Father Donald Calloway's Conversion Story

From Drug Addicted Pagan To A Priest Of Mercy!

Heroine, cocaine, opium, marijuana, excessive alcohol, not to mention hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms (psilocybin) and LSD – he consumed most of these before the age of 18, many before he turned 14, the addictions growing stronger as the existential emptiness deepened. What sounds like an introduction to a Hunter S. Thompson novel actually constitutes the autobiography of a Catholic priest. Fr. Donald Calloway of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception retells his dramatic and heart-wrenching life story in No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy.

As a destructive youth, Calloway spent his adolescence succumbing to temptations large and small, from sins of the flesh with constant promiscuity, to crimes against the law with thousands of dollars of grand theft in stolen merchandise, as well as nightly partying with friends consuming all forms of drugs and addictives while listening to heavy-metal music.

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15 comments to Father Donald Calloway’s Conversion Story:

  • Patti Smith

    Dear Fr. Calloway.

    I just returned from a pilgrimage to Lourde with as a Dame of Malta.
    While on the trip a new friend spoke to you. II have a son, Thayer, in an extended drug rehab program and would very much like to bring my son up to meet you.
    Before his entry into the drug world he was a wonderful boy. He had even gone on two pilgrimages to Lourde and loved them. He moved to the dark side
    after the tragic death of his six years older sister from a tragic car accident. I ask for your help, please.
    Thank you.
    Patti Smith



  • Mark Henson

    Father Calloway, I heard you speak in San Antonio (wow!) and was inspired by your enthusiasm for the Blessed Mother. Your story is dark. Thanks to God you have seen the light. Please know that you are in my prayers for you to continue on your quest to find lost sheep and convert souls to the one true Catholic church & faith. I would be interested in your new book on Man’s sword and shield of the Most Holy Rosary.

    For God, for brother, for beauty!

    Mark Henson

  • Anthony Van Goethem

    Your talk about Mary at the CMC in San Antonio last Saturday was the most powerful one I have ever heard. I want to get a copy of your book on the Rosary when it comes out. Please let me know how. Thanks.

  • David Hughes

    Father Calloway, I heard your your talks in San Antonio, TX this past Saturday and would like to give thanks to God for Men of God like yourself. May God bless you and cover you with his blood always. I would like to order a copy of your book that is coming out in August. Please put my name down, I believe your book is about the Holy Rosary. Thank you Father.

  • Ernest Ramirez

    I would like to purchase your book, please tell me how. Thank you

  • Kathleen Votaw

    I would like to know Father Donald H. Callaway schedule for his time here in southern California. We were unable to see him at Holy Family Catholic Church in Artesia California. It is fully booked for this coming Saturday. Thank you very much.

  • Ann Filutze

    Fr. Calloway’s life and testimony is similar to that of Fr. John Corappi. What happened to Fr. Corappi? He is no longer preaching on EWTN.

  • john quinn

    I first listened to the story of Father Donald on a DVD on a coach during on a pilgrimage. It was so inspirational and brought tears to my eyes too. I was so encouraged by it and it has changed my life and increased my devotion to Mother Mary. God bless you Father Donald and I trust your story also inspires Catholic priests across the world.

    John Q


    Great name John! Just to be clear, this is not the same John Quinn associated with Courageous Priest.

    God bless,
    John Quinn

  • Colleen Nitschke

    After listening to Fr. Donald Calloway, I was so moved, it brought me to tears, I’m a Catholic coming home after many years, I have listened to many conversion stories, yours touched me the most, as you are very real and inspiritional. My hopes are to personally meet you one day or be able to come to a seminar. I will share your story with many. You are my inspiration, you are amazing. Most Sincerely, Colleen

  • jim guzdzial

    Father Don, would you be interested in speaking at a charismatic mass or day of renewal in Flint, MI
    thanks, Jim

  • Hector Carrasco

    Father Calloway I love your story cause it coincides with
    my story, YES, I also went through a heavy drug use
    five times to Texas Prisons and finally suffered a head injury
    but through my deep devotion to Our Heavenly Mother by reciting the Rosary every night for the past 3 years and the
    night of my injury which happened in jail, I do believe that I can say I have seen the Glory of My Good Lord through the
    intercession of my Heavenly Mother

  • […] Father Donald Calloway’s Conversion Story: « Courageous PriestAs a destructive youth, Calloway spent his adolescence succumbing to temptations large and small, from sins of the flesh with constant promiscuity, to crimes against the law with thousands of dollars of grand theft in stolen merchandise, as well as nightly … To continue reading Father Calloway’s conversion story, […]

  • Ann Bond

    Wow! There’s hope for us all! God bless you, Father Calloway.

  • kristinesweeney

    I was looking to see if Father had a website and I came across this article. I loved it. Thank you for putting it out there. It caused me to have joy, hope, and to be thankful of the Lord’s mercies working in my life and to appreciate again what He has done for me in the past. It also made me want to spend quality time with Our Blessed Mother befor going to bed tonight.

    Peace be with you,

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