Evil Never Sleeps

The Wages Of Sin Is Death!archangel-michael

By Father Richard Perozich

I have a good life: food on the table often prepared by parishioners,  decent health, fraternal love expressed openly by my parish family,  bills paid, and in general a personal peace. Yet in the dark of the  early morning I cannot sleep in my comfortable bed in a newly remodeled  rectory. My thoughts and emotions are racing inside me. I sit before  the Blessed Sacrament in my chapel for an hour and a half without peace.

What bothers me is my enemy’s glee over its continuing victories over  me in injustice. The injustices include an outrageous $1.6 million  settlement to victims of sexual abuse. They also include the San Diego  City Council’s participation in an organized effort by practicing  homosexuals to use Council influence to destroy marriage and give  rights to sexual perversion. In part it is also a movement to silence  the Catholic Church in its mission of mercy and truth by the promotion  in Congress of a bill which would penalize as a hate crime criticism of  sexuality outside the marriage of a man and a woman, and force us to  hire sexually immature people with gender identity disorders as if they  were normal.

My frustration includes the movement in the political arena to export  sexual perversion and killing of babies in the womb to Latin America  with funds from the U.S. government. It also includes making rich  lawyers, politicians, doctors, nurses, judges who use the political  system for personal gain.

I felt like the Psalmist in 39:3-4:

 ‘Dumb  and silent before the wicked, I refrained from any speech. But my  sorrow increased; my heart smoldered within me. In my thoughts a fire  blazed up, and I broke into speech.’

In Psalm 37: 7-10: ‘Be  still before the LORD; wait for God. Do not be provoked by the  prosperous, nor by malicious schemers. Give up your anger, abandon your  wrath; do not be provoked; it brings only harm. Those who do evil will  be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD will possess the land. Wait  a little, and the wicked will be no more; look for them and they will  not be there.’

Psalm 73 taught me, in 16-27: ‘Though  I tried to understand all this, it was too difficult for me, Till I  entered the sanctuary of God and came to understand their end. You set  them, indeed, on a slippery road; you hurl them down to ruin. How  suddenly they are devastated; undone by disasters forever! They are  like a dream after waking, Lord, dismissed like shadows when you arise.  Since my heart was embittered and my soul deeply wounded, I was stupid  and could not understand; I was like a brute beast in your presence.  Yet I am always with you; you take hold of my right hand. With your  counsel you guide me, and at the end receive me with honor. Whom else  have I in the heavens? None beside you delights me on earth. Though my  flesh and my heart fail, God is the rock of my heart, my portion  forever. But those who are far from you perish; you destroy those  unfaithful to you.’

How did we get to this point in America?

We, whose nation was founded by  God-fearing men and women escaping oppression of English tyrants of the  16th through 18th centuries? Where did we go wrong? Why did this happen?

Matters of justice concern what is due to the other. The other for us first of all is God. While we never can render Him  complete due, we can offer Him what is required by the demands of  justice: sacrifice. The one sacrifice which can offer God what is due  is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, wherein we imperfect people unite  ourselves with the perfect sacrifice, that of Jesus the Savior. In our  other affairs, we conduct ourselves with justice by rendering to others  what is their due based on God’s laws, and not on the others’ demands  or desires.

Man’s Laws, Must Be Based On God’s laws, Not His Own Self Willed Laws!

In order to render justice, man has to have a certain governance based  on God’s laws over man’s self, his family, and his political world.  Some of you tell me, ‘I hate politics,’ and then you try to avoid it.  You do only at your own peril by letting others make decisions for you.

Satan Tempts Man To Act Against God In Three Realms:  Personal, Family, And Political.

One area of action concerns oneself. A human being is responsible to  God, to himself, and to the society in which he lives to act according  to the natural law of God. A man is a unity of body and spirit; he must  care for both. Bodily care includes nutrition, cleanliness, exercise,  proper behavior to defend against disease and harm, and to act for the  common good. Spiritual care includes the relationship with God, prayer,  developing the intellect, the emotions, and the will.

A second area of concern is the ‘domestic’ realm — the family in which  we live and our particular relationships in that family. Justice means  rendering to each family member his due attention, affection, and  approval for acting in true charity according to God’s natural law.

A third area of life is the political realm wherein we live with others  and play our part in the development of a just society based on natural  law, and not on a false system which demands we give people whatever  they wish.

Regarding the self, humans are tempted to act against the natural law  by the devil, worldly manipulation, and human unruly passions. At the  same time God speaks in the conscience to each human being where the  law is written in his heart. Thus in the privacy of a man’s own world  he must live according to God’s ways to express true justice to himself  and the society in which he lives.

In the home, the domestic realm, each person owes the others justice  due them by their proper relationships in the family. The father must  look out for the needs of wife and children. The wife owes her  allegiance to the husband in being the heart of the family. The  children owe obedience to the parents.

In the political realm, those in leadership are responsible for the  just needs of the citizenry, which is not to say to give to each person  or group what they may demand, but to insure opportunity, equal  application of the natural law and not invent laws based on whim.

Our difficulties Lie In Injustice In All Three Realms.

 In the personal  realm, the false idea of individual rights has usurped the individual’s  need to do justice. Selfishness expresses itself in sexual  licentiousness, in lack of volunteerism to the community, in seeking  one’s advantage over the other, in power, possessions, prestige.

