Father Richard Perozich: Identity Theft Of The Soul And The Life Lock.

Have You Or Someone You Know Had Your Identity Stolen?  If So, Then How Do You Get It Back And Keep It Safe?

By Father Richard Perozich:

Identity Theft

Media advertisements frequently speak of identity theft, and of one solution called Lifelock. A man’s identity is his name and what belongs to him, linked by our social security number in the public forum. Because of attempts to steal identity and all the assets linked to it, we add passwords to all our accounts which are linked to our identity. Still, thieves use lies, deceit, accusation, temptation, and seduction to get us to reveal our information, to abandon our security, and to take what belongs to us, robbing us of our identity, our assets, our lives. Lifelock and similar programs are advertised to watch over and to protect our identity when we may not be able to do so or when we are unaware of unscrupulous tactics of thieves.

My physical identity is God’s gift to me. I am a man, oriented toward woman for procreation and mutual support toward eternal life. My spiritual identity is Christian given to me by my baptism. The assets that come with this are divine faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance; also the presence of the Holy Spirit in my soul to form my conscience by telling me to “do this and shun that”, so that I am not guided by my own thoughts or emotions or those of others. My identity is being nurtured by the Bible, the Church as its authentic teacher and interpreter, by the sacraments, particularly penance and Eucharist, by my prayer in which I life up my heart to God for healing, attention, affection, approval, and love.

There Are Thieves In The World Trying To Steal Our Identity

There are thieves in the world trying to steal my monetary assets by appropriating my identity and presenting themselves as me. They try to get my social security number, my bank account number, my passwords, my signature and other things associated with my identity. They use seduction, lies, temptation, deception, and accusation to move others or me in order to defraud me of my identity and all that is attached to it. In the business world, companies such as Lifelock promise to help me to guard my identity and all the assets that accompany it for the protection of my power, possessions, and the prestige of my identity.

There are thieves in this world trying to steal my soul, that animating force, which gives me life, which is my identity given to me by God. The devil is the thief of souls. Jesus calls the devil the “Father of lies”. He is called “Satan” which means tempter. He is called the “accuser of our brothers” in Job and in Revelation. He is the seducer of Eve, and the deceiver of all. It is through his envy that death entered into our human existence (Wisdom 2:28). He wishes to rob us of our identity as children of God and our inheritance of eternal life.

Satan has tempted, deceived, lied to, accused, and seduced others to follow him while at the same time they claim to be following God. Jesus tells us that we know others by their fruits, which are the results of their work and the means that they use to obtain their goals.

Identity theft of the soul often is done slowly so that the victims, you and I, ignore the theft until it is too late, and we have lost everything. The devil’s techniques are temptation, lies, seduction, accusation, and deception. In modern socio political parlance, these involve the unscrupulous tactics of theft such as those attributed to Saul Alinsky in syaing anything is fair to destroy the victim in order to steal what I want. Three common techniques that have stolen spiritual identities from Catholics are desensitization, jamming, and conversion.


Desensitization is a constant presentation of the deception through television, radio, magazines, school indoctrination, victimhood, rights, fairness, equality, and justice. Catholics have had their identities threatened through the presentation of abortion, sexual license, cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia in news, talk shows, legislatures, using the parade of “victims”, a woman’s right to choose, “reproductive rights”, women’s health, right to control her own body, born that way, right to “marry the one you love”, sex parades, political – social – academic indoctrination, sex clubs at schools and even Catholic universities, television characters. After showing so much of this, the thief lies, deceives, and seduces the person into signing over his identity to support the lies and deceptions. Evil becomes commonplace, and the identity begins the slow transfer of loyalty away from God to conversion to the devil and support of the evils.


Jamming is the technique of bigotry which demeans the dignity of a person, his statements, his right of self expression through accusation in order to make the person feel bad, to feel he has wronged or offended another and thus reduce him to silence so that the opposition can continue stealing the identity through the transfer of spiritual assets away from God over to a new god and new beliefs. Some words that reduce us to silence are: bigoted, homophobic, unthinkingly conservative, far right, patricarchal, medieval, hateful, misogynistic, etc. An honest person so accused reacts with horror at himself and shuts down logical thinking at that moment.


Conversion is the final result of desensitization and jamming done through seduction, temptation, deception, accusation, and lies. The victim has lost his created identity and his spiritual one as well. It has been stolen from him with the cooperation of his surrender.

The thief must first present himself as a victim, unfairly marginalized by the majority for a behavior or trait which is claimed to be inborn and the thief’s given identity which cannot be changed without doing violence to him. Men and women with same sex attraction have their masculinity and femininity stolen from them by practicing or promoting homosexuals to convince them that they are born that way with no hope of change. Once converted, they become thieves of others’ souls.

