Fr. Bozada – Divine Mercy Is A Gift

My Dear People,

Divine Mercy

Beg For Divine Mercy

God’s Divine Mercy is a gift. It flows from the Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ from the Cross. Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity are extended to us so that we might be freed from eternal damnation. When the tax collector begs for Divine Mercy, God the Father lavishly pours it over the sinner. Luke’s Gospel reminds us that God Our Father in Heaven is generous with His Gifts. He asks only for our humility and obedience in return. The tax collector surrenders himself to God. Therefore, God grants the sinner His forgiveness. In the process, the tax collector is lifted up to God with great joy.

Angels and saints rejoice in heaven over repentant sinners. Self-righteousness suffocates Divine Mercy. We must be careful not to compare ourselves to others, otherwise we might fall into the same trap as the Pharisees. Seek the Lord. Call to Him. Pray to remain obedient and humble in God’s eyes. Rejoice in His love for you. He will never abandon you. His Mercy first forever.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we kneel before God everyday, humbly recognizing that everything we have is a gift. May we ask God to guide us in the ways we use and share His gifts to us.

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2 comments to Fr. Bozada – Divine Mercy Is A Gift

  • “Self-righteousness suffocates Divine Mercy.” Truly words to live by, and a much-needed reminder.

  • Dear Father,

    I can’t also help to compare myself with some people I know especially those who commit despicable sins. I must be careful to look and examine myself always each day so I will not fall into such a trap.I’am a sinner also and a bad one at that for having prayed I still fall into grievous sins.
    Pray for me Father, for I need the prayers to fulfill God’s will in my life and to give Him rest in this world full of egrerious offenses.
    Yours in Christ,
    lyndon a. acosta sr. m.d.

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