Father Michael Rodriguez: Storm Heaven With Prayers For A New Fearless Bishop of El Paso!


By: Father Michael Rodriguez

Bishop Armando Ochoa Has Been Transferred To The Diocese of Fresno, California by Pope Benedict.

In light of the recent momentous events in the Diocese of El Paso, TX, I would like to present a special plea to faithful Roman Catholics from around the nation.  On December 1, 2011, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, appointed Bishop Armando X. Ochoa as the new bishop of Fresno, California.  Sursum corda!  Now is the time to lift up our hearts to almighty God and beg Him to have mercy on us, poor sinners that we are.  In order to protect and promote the precious Catholic religion, outside of which there is no salvation, it is imperative that all of us storm heaven with fervent prayers, especially the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, begging God to send El Paso a holy, zealous, and fearless new shepherd.

Unfortunately, the Diocese of El Paso continues to be plagued by very serious problems and grave sins against God and the Faith.  We desperately need a spiritual leader who will address these issues with honesty, determination, perseverance, and absolute fidelity to Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church

It is of utmost importance to draw attention to three areas in the life of the diocese that are particularly infested with the vermin of modernism:  (1) the Liturgy, or worship of God, (2) Catholic doctrine, or the teaching of the truths of the Faith, and (3) the priesthood.

The Liturgy

 The Diocese of El Paso needs a new bishop who will begin to take the necessary steps to correct the moral and spiritual disorder of liturgical abuses in the celebration of the Holy Sacraments of salvation, especially Mass and Confession.  For example, it is commonplace in our parishes to find priests celebrating Mass and hearing Confessions carelessly and with no apparent faith, love, and devotion.  The reckless and scandalous manner in which many priests and laity handle the precious Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is, objectively, not only sacrilegious, but diabolical. 

In addition, I urge the faithful to implore the powerful aid of Sancta Dei Genetrix, the holy Mother of God, so that El Paso’s new bishop, obedient to the liturgical directives of Pope Benedict XVI, will be supportive of the 1962 Roman Liturgy, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass.  Hundreds of Catholics in El Paso are, at present, petitioning for the establishment of a traditional Catholic parish dedicated exclusively to the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite. 

Pope Benedict refers to the Roman Missal promulgated in 1962 as “a precious treasure to be preserved” (Universae Ecclesiae 8, April 30, 2011), and declares that it “must be given due honor for its venerable and ancient usage” (Summorum Pontificum, art.1, July 7, 2007).  The Roman Pontiff instructs us further in regard to the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite, “what earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too” (Pope Benedict’s July 7, 2007 letter to the world’s bishops).  As the glorious Ancient Rite spreads its divine aroma and becomes more available throughout our diocese, it will prove to be a heavenly “leaven,” more than capable of restoring beauty, dignity, reverence, sacredness, and truth to the celebration of all the sacraments.

Catholic Doctrine

El Paso needs a new bishop and Successor to the Apostles, who will begin to take the necessary steps to correct the moral and spiritual disorder of watered-down, partial, false, and even heretical presentations of Catholic doctrine at our Catholic schools, Tepeyac Institute, and parish catechetical programs.  Grave sins against the Faith include belittling, ridiculing, or obstinately questioning the salvific teachings of Holy Mother Church, as well as intentionally ignoring or maintaining silence on certain doctrinal or moral truths.  We are in urgent need of a wise bishop who will make it clear that any form of dissent from Church teaching is unacceptable and inexcusable.  It is not “pastoral” or charitable to sidestep or veer away from proclaiming the truth.  If “love and compassion” are not grounded in the one truth taught by Jesus Christ and His Church, then “love” is a lie and “compassion” an illusion.

Given the raging forces unleashed by our three spiritual enemies—the devil, the world, and the flesh—it should come as no surprise that the holy sacrament of Matrimony is under vicious attack.  First, the sin of divorce, and the denial of the indissolubility of marriage.  Next comes the sin of contraception, with its refusal to accept the procreation and education of children as the primary ends of marriage.  Finally, we’re now facing hell’s ultimate assault on marriage:  the detestable sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the natural, anthropological foundation of marriage is rejected and destroyed.

