Father Robert Altier: On The Reality And Action Of Demons!

 Would You Like To Learn More About The Differences Between The Different Kinds And The Different Actions Of The Devil’s Minions?  Then Read The Following!

From Desert Voice (with slight editing)

Father Robert Altier-We need to speak about reality of the evil spirits. I thought it might be appropriate to explain that with a little bit more detail so that we would understand exactly what it is we are working against.

Cardinal Spirits

There are spirits that are broken up into different kinds of categories. There are, for instance, the spirits that are called “cardinal spirits”. Cardinal spirits are the ones that we get in because of repeated sin. If we do the same thing over and over and over again, we open ourselves up to allow the devil in. We do not become possessed by these things, but rather we are oppressed by them. And what we need to do is work them back out by changing the habits that we have and changing our vices into virtues.

 Ministering Spirits

There are what are called “ministering spirits”. Ministering spirits are huge things from the higher order of angels. They are the ones that live within the wounds that are inflicted upon us from the time that we are quite young, when there are traumatic things that happen in our lives when we are young (before 12 years old). These are the great, big things that get wrapped around our personality, and because of that, they are very, very difficult to even be able to recognize or to get rid of. The problem with ministering spirits is, first of all, they are exceedingly intelligent, which is why they go after little children rather than adults because their arrogance will not allow them to do anything else. They try to hide behind the personality of the people. These are the ones that will cause pride, selfishness, anger, and also fear. So when we see these kinds of problems in our lives, these are things that are rooted deep, deep within ourselves. They are in the wounds that were inflicted when we were young, and the only way to be able to get rid of them is to get inside and be able to address the woundedness, to heal those wounds that are there through forgiveness, through working through the various things in prayer. Slowly, we will be able to push these things away.

Occult Spirits

There are also occult spirits. These are the things that get in through occult practices. They can be sent or they can be summoned. For instance, if we allow ourselves to be involved in any kind of occult things: playing with a ouija board, going to a palm reader or to a psychic or somebody like that, getting ourselves into any kind of satanic thing. That is how we are going to get these occult spirits. But they can also be sent by somebody. That is, they can be sent along with a curse. They can be sent by someone who is in the occult, someone who does not like you very much, to cause you lots of problems. These are particularly vile creatures. Because they are occult spirits, they are not very easy to get rid of because they are nasty and tenacious and they fight back, whereas the other ones we can push out. But these are going to cause lots of problems as we try to get rid of them.

Familial Spirits

Then there are other categories that still fit under these three general headings. There are familial spirits, which are within the family and get passed down; for instance, if there is someone who is in the Masons. The Masons are the lowest form of human life on the face of the earth. They are an occult religion, and they are the most despicable of human beings. In order to move up the ladder, they actually offer their children and their grandchildren and generations down the line in order for their own selfish ambitions to be met. So there are curses that are put upon the families and upon the children, and those get passed down from generation to generation.

 Generational Spirits

There are others that are also generational spirits, familial spirits. One of these, for instance, is incest. That is a generational and familial spirit; it gets passed down from generation to generation. You see the same problems within the family that get passed along. We wonder how it is possible that this can happen generation after generation; it is because of the spirit that is there. There are familiar spirits. That is a different spirit that has a familiarity with you because it was already there and the wound is not necessarily fully healed, so it can come in because there is a woundedness that is already present for it. And there are retaliating spirits. There are all kinds of different ways that these things can get in, but it is just to understand what it is that we are working against.

 When we think about the struggles that we have, Saint James tells us, for instance, that we have these wars within our members and so on, but the reality is that the war, as Saint Paul tells us, is not against flesh and blood; it is against the principalities and powers of darkness and the rulers of the high places. It is against Satan and his minions, and we need to be clear. We do have our own weaknesses because of our own sins, but the fact of the matter is it is not merely just our little human weakness – it is our human weakness being compounded by something which is a spiritual problem. And in order to deal with a spiritual problem, you have to deal with it in a spiritual way.

Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh And Blood

So again, it is a matter of how we are going to combat these things. Remember Jesus said, “This type (of demon)  can only be gotten rid of by prayer and fasting.” If you really want to be able to make headway on some of these things, you need to pray, you need to take on some penances, and you need to face the things directly. It is all of these things. It is not just a matter of saying, “If I pray it will go away.” It is not just a matter of saying, “If I try to change my habits it will make a difference.” These things will help all by themselves; but if we really want to be able to get rid of the problems in our lives, it is going to require all three of these things: to pray, to do penance, and to work at making the changes that we need, because we have our part to do but it is still a matter of recognizing where the trouble is coming from. Not merely just within our own selves and within our own weaknesses, but by the spirits that are there.

