Father Mark Kirby: Why Is It Important To Pray The Family Rosary?

Persevere In Praying The Rosary For Conversions And For Healing!

By: Father Mark Kirby

From:  Vultus.stblogs.org

When Praying for Healing

It happens sometimes that the healing of a family member — in spite of persistent and fervent prayer — is impeded because of an unspoken resistance to the prayer or because of indifference to it within the family itself. In asking for the physical, emotional, or spiritual healing of a family member, it is crucial, first of all, that two or three family members — especially married couples — pray together. For this I recommend, above all, the Holy Rosary.

When one’s family life is itself fragile or shattered, one should seek out close friends with whom to pray. Again, the Rosary is, I think, the most efficacious prayer. By means of the Rosary, Blessed Bartolo Longo, a layman, rebuilt family life and renewed society in the poverty, ignorance, and desolation of 19th century Pompei. Veritable miracles of grace, all attributed to the Rosary, confirmed Blessed Longo’s initiatives and continue to the present day.

The Prayer of Faith

It is possible to add after each decade some invocations drawn from the Gospels, such as: “Lord, the one whom Thou lovest is sick” (Jn 11:3); “If thou canst do any thing, help us, having compassion on us” (Mk 9:21); “I do believe, Lord: help my unbelief” (Mk 9:23); and, especially, the prayer of the centurion repeated in every Mass, “Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter under my roof: but only say the word, and N. shall be healed” (Mt 8:8).

The Sacraments

It is also indispensable that those who are praying for the healing of a loved one go to Confession frequently. Everyone — not just the penitent — benefits from the grace of sacramental absolution by which the glorious wounds of Christ are applied to the wounds of our souls.

Married couples do well to receive Holy Communion together at the same Holy Mass, at least on Sundays. So often as spouses receive Holy Communion together, the grace of the Nuptial Mass with which they began their married life can be renewed within them. The renewal of this grace benefits the entire family circle. The supernatural context of all healing is the unity that is the fruit of participation in the Most Holy Eucharist.

(Please Pray The Rosary For Our Shepard’s and the conversion of your lost loved ones)


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9 comments to Father Mark Kirby: Why Is It Important To Pray The Family Rosary?

  • TG

    Marie and John, thank you for the suggestions to ask the saints, my guardian angel and holy souls in purgatory to pray the rosary with me. My children are grown and I pray the rosary by myself but now I can ask them to pray with me. I wish I had done this when my children were young but I was spiritually lost then. It’s so beautiful when I read of families that pray the rosary together.

  • John

    Cecilia, Also ask your Guardian Angel to pray the Holy Rosary with you. This article is very timely for me, as my 8 year old daughter (just received her First Communion) asked me last night if we can start saying this as a family. We’ll be doing this tonight!

  • Ramanie

    I use to find saying the rosary with concentration difficult,although I had the desire to say the rosary. Then I was given the idea to follow the mysteries with using the scriptural rosary. Subsequently I managed to visualise each scene with each Hail Mary. This helped me to meditate without so much distraction. I thank Our Lord and His Blessed Mother for thjis wonderful grace as now I can say the rosary daily.

  • Maria

    Cecilia, ask your favorite saints and Holy Souls in Purgatory to pray with you.

  • paula

    Awe, this family prayer is so important. God put it heavy on my heart and yet adversaries made this sooo difficult amd virtually impossible. Even my husband only ocassionally sees the importance. And almost every time we pray Our Mother gives signal graces, yet still others obstacles are im the way. I am tired of fighting for this. I pray the online rosary though with those who value the rosary. Thank you Father.

  • Cecilia Magunda

    After reading your note ,Father Mark Kirby ,saying, especially married couples are to pray together. That is true. I feel very demoralized being single, not out of choice but circumstances in life . What happens to the single parents , should they not pray because they do not have a companion to pray with? I feel all people are to be encouraged to pray the Rosary no matter their state. I am sure the Lord will do the judging when time comes.

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  • Kathy Bowen

    I found your website through an article by Fr Longnecker and I recommend it to everyone. We are in the battle for ‘middle earth’ and you and your fellow priests are our leaders. I have looked for a truly Catholic site for ages when I found yours,. I need the truth. I need the authentic Catholic voice. I need my God and I need His Mother. In the town I live in we are given heresy and watered down faith. The bishop does not care. I have found a Latin Mass that I attend on Sunday that I have to travel a distance to, weekly confessionis are a must for me. Please keep up the fight. God bless you.

  • Add Fr Bill Halbing as a courageous priest!
    He has tons of videos on You tube too

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