Women with unwanted or difficult pregnancies are seduced and lied to into thinking that the new life in their womb is theirs to dispose of, only tissue, not a baby or human, without a soul. With enough pressure from legislators, medical staff, the women are converted and lose their identities as women, wives, and mothers. Some repent; others become thieves of souls themselves.

People who do not have the same economic assets as others are tempted to think that others got it from illegal advantage or gain, and that all should have the same assets by stealing from those who have more, giving it to the state who will then apportion it according to the thieves’ will. They are converted to envy, occupy movements, and live perpetually as victims in unhappiness over others’ good fortune.

The HHS mandate forcing the Church to provide for birth control and abortion only has power because self proclaimed Christians such as President Obama and those Catholics in name only such as HHS director Sebelius, congresswoman Pelosi, vice President Biden, numerous senators and congressmen have lost their Catholic and or Christian identities, have been converted, and now hold power.

The Life Lock

Where is Lifelock? It is in Jesus Christ and in His Holy Catholic Church’s magisterium where in the bishops united with the Holy Father teach, guide, and sanctify their flock. Holding fast to the church when one has doubts and seeking her teaching to clarify, the presence of Jesus in word and sacrament will keep safe the Catholic from identity theft. It is not a passive purchase like the business model of life lock, but demands humility, vigilance, faithfulness, and obedience. Let Jesus and His Church be the Lifelock for your Catholic identity against Satan and those he has converted who steal souls.

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10 comments to Father Richard Perozich: Identity Theft Of The Soul And The Life Lock.

  • Jonathan Beyer

    I am bored of satan and his bs legal excuses, every day he tries this sort if crap on me and uses others to do it. Whatever you do, try not to reason with Satan or his minions or talk to them, because there is no reasoning in Satan and even his lies are lies and anything truthful they say us often also a lie to deceive.

    The devil and satan (the enemy) are not allowed to harm us in any way. Stealing from someone’s soul causes them to suffer a loss, which is harm. This means we are allowed to take all back. Luke 10:18-20 tell us this and that they have no legal right over us and the devil using an excuse to steal from one’s soul is a legal excuse and not a legal right. The bible also says that “thou shall not steal” and that even god does not forgive angels that steal. Satan and his angels are then not allowed to steal. The bible also says we can back sevenfold of what is stolen from us, so punish Satan by taking back sevenfold. Proverbs 6:30-31. We are and to even bind the strongmen over them and enter and take everything they stole. Satan is not allowed to challenge us, since god already rebukes the devil and satan in both the old and New Testament. Jude 1:9 where it says that arch angel Michael came and told him that “god rebukes him and to get the hence.” God still rebukes Satan and the devil and by believing that he has a legal right over anyone is his deception and lie. Bind the strongmen over Satan and any sins and demand and take back everything they steal and sevenfold. The bible says that everyone, even non-believers has the right to cast out devils and demons in Jesus name so do that too at the same time. If they stick around it is only to covet and steal someone’s soul and belongings, spiritual or otherwise. Tell them “thou shall not covet you or anything of yours” and cast them out in Jesus name. The bible also says that if we do things also in Jesus name that the reward will not be lost, “even by just giving a cup of cold water to the little ones,” what more so then of great deeds done in Jesus name.

  • Reeny

    Identity theft of a soul begins long before there is even a need to consider any annulment or divorce of a marriage. We have all failed each other as a people and a Christian nation when we sit by silently and allow rampant sins of immorality to flourish in our communities and very families. The influence of music, television, movies, computer, etc.. . have infiltrated the minds and souls of everyone, but little is done to forewarn others, much less stop it. We all have the power, but lack the will. That includes numerous, but not all, priests who fear offending someone by speaking truths from the pulpit as well as the rest of us who sit in the pews and mentally wander, complain about what is/isn’t said, participate ourselves in the media frenzy that promotes immorality, and even openly condone our own children co-habiting outside of marriage. What we should be doing is what we promised to God in our Confirmations and Baptisms of our children, acting as responsible individuals and parents as well as laity dedicated to assisting church leaders by vocalizing our own concerns while proactively working to making positive changes. We, too, have a duty as Catholics to evangelize not only to non-Catholics, but also to those in our parishes who have already been hijacked by the lies of our modern culture. If there is any blame to be made here, let’s take our own doses as well. I commend Fr. Perozich for sharing such critical insights that if taken seriously, may truly save souls. I for one, no longer wish to stand by while my Catholic identity is stolen and I thank God for the grace of access to the ultimate “Lifelock” in observing His commandments.

  • christine

    Look at what causes divorce; the very things the good Father has spoken of, the root of our problems. I believe he holds all divorced families dearly in his prayers, he has expressed the root causes, seductions, lust etc, etc. The very things that lead to unfaithfulness.
    Yes, priests are responsible to be speaking from the pulpit and other venues about ‘sin’ period, in this many priests are failing. Thank God for priests who will not be silenced.
    None of us can afford to be silent.