Three Levels Of Spirits

There are also three levels of these things. There are oppressive spirits. Those are the ones that all of us deal with. They are the things that are there causing us the trouble. There are obsessive spirits. That is where a person gets obsessed with occult things. And then there are possessive spirits. That is when a person opens himself up to actually be taken over, to become possessed. That is the one that is very, very rare. We have to understand that just because someone is dealing with spiritual things, which all of us are, it does not mean they are possessed. In fact, it is very rare that someone would be possessed.

I make these distinctions for you simply so you can understand why we struggle the way that we do in our spiritual lives, what it is that we are fighting against, and to help us understand that just because we are struggling against the devil and his minions does not mean that we are possessed and it does not mean that we have given ourselves over to Satan. Some of the things we are completely innocent of: the generational things, the ministering spirits, and so on. The fact is they are still there, and so we have to do our part to work against them. Look seriously at what is going on within your own heart and soul, and make a choice to really fight against them by prayer, by fasting, and by turning directly against the areas of weakness within yourself to throw out the devil.

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28 comments to Father Robert Altier: On The Reality And Action Of Demons!

  • Charles

    First, off the Catholic Church can’t prove that the Freemasons have ever been enemies of the church. Second, even if the could judging them by what happened 300 years ago is kind of Dumb. If people should base their reasoning off of what occurred in the past, than why do black Americans vote for Liberal Democrat politicians? The Democratic party historical is the “White Southerners” party.

  • Mary

    No Fr. Altier is not being too harsh:
    We are either for God or we are against Him: there is no middle ground.
    Freemasonry has been condemned by successive Popes from it’s inception on down to Pope Benedict.
    This secret society is completely anti- Church, setting itself up as an alternative religion with a mission to undermine the authority of God’s Holy Catholic Church.
    Albert Pike’s own words confirm just who the god of this brotherhood is; none other than satan himself.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a good Catholic AND a Freemason since these two are in direct opposition to each other.
    As Our Lord Jesus said,”No man can serve two masters”.
    Fr.Mc Giveney recognized the nature of the brotherhood of masons is to support each other in every way right up to securing positions of power exclusively for their own members.
    In response this holy priest founded, The Knights Of Columbus, in order to prevent Catholic men from falling into this fraternity of satan.
    Any person professing to be Catholic AND a Freemason needs to confess this to a good priest and then heed his counsel.

  • Deblette

    I do not believe in the generational spirit thing. God does not visit the sins of the fathers upon the children. We are also baptized, which wipes us clean of all sin and brings the Holy Spirit to reside within us. I do believe that we can be wounded by our parents who have suffered under their parents and we continue that suffering, but I do not buy the traveling spirit thing.
    I do think the comments on the Freemasons was harsh, but they are against Christ and against the Church, it is just that their members are very unaware for most of their lives of how bad they are.

  • Valerie St Clair

    I passed this article to a prayer group that is not Catholic and the response was that this is not true because Ministering Spirits are holy and of God. I defend the Catholic faith at every opportunity but I cannot find any definition that matches Fr Altiers ‘ministering spirits’. I also cannot seem to find any way to contact the site or Fr Altier for clarification. Can anyone please help with the definition? I would greatly appreciate it!
    God Bless All!!

  • Ro

    Cindy (who commented Nov. 7, 2011)
    There is a prayer which is part of the Precious Blood Devotion (see http://preciousbloodinternational.com/) which when recited as a 144 day “novena” will deliver your family from ancestral curses; I am currently making this novena because my grandfather was a Mason, 33rd degree if I remember correctly what I was told over 50 years ago, and I have recognized symptoms of intractable spiritual oppression in my life and those of other family members.
    That website has for sale, $3.25, a book with all the prayers of the Precious Blood devotion; the one I refer to is one of the Mystical Prayers and if you call them at (850) 577-0607 or email at [email protected] they may read you or send you a copy of that particular prayer.

  • Isabelle DE Mers

    Doesn’t anyone get IT, their(the masons) god is SATAN!!!!!They hate the Catholic church and focused to destroy it.

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  • Bill

    “The Masons are the lowest form of human life on the face of the earth.”

    This is a charitable comment?

  • Bill

    Are you going to post this one John?


    Yes, Bill I am posting the charitable portion of your comment. Are you going to be there for Fr. Calloway’s talk? We would love to have you come.

    God bless you Bill,
    John Quinn

  • Bill


    Would you please list the decisions you are talking about.

  • judethaddeus

    Father is correct. The Freemasons on the Supreme Court are the ones that got this freedom of religion turned around to mean freedom FROM religion. While I know many good masons, what they do behind closed doors in secret in their TEMPLES and SHRINES would make us all hate them…

  • Bill

    I’m not a big fan of the Masons, or the Knights of Columbus for that matter, but I’d like to see some specifics about what the problem is.

