”. There were no barriers between God and them. Then entered sin. The devil knew what he was doing when he temped Eve. Her desperate need to know, led her down the wrong path. Once there, she included Adam. And so the account goes in the Bible.

Now the New Eve, Mary, and the New Adam, Jesus, repair the breach between the Lord and us. Mary was sin-free from her conception until her Assumption into Heaven. Her perfect YES (Fiat) opens the door to our restoration with the Father. This “Fiat” opens the gateway for the birth of Our Saviour, God the Father knew what He was doing when He kept Mary free from all sin and corruption. Our Lady remained in complete union with the Holy Trinity. She was conceived and died in the total peace. And so we celebrate this feast of Mary being brought body and soul into eternity. It is a reminder of where we were suppose to be. She prepares the way of the Lord for us. Stay close to Mary and She will always lead you to Her Son.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

Like our Blessed Mother, may we say “YES” to what God calls us to do. Always remembering that God is doing great things for us.

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