Father Robert Altier: Our Lady, God’s Perfect Creation.

Satan Has No Authority Over Our Lady As She Was Always In Perfect Conformity To The Will Of God.

* This text was transcribed from the audio recording of a homily by Father Robert Altier with minimal editing. From ~ Desert Voice.

Father Robert Altier-Today we have the great joy of celebrating the feast of our Blessed Lady’s Immaculate Conception.
Now we need to be very clear about a couple of things. Number one, what we are talking about with regard to this feast is the conception of Mary in the womb of her mother, Saint Anne. It is not the conception of Jesus. That is what is known as the Virginal Conception, and that took place at the time of the Annunciation; we celebrate that on the 25th of March. But the feast we celebrate today is the day our Blessed Lady was conceived without sin. That is what the word immaculate means – “without stain”, quite literally, is what the word means. So Immaculate Conception means that our Blessed Mother is the only person in human history to be conceived without sin. Obviously, Adam and Eve were created without sin, but they were not conceived. Jesus is not a human person; He is a divine person. He was conceived without Original Sin, but He is God. And so Our Lady is the only one in all of humanity for whom this miracle has been reserved. And that is precisely what it is; it is a miracle. She was conceived through the normal relations of her parents, Saints Anne and Joachim, and by a miracle of God (beyond just the miracle of conception) she was kept free of sin from the very first instant of her existence.

This was to be able to fulfill exactly what was prophesied regarding her, something that in our first reading today was translated in a way that does not make clear that that is what we are talking about. Traditionally, the way that first reading was worded, it said: You will nip at his heel and she will crush your head. That is what Our Lord told the serpent, and it would be the woman who would have the authority over the serpent to crush his vile head. That is precisely what we celebrate today. Satan has no authority over Our Lady. Not even for one instant of her existence was there ever anything sinful on her soul; and, because of this, she was always in perfect conformity with the Will of God. At every instant of her life, she was doing the Will of God and growing more and more in love for God. That means from the very first instant of her life there was more love and more grace in her soul than there is in all of our souls combined right now. She grew at every instant of her life in love to the point where she loves more than all of heaven and earth combined. If you think about all the angels and the incredible love they have – the seraphim, who are the fiery ones because they are on fire with love for God, and all the cherubim and all the other angels and all of the saints who have ever lived who loved God so much – all of their love combined pales in comparison to the love Our Lady has for God. That is the extraordinary nature of what God Himself has created in His mother.

Now we can look at her and say to ourselves that she does not really stand as much of a model for us because we cannot relate. Quite the contrary. She is the only human person who lived life the way that God intended it to be lived. What we see in her is exactly what God’s original intention was for each and every one of us. But we also see in her the way we are to live our lives. We will never be free of sin in the sense that we never had it, but we can strive to live always in the presence of God, always seeking to do His Will, and always in union with Him. That is the way Our Lady lived her life, a life of prayer, a life of love, love of God and love of neighbor. That is something that is not beyond any one of us here. Affected by sin as all of us are, we can still strive for that holiness of life. So it is not beyond us to be able to model ourselves after the way that she lived her life, and that is what we need to strive for.

She is our mother. She will teach us how to do that if we ask, if we really desire it. There is nothing that she would want more than for us to be able to be totally in love with her Son and to serve Him with our whole heart and soul and strength. What mother would not want that for her child? And here, the greatest of all mothers will be able to help us to live even in this world without sin, that is, without committing any more sins. Now we might scoff at that and think, “It’s not possible for me to stop sinning.” Yes, it is. It is completely possible for all of us to stop sinning. Not by ourselves, not by our own power, we are not just going to make the decision today: “Okay, I’m not going to sin anymore.” That is not going to work. But by the grace and the power of God, we can stop sinning and we can live lives of true holiness. That is exactly what God wants for us, that is the way Our Lady lived her life, and it is the way she will help us to live ours. And that is exactly what Saint Paul told us in the second reading, that the very purpose of our existence is for the glory of God.

So as we look at our Blessed Lady and this glorious feast we celebrate today, we rejoice that God has made one human person for his own self, and made her perfect so she would stand truly as a model for all of us, but also as a mother for all of us to teach us, to guide us, and to help us grow in holiness and to serve her Son sinlessly and in holiness of life

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  • Sandy Diodati

    The many rosaries that I make have the pardon crucifix on them.