  • Bill,

    The last time I checked, the reality of Satan and the Evil Spirits was a Doctrine of the Faith.

  • Bill

    Many of the things mentioned in Fr. Altier’s piece are probably caused by the chemicals found in our drinking water.

  • jaque tarr

    Roger Writes:
    With respect to Fr Altier’s seemingly harsh commentary regarding the Free Masons; I think that he would have been referring to those members who have reached at the highest level and are fully aware of the insiduous and sinister nature of the Lodge. In order to fully appreciate this statement, you must understand the backdrop against which it was made”.”

    Jaque Writes:
    Roger”, Is this like being a “little bit pregnant”? Or is it like ” I play with ouija boards and read horoscopes, but I don’t really believe in the occult? Or is it like ‘We’ve never had an abortion, but we use artificial birth control’?
    As the Master Deceiver Satan leads us in small steps toward sin. Refer to Genesis and his conversation with Eve. Eve was most unsophisticated and had never seen any smooth talker like the snake before. Both Adam & Eve had no recorded experience with evil, hence they were prime for Satan’s lies.

    The Church teaches we must not have any contact with Free Masonry and if we do we subject ourselves to excommunication. The reason is that by supporting the organization, we support and involve ourselves in the evil it promotes. If you are Catholic you will align yourself with the Church teaching and involve yourself in the Good and Grace it promotes.
    The choice is ours, to follow Gods will or bargain with him and slide into sin.
    See Cindy’s post for an example of how Masonry has infected her family.

    Don’t be a Fred Flintstone Catholic … Yeah, but… Yeah but…. duh

  • Tim

    It would have been nice to have had some references. One thing the protestants do well is promote further reading. In our church we rarely hear a reference to a source, not even the Catechism. I looked up some of these different spirits in the Catholic Encyclopedia at newadvent.org and they didn’t come up. I don’t doubt the author’s words. I would just like to study further. Please advise.

  • Trish

    I am very confused about the subject of intergenerational spirits. I have felt inclinded to believe in the matter, but just last night I watched a show on EWTN that was an internet Q & A, and the priest said that it was a “New Age” belief. Could I just be misunderstanding what he meant? The concept of intergenerational spirits seems to make perfect sense to me. I am just confused because I trust all of the priests on EWTN, and their judgement. I do not want to follow New Age beliefs or practices. I only want to be a staunchly orthodox Catholic. Any thoughts on this would be so helpful to me. Thank you.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for that clarification Jacque. I think I misinterpreted the original intent, but you helped me understand.
    Peace, Cindy

  • Roger

    I think that Fr Altier is right on the money with this article. This is a spiritual war which we fight and as in any war, in order to be victorious, we must understand the strategies employed by our enemies. It is not enough to know that the enemy comes to kill and destroy. That is elementary and basic. Understanding the “how” behind the “what” will serve to equip us with the necessary information and insight that will in turn inform our own offensive and defensive tactics, strategies and methodologies. After all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed!

    With respect to Fr Altier’s seemingly harsh commentary regarding the Free Masons; I think that he would have been referring to those members who have reached at the highest level and are fully aware of the insiduous and sinister nature of the Lodge. In order to fully appreciate this statement, you must understand the backdrop against which it was made. You see, the Free Mason movement does not ever present itself as a dark, malevolent cult. Instead, they present themselves as an innocuous fraternity or brotherhood that is genuinely concerned about the members’ wellbeing and success. Even satan knows of the wisdom in presenting himself as an agent of light to his enemies. But this agenda and nature usually remains for the most part, hidden from a member for years. It is only the top hierachy that decide when the true identity of the organization can be revealed to a member; but this is only done when one reaches a very high level and is considered “ready” to receive this very clandestine and deep, dark secret. Divulging this information to anyone can have very dire and far reaching consequences….as in the complete assassination of one’s family and of course the death of the member himself! So that most members of Lodges are very much unaware of what they have embraced. And so, I believe that Fr Altier was not making reference to those unwittingly active members but the comment would have been directed toward those members who ARE very much aware of exactly whom they serve and to whom the entire movement is consecrated, that is, satan! These are the ones who knowingly and consciously make the human sacrifices to which he made reference. The lowest forms of human life you say? Most definitely! May God have mercy on them and bring them into the knowledge of His love and promises that He has for them before it is too late. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world….

  • Kathryn

    I know what Fr Atelier said re masonry sounds harsh but he is absolutely correct and in fact has understated it. It is a pyramid secret organization and the worst things only happen at the top levels.