  • Bill

    One can’t help but wonder about the effects on children who live in “bad” marriages, marriages with spousal abuse, drunkenness, infidelity, and a host of other things.
    “Offering it up” doesn’t cut it.

  • Gregory Lynne

    Correction: The Longevity Project claims that children-of-divorce experience shortened lives of FIVE YEARS — not a decade as I erred writing previously. This is a single, long-term study and the authors admit that few-to-none MD’s question their patients regarding their identities as children-of-divorce. Hence, more research is needed. Nonetheless: This is a significant form of abuse even if it is ONLY a five-year robbery from their lives!
    For those who doubt the proclivity of specious annulments, I refer you to read Prof. Robert Vasoli’s text on the subject. Thank you for publishing my comments.

  • Deborah Nuzzo

    I agree with both Greg and Therese.

    When I read this yesterday from Courageous Priest, it was hard to miss the fact that we as abandoned/divorced/annulled spouses are the ones whose identities were violently taken. I say violently because of the tremendous injustice and harm of no-fault divorce, the taking of children, finances, and the total silence and lack of concern from our Church.

    Yet, the Church in America follows suit by putting the final nail in the coffin of many marriages through easy and false annulment. Marriages are being buried alive and the Church is a big part of the problem because they are not following the rules. Rome knows it and sends correction, but there is no improvement. How about that for theft?

    In order to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ, we must accept our new unwanted state in life. I do not think anyone’s loss of identity is as serious, devastating and widespread as ours. Yet we are invisible to the Church in America. We need to change that.

    Deborah Nuzzo

  • Fr Rich, our Church, our clergy need to address the theft that happens when one spouse chooses to abandon their spouse they vowed to never abandon, Clergy need to address clearly from the pulpit the

    harm, the sin of no-fault divorce, taking of children away often from the faithful spouse, the ruining of finances; often thrusting the abandoned spouse into financial ruin, and the nearly total silence and lack of concern from the American Church.
    Instead if we say anything to our clergy we are told to go get a divorce/ which is against Jesus’ own teachings/our church teachings except in very limited grave circumstances, and file for an annulment, which we are assured will be handed out .
    what isnt said is the truth- “seeking her teaching to clarify”- that she the Church’s own teachings are that marriage is an indissouable union for life, for the purpose of growing in holiness and bringing up children.,
    we the abandoned spouses have our identity stolen and we feel abandoned/orphaned by first our spouses, and then next our own Church itself.

  • Gregory Lynne

    So I guess there is no such thing as a specious annulment?

  • Gregory Lynne

    Nuclear ID Theft + Death-A-Decade-Sooner

    Curiously, Fr. Perozich stops his self-assessment of his Catholic identity short of naming his unique sacrament of holy orders, which adds the supernatural quality of imitating Christ in his personhood! This mind-boggling, identity-modifier is such a quantum-leap that I am shocked that he would omit it!

    Not dissimilarly, were I to have authored this article, I would have inserted our unique ID-modifier of the sacrament of matrimony. St. Paul writes that marriage adds the supernatural quality of reflecting Christ’s love for His Bride: His Church! This similarly-though-different ID-modifier is such a quantum-leap, that I am shocked every time I think of what an awesome confidence Christ placed in myself and in my earthly-bride, bringing us together to witness to His own Love!

    What few clerics or pastoral ministers are willing to admit, is that when specious annulments are pronounced, despite the clever, legal sophistry, all-too-frequently the lifelong identity of at least one spouse is stolen and impugned forever! The identities of their children are severely changed as-well
    At a four-day conference “Toward Healing and Renewal” held at the Vatican, abuse survivor and conspiracy victim Marie Collins spoke the following words. They apply equally to the hundreds-of-thousands of spouses and their children whose nuclear family IDs have been stolen and destroyed.

    “There must be acknowledgment and accountability for the harm and destruction that has been done to the life of victims and their families by the often deliberate cover-up and mishandling of cases by their superiors before I or other victims can find real peace and healing.”

    Some have spoken that divorce alone makes orphans of children with living parents. Specious annulments make widow[er]s of living spouses – STEALING THEIR IDs.

    Children-of-divorce are dealt a secondary, more-severe blow to their IDs by specious annulments. Their ontological beings are denied. They are told that they were conceived by deluded singles imitating spouses who were living in the illusion of marriage. Is it any wonder then that The Longevity Project has found that children-of-divorce have a decade stolen from their lives, on-average?

    Is it any further-wonder that children-of-annulments seldom desire to practice their baptismal IDs as Catholics in a Church that calls their birth-persons “imposters”?

  • Angels and saints on high, Our Blessed Mother, her most dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, hold Fr. Perozich and all Catholic priests/bishops in your arms … today and always. What a brilliant (and sorrowful) article; what a love post to Our Lady … and the Silent Souls in heaven.

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