Why Is Reparation So Important?

Because By Making Reparation, We Share In Christ’s Redemptive Suffering!

By: Father Robert Altier


What Is Reparation?

In the summer of 1916, in the second apparition of the Angel to the children, he asked them to offer every
suffering as an act of reparation to God. On three occasions, in May, July, and October of 1917, our Lady instructed the children to make reparation for the sins against God and the sins against our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. However, nothing made as much impact on the children as the July vision of hell which caused all three, but especially Francisco, to take on many penances and offer them as acts of reparation.

Reparation is the repairing or making up for the offenses against God. This covers a wide variety of areas from the fact of Original Sin to our own personal sins and even to the sins of others no matter how large or small the offense might be. God is the author of justice, but He is also the norm of justice. This means that He can determine what, if any, atonement needs to be made for sin. In other words, He can simply write off our sins without requiring any reparation, but normally He will not do this because reparation is actually something that is good for us.

God’s Justice Is Not Just A Concept

We can see just how grievous our sins are to God by the fact that He did not just write them off, but sent His own Son to suffer and die, i.e., to make reparation for our sins. In this we see how important justice is to God. Justice is not just a concept, it is a truth that must be upheld and He did not back away from what justice requires even though, if we think in terms of human relationships, sending His Son to die would be much more difficult than just writing off the sins. Through His suffering and death, Jesus made atonement and reparation for our sins, but in His mercy He saved a little bit for us to do. This is not only so that we could make up, to some degree, for our own sins, but that we can actually have a share in the work of redemption and salvation. St. Paul tells us in his Letter to the Colossians that he makes up in his body for what is lacking in the suffering of Christ for the sake of His body, the Church. It is not that Jesus did not do enough, but that the members of His Mystical Body would also share in this work.

How Can We Make Reparation For Our And The Worlds Sins?

By uniting our prayers, works and sufferings to those of Jesus, we can actually make some reparation for our offenses against the justice of God. Because we are members of Christ, our offerings become part of the work of our Lord which was to make reparation for the sins of the whole world. Therefore, our offering not only makes reparation for our sins, but for the sins of others as well. I said earlier that God did not just wipe out our sins because the need to make reparation is better for us than to just have our sins forgiven. Making reparation helps us to understand the gravity of sin, but it also helps us to avoid sin so that we do not offend God any more. If our sins were just overlooked, we would think we could do anything and have no consequences. More than this, God allows us to love Him by making reparation. When we love someone we do not want to offend that person and, if we do commit an offense, we want to make it up to that person rather than just sweeping it under the rug. Love of God will drive us to want to make reparation.

As a child of God and as a member of Christ, strive to satisfy the justice of God by making reparation for your sins and those of others.

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11 comments to Why Is Reparation So Important?

  • Lynne Parks

    Amen Thank you for helping me offer ip my suffering Our Lady of Fatima please pray to your Son Jesus for me

  • Becky

    This is amazing information. I wanted to learn more about what reparation is and why we do it and this answered my questions!! Thank you so much!!! God Bless!!!

  • Diane

    B….Something I do when I have suffering of any kind, including taking care of others, is I simply say, “All for love of Thee most Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the conversion of sinners, sanctification of souls, for the sick and those dying this day, for the poor souls in Purgatory or for whomever else that may come to my mind at the time.” Not complaining doesn’t mean not explaining some things to your sister. Complaining may be saying, “I’m tired of doing all this or mom is cranky today.” Most importantly, trust in Jesus to bring you to Him, help you to become who He wants, teach you. Just say, Jesus, I trust in You all day long, if you can. He loves your trust. That makes Him tremendously happy. Just because we are human, weak and complain sometimes does not mean we cannot still offer even that up to Jesus for love of Him and salvation of souls. I would recommend reading the, “Diary of St. Faustina” If you read this about the Divine Mercy of Jesus, all will be well, dear one. I will say a pray for you.

  • Ask Our Lady to show you how to handle suffering. Read about her sorrows. She bears the title :”Our Lady of Sorrows”.. Mother of Sorrows”

  • Reparatrix.org a website for vocations of reparation

  • vincent de silva

    First my thank you to for this wonderful resource for our knowledge
    I first came across the word reparation from a book about the life of Sr Josepha Menendez
    approved for reading .Second from St Margaret Mary’s revelations of the sacred Heart
    and reparation is something I accept as a must to give to God
    In my life I pray the rosary daily and learned from St. Theres’e that we can do small acts to please
    Our Lord .
    Thank you Father and God bless
    Vincent from Malaysia

  • Jan

    @TG – I think its never too late to offer the sufferings of all of our lives to God. He is so full of mercy I trust He will rush to receive them just like He rushes to receive His Prodigal Children when they start on their way to Home.

  • TG

    B, you offer your sufferings to God. You’re already on the right track by not complaining and doing God’s will in taking care of your mother. I’ve been where you were at and I know it’s not easy to not complain. If I were you, I’d get some books on the lives of the saints and see how they reacted to their sufferings. Reading about the lives of the saints or books they wrote has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth. You really begin to know what sin is and how it greatly offends God. You learn about love and suffering. I know say a morning offering prayer every morning. I didn’t for so many years so I probably wasted a lot of suffering or inconveniences. God bless you and I will pray for you. Good article.

  • B.

    I have been pondering this for a couple of months…………so what does this really mean??? I mean I have suffering in my life so I just take it and not complain or if I feel like complaining do it to only God…….is that what this means? I take care of my elderly mom which isn’t always easy so instead of complaining to my sister I should just give it up to God (as my mom used to say). Just go through life like I have no suffering? I am being serious here…..I really want to do this correctly.

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