As in many other parts of the country, there is an ongoing effort in El Paso, on the part of city officials, to legitimize homosexual unions under the pretext of extending “health-care benefits” to “unmarried partners” of city employees.  This is disgraceful, totally irresponsible (society has a fundamental duty to protect and foster marriage and the family), and gravely immoral.  Rome has made it very clear that every single Catholic has the obligation to oppose any government attempt to legalize homosexual unions.  The mayor of El Paso, John Cook, is purportedly “Catholic,” yet he is the driving force behind the city’s attempt to sanction sodomy.  We must pray for a heroic bishop who, strengthened by apostolic grace, will stand tall and defend God’s holy Law.  He will first have to work prudently and patiently to win over the minds and hearts of the city’s many “Catholic” politicians who are on the brink of moral and spiritual ruin.  However, if the mayor and other government officials remain obstinate in their sin and persist in giving public scandal, our new bishop must exercise his apostolic authority for the good of souls and issue the necessary excommunications, always with the hope of the sinner’s eventual repentance and conversion.

The priesthood

The Diocese of El Paso needs a new bishop and spiritual father who will begin to take the necessary steps to correct the moral and spiritual disorder of rampant homosexuality within our presbyterate.  The abomination of actively homosexual priests is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance and is crippling our diocese.  El Paso needs a new shepherd who will demand of us priests what Christ demands:  obedience, celibacy, a profound life of prayer, simplicity of life, a spirit of continual conversion, pastoral charity marked by kenosis (death to self), sacrifice, service, and true holiness in our public and private conduct.  God willing, our new bishop will insist that we priests give priority to the spiritual dimension of our priestly life and ministry:  offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily, administering the sacrament of Confession, guiding the parish’s life of prayer, and instructing the faithful according to the full and authentic doctrine of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Good, pious, holy, and masculine priests are a priceless gift to Mother Church and the surest guarantee of success in fostering future vocations to the priesthood.


In spite of the difficulties, obstacles, and sin which we currently face in El Paso, it is a great joy to be a priest of God.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love the priesthood, and I love Holy Mother Church.  There’s nothing sweeter.  Let us never lose Christian joy and hope.  We cannot allow ourselves to become bitter.  With confidence and trust in God, we must continue laboring and praying, come what may, conscious that it is all done for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Sursum corda!  Let us lift up our hearts to the brilliant mystery of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and entrust our filial petition for a pure and saintly bishop to the sinless Mother of God.  O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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13 comments to Father Michael Rodriguez: Storm Heaven With Prayers For A New Fearless Bishop of El Paso!

  • Bill

    I wish someone would tell me if the Pope made a mistake with this appointment. BTW Bill Sr. (No relation) is right on.

  • Bill Sr.

    “In order to protect and promote the precious Catholic religion, outside of which there is no salvation,” Opps
    It is statements like this which will continue to prevent all worthy attempts to reunite the One Body of Christ from bearing fruitful results, especially coming from a member of the clergy.
    It is “sinful” for anyone to assume the role of the Almighty determining who among his people are salvageable and who is not based on their understanding of the Creator and the expression of their faith in Him.
    To be true to our Catholic faith we have to accept that we are not the judge of our own worthiness much less others.
    We thank God for the one true Church and pray that she will always shepherd and faithfully teach the Truth of Christ and the gospels in the face of a world rabid with sin casting the seeds of his Love upon all but only He can be trusted to justly find and gather in the good fruits of her labor.
    Blessed be The God of Mercy forever.

