Father Bozada: Are Catholics Giving Scandal Unto The Lord?

Will God Judge Us Accordingly?

My Dear People,

Isaiah, a major prophet of the Old testament, focuses on the servant role of Israel in our readings this week. The Lord has formed me as a servant from the womb, Isaiah states. Israel is to be a light to the nations, glorious in God’s sight. Is this how the world views Israel today? Is she a pillar of goodness and light? Does she draw all nations unto the Lord? While in Jerusalem a few years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with an orthodox Jewish rabbi at the Wailing Wall. He made the distinction between “cultural Jew” and “observant Jews”. Over 90% of Israel was non-observant, meaning Jewish in name only. Very, very few Israeli Jews practice any religion at all. This rabbi went on to say that his nation was a “scandal” unto the Lord, and that God would judge them accordingly.

It made me think about the Catholic Church. Are we the same? Cultural non-practicing Catholics, few faithful and obedient unto the Lord are we? Are we not a scandal unto the Lord? Our divorce rate, abortion rate, pro-homosexual view, and church attendance is not much like our pagan brothers. Is God going to judge us accordingly as well?

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be grateful for the fullness of our Roman Catholic faith.

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3 comments to Father Bozada: Are Catholics Giving Scandal Unto The Lord?

  • michael

    I have often thought about where we stand ( today ) after 2000 years of seeking God or not.
    I believe we are a people who are weaker than our fathers in the good and wholesome attributes .
    It maybe just me but we are His creation and He made us one of His gifts to us is faith . I don’t think He’s stopped dispensing it. Somehow we have lost our appreciation for the gift of faith and through lack of activity it now is dorment . Whose to blame if we ask the question What is it to be baptized ? What is it to be confirmed ? and there is no response to what should be met with a joyous response.

  • Carolous

    This is sad. Unfortunately, these people are represented in politics by their “Catholic” congressmen and senators. After a voting record and public statements that indicate complete and unapologetic support for things solidly contrary to the faith, they are called forth to receive Holy Communion. This happens, too often, with the implicit support or directly at the hands of their own bishops. In my humble estimation, this error that one can be “culturally” Catholic (in the same way that one is one is Greek or Irish), while repudiating the faith is made worse by those in the episcopacy allow it to go unchecked.

    What is needed in the case of those, especially those in the government, is a true repentance and a public repudiation of the errors they held. We must pray for the conversion of these souls. They are our countrymen and our neighbors, but they are dead wrong. In a culture dominated by false notions of charity, compassion and civility, the faithful (especially those called by Holy Orders) MUST say it plainly and with fortitude.

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