Forced Abortion Converage; It’s Next

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone “This is a Pivotal Moment”

By Valerie Schmalz

Oakland’s Bishop Salvatore Cordileone says the federal government could require faith communities to offer abortion as a health benefit if the contraceptive mandate is not stopped.

“If this goes through there is nothing to stop the government requiring faith communities to cover abortion in their insurance packages,” Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone told Vatican Radio.

“This is, I think, a pivotal moment in the United States and in the life of the Catholic Church in the United States,” Bishop Cordileone said.

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, CA

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone; Abortion Coverage is Next

The remarks were part of a wide-ranging interview on religious liberty in the United States.

The concern about abortion as a mandated benefit is shared by the executive director of the California Catholic Conference, Ned Dolejsi, who predicted a push to mandate abortion as a health benefit in California after the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The ruling is expected in June. The health care act requires each individual to purchase health insurance.

“If the federal Affordable Act is struck down, we can expect the action to shift to the states,” said Dolejsi.

In January the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation that would require all but very narrowly defined organizations to offer free contraception. The U.S. bishops are united in fighting the regulation as an infringement on religious liberty.

Part of the compromise that secured March 2010 passage of the contested federal health care overhaul is a requirement that each state offer at least one “abortion-free” health plan. Without that requirement, it is possible California will require all insurance plans to offer abortion as a benefit, Dolejsi said in a March interview with Catholic San Francisco.


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11 comments to Forced Abortion Converage; It’s Next





  • clarita davidson

    Abortion is a taking of a life. ==This bishop should be

    more specific with his parishioners.

  • Teresa

    Roo…..did you happen to watch “Blood Money”? It was a documentary put out by (if I’m not mistaken) Catholic Vote. They interviewed previous Planned Parenthood employees who gave you an inside look at how the organization operates. They did air this on EWTN I believe last fall. Anyway, one of the employees (she used to be a supervisor) said that the birth control pills they gave out were essentially not much more than placebos. That way they were assured that at least some would come back for the abortion as that’s where the real money was. The same with condoms…..most of them were defective.

    I’m just wondering why 54% of people on the pill get pregnant….not to say they didn’t miss a day or were somehow not totally compliant, but I wonder what percentage of them had defective birth control. Just something that struck me with your post, and I thought of “Blood Money” right away.

  • karen lyons

    Abortion is more lethal than war has ever being, because here a human being is first of all making little of his own or her own Mother, through makeing unsafe the very place where they first got to know their own Mothers. The most innocent area is brutalised to kill the innocent of a fellow comrade, a brother or sister distroyed, because of Abortion. They would be here with us now if educated people would put Love before killing a sweet innocent life in a Mothers womb. Respect your own Mother, and then you may realise the importance of life in the womb, as this is where your Mother first got to know and Love you. Love the most innocent is the sweetest Love of a Mother. K

  • lisag

    If they can force employers to provide contraception and sterilization, why not abortion. Then again why wouldn’t they force employees into using contraception and having abortions and sterilizations. It really is not that far of a step.

  • Bill

    RooForLife, you missed the point. An overwhelming number of Catholics don’t accept Church teaching on abortion so many feel free to ignore their teaching on abortion. It’s much like prohibition created general disrespect for the law in the 20’s and 30’s.

  • RooForLife

    Bill abortion has not lowered with more acess to contraception abortion has increased. On the Guttmacher Institute website 54% of women who are getting an abortion were using contraception during the time they got pregnant.

  • Bill

    Rightly or wrongly the Church lost credibility with their alleged ban on contraception. Now we have a far more serious issue, abortion, and they are losing the battle. I recall this being said way back in 1968.

  • theg

    I live in Canada where this necessary battle was not fought. As long as elective abortion have been legal (since 1988), Medicare (the tax payer)has paid for them. Everyone foots the bill for these heinous crimes, even those who don’t want to.

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