Father James Farfaglia: “Man to Man”

A Courageous Priest Speaks to Men About Marriage and Family Life.

Heroic men have always inspired me.  Saints, military generals, and famous presidents have always provided light and direction during my life.  Men like Paul, Athanasius, Thomas Moore, John Fisher, Edmond Campion, John Vianney, Miguel Pro, Oscar Romero, John Paul II, Pope Benedict, Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, Patton, MacArthur and Eisenhower are all men that I admire very much.  They are all lighthouses:  men, who within their own historical circumstances, stood up to the plate and lived their lives with heroism.

Today, as men, we are constantly being challenged. 

If the house is burning, get a hose and put out the fire.  If someone is trapped inside, we need to go in for the rescue.  Only the cowards would watch from the sidewalk and do nothing.

I love heroes.  I loathe cowards.

I know that as married men you are challenged every day.  I am writing to you in order to encourage you to remain faithful and to be a hero.

Father James Farfaglia

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