Father Bozada: Place All Your Cares In The Hands Of The Good Shepherd!

However, We Must Be Humble And Obedient Just Like Sheep!

My Dear People,

Jesus is Our Good Shepherd. This concept is very difficult for city dwellers to comprehend. Sheep are very simple minded. They are vulnerable to attack. Without a protector or shepherd, wild animals would come to sweep them all away. Jesus Christ gives us his ultimate protection from His suffering and death on the Holy Cross. Jesus is our Ultimate Shepherd.

Upon the Holy Cross is where He defeated the devil. Every time we look to the Holy Cross and contemplate the power of Our Lord’s Precious Blood flowing from His Holy Wounds, we are saved from the evil one. The devil despises the power of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. The evil one hates the power of the Holy Cross, and he hates us. Jesus knows each of us by name. He cares for and always watches over us, protecting us from the enemy. Just as a shepherd leads the sheep to safety through the sheep gate, so too does Jesus lead us to the Gates of Heaven. So like sheep, we need be humble, obedient and trusting always in Him. Place all of your cares into the hand of the Good Shepherd.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

As good stewards, may we always trust in the care of our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

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