  • Hi Elena,

    Jesus is truly human and truly divine, but he is a divine person with two natures both human and divine. Please read Brad Smith’s last comment with what the catechism says in-regards to Jesus’ divine and human nature. I do not believe that father was in error because, as stated previously, Jesus is a divine person with two natures, but he is both truly God and truly man.

    Thank you so much for your concern.

  • Brad Smith

    Here is what the Catechism says about the hypostatic union:

    The Monophysites affirmed that the human nature had ceased to exist as such in Christ when the divine person of God’s Son assumed it. Faced with this heresy, the fourth ecumenical council, at Chalcedon in 451, confessed:

    Following the holy Fathers, we unanimously teach and confess one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ: the same perfect in divinity and perfect in humanity, the same truly God and truly man, composed of rational soul and body; consubstantial with the Father as to his divinity and consubstantial with us as to his humanity; “like us in all things but sin.” He was begotten from the Father before all ages as to his divinity and in these last days, for us and for our salvation, was born as to his humanity of the virgin Mary, the Mother of God.91

    We confess that one and the same Christ, Lord, and only-begotten Son, is to be acknowledged in two natures without confusion, change, division, or separation. The distinction between the natures was never abolished by their union, but rather the character proper to each of the two natures was preserved as they came together in one person (prosopon) and one hypostasis.92

    After the Council of Chalcedon, some made of Christ’s human nature a kind of personal subject. Against them, the fifth ecumenical council at Constantinople in 553 confessed that “there is but one hypostasis [or person], which is our Lord Jesus Christ, one of the Trinity.”93 Thus everything in Christ’s human nature is to be attributed to his divine person as its proper subject, not only his miracles but also his sufferings and even his death: “He who was crucified in the flesh, our Lord Jesus Christ, is true God, Lord of glory, and one of the Holy Trinity.”94

    This means that Our Lord is one divine person with two natures, one divine and one human.

  • Elena Navarro

    There is a slight error here in your article by Fr. Robert Altier with the title: “Our Lady, God’s Perfect Creation.”
    “Satan Has No Authority Over Our Lady” where he said “Jesus is not a human person…” Here is the quote:
    “Obviously, Adam and Eve were created without sin, but they were not conceived. Jesus is not a human person; He is a divine person. He was conceived without Original Sin, but He is God.”

  • Domingo

    It is so beautiful. Thank you, Father, for saying these wonderful truths of our faith! And it is so nice to see the exchanges of thoughts in the commentaries. Truly, we are all One Body in Christ! For a long time, I had this question in mind: what could have happened if Adam and Eve did not sin? Now I got the answer!

  • Anne

    The Incarnation implies three facts: (1) The Divine Person of Jesus Christ; (2) The Human Nature of Jesus Christ; (3) The Hypostatic Union of the Human with the Divine Nature in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ.

    (www.newadvent.org under “The Incarnation”)

  • Jesus is indeed a human person with a divine nature. He became like us in all things but sin. It is so we can relate to Him. He wanted to make it as easy for us as He could to imitate and be like Him. This question was on my entrance exam for the Missionaries of the Immaculate Mediatrix (Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate apostolate)and I missed it. That mistake will not happen again!

  • Brad Smith

    Thanks to Bob Dunn for his clarification. I’m glad I asked the question. I think I understand the doctrine of the incarnation a little better now.

  • Rick

    About that hypostatic union that speaks of and Bob tries to clear up. I too don’t get it. Yes He is God, yet very truly man. His flesh came from Mary. who is truly Human.
    What part of Man isn’t He? He is man or not? I know he is God as well, but truly man too.
    This is another problem that Muslims have with Christians for worshiping a Human,ergo>Jesus Christ.

  • Robert Hagedorn

    Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

  • Bob Dunn

    Regarding Brad Smith’s comment, Jesus is not a human person but a divine person who assumed a human nature

  • Maryanne Linkes

    Thank you for posting that. How I miss Fr. Altier and his love for Holy Mother Church. I learned so much from him. We want to be taught by this faithful priest.

  • Brad Smith

    Jesus is not a human person? Do I misunderstand the doctrine of the hypostatic union of his humanity and his divinity?


    Beautiful description of the Blessed Mother, but there is more detailed description of her conception in a book titled “The City of God”. It was written by a Spanish nun, St. Sister Mary Agreda. The story was dictated to the nun by Mama Mary herself.

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