Fr. Bozada – Criticizing & Condemning Inhibit Conversions

My Dear People,

Pray, Pray, Pray for the Lost Sheep

Who are the lost sheep? Jesus describes them as sinners, those who have lost their way in this world. To these Our Lord directs His attention. Today’s parable in Luke’s Gospel tells us that Jesus is willing to drop everything to seek out the lost. When found, Our Lord rejoices exuberantly. Even the saints and angels rejoice in Heaven over one repentant sinner.

Do you have parents, siblings, cousins, or friends who no longer practice their Catholic Faith? Instead of criticizing them, or condemning them: Pray for their return! Your intercession might be all they need to come back to the Lord. What great joy we can cause Christ to have, when the “lost sheep” of our own families come home. Never cease praying. Your persistence does make a difference.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we never fail to pray for those in our families who have stopped practicing their faith. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

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6 comments to Fr. Bozada – Criticizing & Condemning Inhibit Conversions

  • Julie Carr

    Dear Father thank you for your continued efforts to bring the lost sheep back to the fold. This past September, Sept. 15 to be exact, we started another Silent Strength Group. It is held each Wednesday after 5:30 Mass at the Church of the Magdalen in Wichita, Kansas. We have had many come to pray for their prodicals. These special prayers have given us a peace knowing that Jesus and Mary will watch over them and bring them back to practice the Catholic Faith someday. We have to trust that God has a plan. Please pray for us and our prodicals.
    Thank you

  • Sally Mercer

    Thank You Father Bozada asking for prayers for our prodigals, it is a subject a lot of people are not comfortable talking about. I also am a member of the Marian Mantle Group for five years. We have a group at our parish, St. Joseph’s in Conway Springs Ks, praying during Adoration each week. The more prayers we sent to Our Lady and her Son Jesus, the prodigals we will have returning to their faith and the more hearts that will find peace. Pray Pray Pray

  • Barbara Sanborn

    Thank you Father Bozada and thank you MaryAnn Gardner. I have been a member of the Marian Mantle Group for five years in Hutchinson,Ks.We are blessed to have three Silent Prayer Groups in our three parish churches. Prayer is powerful and prayer changes things. By joining together in prayer it replaces the anxiety and concern with love of Christ and makes our prayers more effective. We need more “courageous” priests like you Father Bozada. Let us continue to flood our churches with prayer.

  • Patty

    Thank you Father. As a prodigal daughter, I can for sure say that despite the criticisms and judgmental actions on the part of some people when I returned to the Catholic Church, there were always those whose loving hearts made up for any harshness. The Biggest, Warmest Hearts are for sure Jesus’ and Mary’s now active in my soul….They more than make up for any unkindnesses or humiliating moments. The “Prodigals” left the Church for zillions of unique reasons which only God knows. Jesus and Mary will triumph – whether through a prodigal volunteering to come back or through loving correction however painful. I think a lot of Prodigals are scared to come through the Fire of Repentance because it is very, very real, but as Jesus made sure to state: “Not one of these will be lost.” I’ve cried over my sins, been forgiven, and gotten over myself…now I have time to share in others’ tears. They are diamonds from heaven.

  • Kathy Neugebauer

    Thank you, Father Bozada, for asking everyone to pray for the return of our prodigal children. I lead a Marian Mantle Group in Lincoln, NE and many come and pray, one hour twice a month, for the return of our children who no longer practice their faith. Having the support of our Bishops, Priests, and the faithful is encourageing as we sometimes feel alone in fighting a huge battle, although, we know God is with us waiting also for the return of our prodigal children. May we all continue to ask Our Sorrowful Mother to lead our children back to her Son.

    Peace & Blessings,


  • Father Bozada has put forth the very guidelines of the Marian Mantle Group. We are an outreach to those parents, grandparents, and other who are hurting because a loved one is no longer a practicing Catholic. We work to replace their anxiety with peace so that they might become better intercessors for their prodigals. We base our work on the term “Silent Strength”–there is no point in preaching, arguing, and nagging our loved ones because they aren’t listening anyway. Instead, we talk to those who are listening–Jesus and Mary. We strive to follow the example of St Monica’s perseverance in prayer and the Father of the Prodigal Son’s unconditional love. Our Lady of Sorrows is our patron because she knows what it is to have a grown child walk into trouble in the world and feel helpless to stop it.

    Our motto is “It is not hopeless and we are not helpless.” We are an all-volunteer organization that began seven years ago in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and continue with the blessing and encouragement of our Archbishop. Our program has been presented in several dioceses across the country and has always been met with approval. Many in our membership have had miracles in regard to those for whom they pray. I would be happy to provide further information to those who request it as well as references from clergy where the program has been presented. Above all we have learned to continue praying for as long as it takes–even a lifetime.

    MaryAnn Gardner,
    Founder, Marian Mantle Group

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