Fr. Bozada – Lazarus in Our Lives Today

My Dear People,

Lazarus and the Rich Man

What does Lazarus represent for us in the Gospel? He images the invisible poor who are always present in our midst. On street corners begging for money, at Agape House looking for furniture, with St. Vincent de Paul asking for rent money; the poor we will always have among us. But how much do we allow are hearts to be touched by the poor? It is easier to pretend we don’t see them? Are we praying for the needs of the poor; and how are we meeting the challenge to assist them? These are difficult questions.

It is much easier to say that we have “enough” problems of our own. Why add more to the list? Even Our Lord kept money aside to aide the poor. Judas was accused of stealing from the kitty for them. So what can we do? The extra clothes we never wear, the furniture stuffed in the garage, the extra canned goods on our shelves; could not these be shared with the needy in our midst? If we make a habit of caring for the poor, we will never be outdone by our generosity in God’s eyes. Please pray that you may grow in love for the poor in our midst.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we open our eyes to the needs of the poor around us. Our hands and hearts may be open to sharing our gifts to make this world a better place for all of us.

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4 comments to Fr. Bozada – Lazarus in Our Lives Today

  • Lorie D'Vor

    I don’t know if you will get this. You wrote article in 2010, DON’T GIVE UP.

  • MB

    Dear Father,
    This is very good insight. I have fallen on hard times these past years. No family alone, a widow and in bad health. Finances are terrible, on Social Security and needing a new roof… a tear off and redo,,,, new wiring and box….. had an electrical fire several weeks ago….. need a new bathroom….. full of mold and without a sink for 6 years….. house 60 years old and in disrepair….. bad health diabetes, arterial fib. Hyperparathyroidism, needing surgery, depression need I go on???
    Have always been a volunteer for the Church and minorities. Since I can no longer help others you would be surprised how fast they forgot me.
    In your writing and an article by Fr. Kracker in the Catholic Universe Bulletin of Cleveland Ohio about room at the table. Many of us have to go to Community Meals to survive….. have the question where is the Catholic Church? They DO NOT OPEN THEIR DOORS TO THE POOR. like the Protestant Churches and Pastors do….. where is our Church? These Pastors are very caring and bend over backward to get us help!
    Protestant pastors open their Churches up to 3-4 times a month….. where are we? There are 2 Churches that do St Ignatius’s twice a month and St. Coleman twice a month…. and St Edward High School once a month. One Church St Angela’s from the suburbs goes at times to St Coleman’s but the people that go to serve have attitudes and one couple very rich, I know socially from prayer groups of the past…. the husband is friendly but the wife avoids me like I am dirt. This is Catholicism at it’s best?

    Why is Our Church so Cold? Bishop Lennon closes Churches left and right with out stable guidelines….. No money to keep them open…. Some have a million dollars in their accounts. Shortage of priests…. Several had pastors from other countries ex Hungarian…. Church had money and a pastor not from the diocese….. Was closed and the priest had his privileges suspended in the Cleveland Diocese. Why their was no problems in that the Church repairs up to date, all bills paid…. Church closed and money taken…. No to help the parishioners or the poor. This happened in several parishes all were nationality parishes. How could this be? Incardinates a priest from the Philippines with problems, puts him I hospital service and his comment is that he doesn‘t have to take care of all the Catholics only those dying. What about those needing confession and anointing of sick? Puts a priest from India at age 80 into a parish and the people cannot understand him. But good healthy priests are made to retire at 70.

    Then a article hit’s the paper that the Holy Father said the bishop is sole boss and can close Churches on his say so. He is Boss in the diocese and can close vibrant Churches. That the Holy Father will not step in. Why do we work, tithe to the Church if no one even the Holy Father cares about us?

    Sorry this is so long and rambling I am soo frustrated….. Do not go to Church any more….. What’s the use


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