  • Jaque

    Jeremy writes…
    “to call them the “lowest form of human beings” is hard to grasp?
    Fr Altier writes…..
    “In order to move up the ladder, they actually offer their children and their grandchildren and generations down the line in order for their own selfish ambitions to be met. So there are curses that are put upon the families and upon the children … ”
    Jaque writes…
    Jeremy, Is your friend a “good Catholic” by abusing the Holy Eucharist? Which church does he belong to? Catholic or Masonic? Which church does he betray?

    K writes……
    “how do you deal with getting rid of the ministering spirits?”
    Fr Altier writes …..
    “if we really want to be able to get rid of the problems in our lives, it is going to require all three of these things: to pray, to do penance, and to work at making the changes that we need”

    Cindy Writes……
    “Calling him the ‘lowest form of human beings’, isn’t very charitable…”
    Jaque writes……
    Calling the Sin of unrepentant Sinners a low life form is Charity at its highest. To encourage the correction of this Sin reflects the Love of our fellow man. It would be much easier to ignore the entire affair. I understand your loved one has fallen into his Sin being deceived by these Demons, (that’s how demons work) as many are. It is our human quest to do ‘Our Will” rather than offering ourselves to God and His Will that too often gets us into spiritual trouble. Look to the Fruits from these sinners. Fr Altier teaches us how to combat these demons. Prayer (Attack with your Rosary) Fast (What better prayer than to deny yourself to Christ) Penance (Offer your will to God, open yourself to Gods Will)
    Sin encourages objection, debate, and rejection when it comes to the Teaching of the Church. We try to bargain with God that ‘those teachings don’t apply in my case’. This only leads to more sin.
    Peace be with your Spirit

  • I want to thank you for this e-mail, it has confirmed what the Lord has been showing me within my own household and family. I see it clear now and must do what you say to help and stop these things that go on all over the world.

    God Bless
    Sherri B.


    I went on a search to find out more about this priest and was saddened to find out he had been outcast to a nursing home because he opposed the sex education promoted by the bishop. What has happened to him since then?



    Note: This came from our faithful email subscribers.

  • Cindy

    Jeremy & Carl,

    I totally understand that one cannot be a Mason AND be a Catholic…and the evil of Freemasonry, however I do agree with Jeremy’s comment in questioning Fr. Altier’s calling Freemason’s the ‘lowest form of human beings’. From what I have seen & read, many men joined the Freemason’s very niavely, as a way to connect with others. That partly happened because both Catholics & Protestants didn’t understand the evil in the Masonic Lodge for a period between the 70’s – 80’s (roughly). The horrible part, is that they took an oath that has brought on curses that they are not aware of. My husband joined the Masonic Lodge, quite niavely back in the 80’s. He hasn’t participated in quite sometime, however he is currently a VERY strong atheist/anti-Catholic…with several addictions that he can’t seem to break, and I KNOW it’s a result of the cursess from the oath he niavely took to be a member of the Masonic Lodge. Calling him the ‘lowest form of human beings’, isn’t very charitable, as he, along with MANY others, just need to be delivered from it and need our love & prayers to do so. It’s an intense battle as he is CLUELESS of the strongholds that the evil one has on him. I’ll take any suggestions in how to destroy these curses through prayer or whatever “I” can do, as he’s NOT in a place to even recognize it. Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us! Cindy

  • Carl

    Jeremy Garton,

    you cannot be a Catholic and a mason at the same time under the penalty of excommunication. Do a search for mason in ewtn’s document library . Also if you really care for your friend and his soul you must get him out of freemasonry. I recommend a book by John Salza called Why Catholics Cannot be Masons. In this powerful little book, a Catholic attorney and former 32nd degree Mason, John Salza, clearly shows why joining Masonry (including the Shriners) means embracing a false religion Also he has another book called Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge

  • K

    Great information but how do you deal with getting rid of the ministering spirits? Many priests these days hardly acknowledge the existence of Satan as a real being so, if someone were to need help, going to the local parish priest is going to convince him that the person needing help is a nut case instead of someone seriously being oppressed by evil spirits.

  • Jeremy Garton

    I was shocked to read the comments made by Fr Altier on the “Masons”! For sure I understand the Catholic Church does not agree with Free Masonry but to call them the “lowest form of human beings” is hard to grasp? I personally know many Masons and these guys are a tremendous asset to our community and are active in their own churchs. One of our Masons in the community I actually brought into the Catholic Church two years ago and as far as I know he is still a Mason and a darn good Catholic and now his entire family is Catholic including daughter-inlaws.
    Is Fr Altier being too harsh?
    God Bless,

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