    • Sir Louis

      The doctrine that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church is well settled. There is some legitimate dispute about what it means concretely. It is certain at least that the Catholic Church is the only channel by which salvific grace is given. But it is also accepted that this grace, although coming only through the Church, can “overflow” to those who hold themselves, through no fault of their own, outside the jurisdiction of the Roman pontiff. This is not a matter of our judging the worthiness of anyone, but of the way in which God chose to redeem the world from its sin. He established the Church and stated definitely that there will be only that one sheepfold. To use that imagery, the teaching is that one can and must be a member of the flock, even if outside the fence.

  • Bill

    To James, tg. et. al: Are you saying the Pope made a mistake with this appointment?

  • James Lehar

    I agree El Paso does need a real Catholic Bishop. Bishops and priests like Rev. Armando X. Ochoa need to be not just moved but defrocked. They do more damage to the church by far than good Do you remember this article? http://www.dallasvoice.com/el-paso-bishop-responds-priests-homophobic-rant-1040646.html In this article this Bishop admits to being homosexual, where he says “even us “homosexuals”: ” At Fatima the Blessed Mother said only the Queen of The Most Holy Rosary can help us. We need to all pray very hard at least 1 rosary every day and make the 5 First Saturday Devotions as told by the Blessed Mother for the Consecration of Russia. She is our only hope.

  • tg

    George, I thought the same thing – poor Fresno. The truth sometimes hurts. Father Rodriguez, I pray for you by name almost every day. I pray for faithful priests like you to persevere and for priests & bishops that are in error (for their rependence.) I didn’t realize it was so bad in some dioceses.I read the so-called fictional book – Windswept House – all that Father Rodriguez describes reminds me of that book.

  • Father Rodriquez, so well said : as you said: “it is not “pastoral” or charitable to sidestep or veer away from proclaiming the truth. If “love and compassion” are not grounded in the one truth taught by Jesus Christ and His Church, then “love” is a lie and “compassion” an illusion.” later you said” First, the sin of divorce, and the denial of the indissolubility of marriage. ”
    This happens so very often in regards to unhappy spouses who come to the clergy and instead of being reminded and encouraged to persevere in keeping their vows of marriage – clergy will encourage the unhappy spouse to divorce and suggest they can get the marriage annulled. where is the truth of the unbreakable bond, the santicty of the marriage covenant, the family that is torn apart?
    Society DOES have a profound responsiblity to protect and defend marriages and families.
    Happy for El Paso, its bad for Fresno to have Bishop Ochoa transfered there.
    our church needs more brave priests like yourself.
    praying we get more!

  • JOY

    We need to pray for this courageous priest…we need many more like him! @Andy ..if you think NY is bad …check out Albany diocese !!!

  • This is something most of the Nation needs these days. We have been killing ourselves both spiritually and socially with tolerance and complacency, not holding fast to the TRUTHS that NEVER CHANGE! I will certainly keep Texas and especially the El Paso area in my daily 3pm’s along with my prayer for more vocations that have hearts after the great saints and martyrs. May all clergy *AND FAITHFUL* receive the grace required to be the servants GOD DESIRES regardless of *public opinion*!!!! Please pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the USA Chaplet daily!

  • AndyP/Doria2

    This happens all over Father Rodriguez. Good holy Priests are over looked or banished while heretic, apostate priest teachers, professors, theologians, and worst of all, bishops are allowed to roam like ravenous lions and wolves in sheep clothing. I come from the catechetical wasteland called the Archdiocese of NY. You ain’t seen nuthin’.

    The “smoke of satan” has indeed entered the sanctuary and you are right – much prayer is needed.

    IMO, the only way justice will be served is if you are chosen Bishop of El Paso. AndyP/Doria2 – Yonkers, NY HOSEA 4:6

  • Bill

    George’s comment is a little light in the charity department.

  • Karen

    My prayers are with you and your intentions, Fr. Rodriguez. We so desperately need more courageous priests and bishops who will protect the faithful from rampent scandal and diabolical disorentation. May God protect you and keep you strong, and clear all of our dioceses of the smoke of Satan. Thank you for your strength and courage, which in turn gives us hope, direction and strength.

  • This is wonderful news for El Paso, not so good for Fresno.

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