Father John Cihak: To Be A True Man…Model St. Joseph.

Do you remember Father John Cihak? He wrote one our most popular post, “Warning Did You Vote For Obama.” Well if you liked that post, then you will enjoy listening to him speak about how modeling St. Joseph teaches modern men to be “Real Men.” Father talks as straight as he writes.

  • Father starts speaking at the 55 second mark.
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2 comments to Father John Cihak: To Be A True Man…Model St. Joseph.


    Father John cihak was our Parish Priest when I worked at St. Anne Catholic School – I was wondering if there is a chance you have his e-mail address at the Vatican – My son’s family have disagreement with our Church in Georgia – I was explaining to him how great Father John was in explaining certain facts our faith, and he was asking me if there is any way he could communicate with him. Thanks for any help. Marie Amling

    Hello Marie,

    I am sorry we do not.

    God bless,
    Courageous Priest

  • Deacon Jason Hiner

    Dear Jeff Gares,
    Greetings in our coming Savior Jesus Christ! I had the gift of studying theology under this priest before he was called to Rome to be a secretary for the Congregation of Bishops.
    Now I have good news for you. This past summer Fr. Cihak was elected as a consultor for Papal liturgies and is now a Monsignor. May God continue to guide and bless Msgr. Cihak’s ministry. Thanks for posting this video of my former professor.

    For the Greater Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady,
    Dcn. Jason Hiner

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