Father Bozada: Mary Never Left the Boundaries Of The Perfect Love Of The Holy Trinity!

My Dear People,

The Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul into Heaven at the moment of her death, is a testimony on God the Father’s behalf concerning Jesus’ Mother. The Council of Ephesus (5th Century) calls her the “Theotokos” or “God Bearer”. From the moment of Mary’s conception in St. Anne’s womb until the time Mary drew her last breath, She remained sinless. St. Maximillion Kolbe describes Our Blessed Mother’s presence never leaving the boundaries of the perfect love of the Most Holy Trinity.

How perfect was her existence here on Earth. How “queenly” Her presence in all of eternity. What great love the Father bestowed on Mary Our Mother in Heaven. How blessed are we to be called her children. We, poor banished children of Eve, have access to the maternal Mercy of the New Eve always. Ask for Mary’s help daily. Pray your rosary daily. Cover all of the people in your own family with her Holy Mantle. Stay close to the Queen of Heaven, now and at the hour of your death.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

May we always long for the maternal protection of Our Heavenly Queen, Mary the “Theotokos”.

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8 comments to Father Bozada: Mary Never Left the Boundaries Of The Perfect Love Of The Holy Trinity!

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  • Marivel

    To Ellie: Why are you questioning our faith as Catholics? Why are you even reading Catholic postings? Why so negative? Peace be with you!!!

  • Agnes

    I heard Father Bozada speak at a Conference in Winnipeg Canada. He is very devoted to the Blessed Mother, his talk left a lasting impression in my heart. It was truly food for the soul. God bless you Father and May Our Blessed Mother watch over you always.

  • Ellie

    To believe that Mary was sinless is to believe a lie. Where does it say this in the Bible? It doesn’t, because it’s false information. Or which historical document or manuscript references this information? There is none. It’s another case of false Catholic teaching.
    Mary was a sinner like you or I. In Luke 1:47, she calls “God her Savior”. A sinless person doesn’t need a savior. Jesus was the only sinless human. The rest of us are all sinners. She was blessed, but still a sinner.
    The angel said to her “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished”. She was favored and blessed, but still a sinner. Also, what historical document says that Mary was bodily raised to heaven? This is fiction and Catholic tradition, but again, not true. Read your bible and if you can’t find it there, then you need to question the truth of the claim. We know that Jesus was bodily because there were eyewitnesses to this fact. But in Mary’s case, there was none because she wasn’t raised bodily. Research it for yourself.

    • Ellie,
      In Matthew 1: 28 it says And coming to her the angel says, “Hail full of grace, The lord is with you. To be full of grace means to be free from sin. One cannot be full of grace and have a soul stained with even the smallest sin. Every sin diminishes grace. Since the God of all holiness became flesh, don’t you think that he would want the vessel by which he entered the world to be completely pure and undefiled. The early church fathers accepted that Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul, and all Christians believed as Catholics do now prior to the reformation. Research the early church fathers and learn from them about Our Lady’s role in salvation history.

      God Bless you Ellie in your search for truth,


  • Dan

    O’ Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

  • Bill Sr.

    Our Mother Mary and the Good Wine of Salvation
    Then as now our Mothers charge, “Do whatever He tells you!”
    Consider the scene in Cana at the wedding feast.
    Mary’s compassion for the host and their guests at such an occasion of joyous celebration got the best of her. She quite obviously knew her son’s capabilities at this time and also the love they jointly shared for god’s people. Without hesitation and realizing how her son had for years wished to begin his Fathers work among his people, Mary chose this opportunity for him, the Son of the most high, to demonstrate his great compassion and salvage the happy celebration. “Son, they have no wine” she proclaimed. Ready to identify himself in public but more likely desiring to satisfy his mother’s wishes, he lovingly surrendered and asked “What would YOU have me do?” She, knowing her place in god’s redemptive plan as well as her motherly pride in and powers of Jesus, turned to the servants (as she does to us today) with bold faith and told them to “Do whatever HE tells you.” leaving the resolution to the will of Jesus. This was a foreshadowing of the situation today.

    Mary is our spiritual mother; she is the mother of all Christians and the mother of the Church. Our Immaculate Lady was there by the manger at the beginning of Christ’s life when the “Emanuel” was born, there nurturing and conversing with him all during his youth and adult life as he “grew in wisdom and strength”, there in Cana at the initiation and beginning of his ministry, there at Calvary suffering with him, and there at Pentecost, the beginning of the Church when the Holy Spirit came upon them as Jesus had promised.

    She was the one central figure present in all that was God’s plan for our Incarnate Lord and savior. She is and will be just as present in God’s plan when Christ returns. Prepare yourself to accept her presence and messages among us and throughout the world, quite possibly in our lifetime. For as the Father’s spoken promise to the world in the garden it is her joy, divinely ordained privilege, and foretold destiny to triumph over evil in the hearts of men and draw souls to her son our Savior Jesus the Christ during the great Harvest of Souls.

    The wedding of Christ and his church is coming. The mother of the bridegroom desires the guests to be prepared for the joyous occasion and worthy of his invitation. She is attentive of every detail so that he will be received with honor and proper respect by those so eager for his arrival. We, the guests, would do well to pay heed to her message to be worthy, joyous, and above all humble ourselves in honor of the great occasion. For it is only these who will be recognized as having prepared themselves with the proper “wedding garment” of humility, adoration, and thanksgiving to share the “good wine” and to be part of the everlasting “life of redemption”, the Eternal feast of Cana.

  • Pauline

    How beautiful a description you have regarding Our Sweet Mother on this Feast of the Assumption.
    I do have a heart-wrentching question?
    As we hold Our Lady with her esteemed qualities, why has the Feast of the Assumption been removed from the list of Holy Days of Obligation, why? Social excuses are not acceptable. This is a holy place given to Our Lady by the Church for a long time…not sure of date. Why must we remove Our Mother from her deserved place of honor?
    Abundant prayers in hopes of an answer based on Truth. My husband and I say the rosary daily, sometimes several times.

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