In the domestic realm, divorce for selfish reasons has divided  families, caused adultery, broken relationships, and has destroyed the  lives of children. Lack of attention to the natural law of man united  with woman has led to fornication, adultery, homosexuality.

In the political realm, the rejection of the natural law in favor of  creation of rights based on individual whims has created a dependency  and demand on government, weakening the whole society.

In looking for self gain and rights over justice, people have elected  politicians who grant them what the people want. The Democratic Party  currently has been infiltrated by selfish people who demand that  individual rights be created for them where none exist in the natural  law. The Republican Party is moving in this direction because they see  the gains of their rivals. It was a legislature and a Catholic governor  who invented a new law against the Church to permit re-filing of abuse  claims. These officials were elected by a large number of Catholics who  prostituted their vote for other gains, allowing vocal and powerful  groups to push their agenda through these politicians.

Catholics, while not a majority, still remain a large number. Our  complacency has permitted pornography, homosexuality, adultery,  divorce, fornication, social engineering of our children in schools.

It is time to understand our faith and to rally around Christ with  other Christians to bring our faith and the natural law to the  political realm. In the domestic realm, Catholics need to live holy  married lives with the justice toward the spouse and child above the  person’s idea of rights. In the personal realm, each needs to confess  sin and to put on Christ once again.

Evil never sleeps.

It is trying to silence and destroy our Church. Now  is the time to cling to Jesus, rally as Church, and live our Catholic  beliefs in the personal realm, the family, and all of society. To fail  to do so and to insist Catholic politicians do the same is to have a  silenced, impotent Church, persecuted by sinners. Catholics, claim the  dignity that is yours. Live your faith in every part of your life.  Jesus is with you in this struggle.

Originally posted at:  les-femmes-thetruth.org

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9 comments to Evil Never Sleeps

  • Bill Sr.

    We need to ask ourselves “What do you Catholics believe when you proclaim, I believe in one God…….and in all that is seen and unseen or visible and invisible as it is now? These are not and must not be just words to a devout and conscientious follower of Christ and faithful Catholic. Hopefully you are saying we are aware of the forces of Evil constantly surrounding us trying in any way to tug, tease, or tempt us from accomplishing our mission to do God’s will among men. We realize we live in an imperfect world as the result of sin which lives in those Evil forces attempting to steal as much of mankind as possible from the shelter of Christ’s sacrifice of Love within the Fathers house. Understanding this allows us to look beyond the seen for the unseen within what men propose as solutions to our problems or methods to improve conditions or to the vain attempts to tamper with the very physical elements of life itself. These are the areas where the powerful forces of Evil can disguise themselves as benevolent benefits or evolving enlightenment for a society too eager to advance to an earthly man made Utopia without pain or consequence and privilege without price.
    Our Lord came and was seen as a humble but faithful servant of Father in heaven teaching the ways of the Father of Love but also acknowledging the ever invisible presence of the devious deception of Evil opposed to His Will, promising us that whoever would believe in Him shall be worthy of the unseen Glory of God awaiting redeemed mankind.
    We may consider what we see as our modern western society the height of human achievement and marvel at our accomplishments but at the same time are we not also witnessing the unforeseen collapsing of it both morally and structurally?
    Far too often in recent history we have seen how leaders avoided the moral challenges in the light of truth and chosen do their work in the cool comfort of darkness where their deeds are less visible and the sleepy eyed gatekeepers have often been unwilling to sound the alarm for fear of disturbing the peace. As a result decisions have been made, choices are in place, and worst of all we have changed our language and vocabulary to fit an agenda contrary to our conscience. An unborn child is no longer a human being. Killing it is not a crime it is a right. Pregnancy is a disease or at the very least, as our own president has declared, it is a punishment for poor hygiene practice. Preventing pregnancy is praised and to be rewarded by a benevolent Federal government with free contraception for women and young school aged girls. All the while the same government disallows any mention of God in all its public schools and buildings. Religious liberty is no longer constitutionally protected but subject to the interpretation of bureaucrats in Washington. Free speech is soon to be a thing of the past as power hungry elitists and legislators have assumed the role of judges of vocabulary allowed to determine what can be publicly permissible speech. Every Christian value which helped build the shinning city on the hill is being challenged or cast aside to establish the Utopia of fools and it is time for us to unmask and reveal the Evil presence in the public policies proposed by the blind or misguided individuals perpetuating the corruption of our culture. The most potent weapon of Evil is our unwillingness to recognize its existence among us.
    Pray the hearts of the faithful will be opened that they may be able to see the unseen and unmask and reveal the Evil presence among us today.

  • TG

    Thank you Father. I copied to a file the Psalms you quoted. I especially need Psalm 37:7:10 right now. I’ve been feeling so discouraged and angry about our society and even the church (USCCB especially). I wish I could hear a homily like this. Our parish priest is a good faithful but I think he’s just a bit timid. He mentions evil but doesn’t give examples. I agree with lisag that most young people don’t know they are sinning because no one tells them. Diane, I agree with your comments, too.

  • Brandi

    We were born for this! I agree it is saddening to see these events unfolding in front of our eyes but rejoice Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
    Brothers and Sisters YOU were born to fight this fight let Jesus be your guide. Do not give Evil the satisfaction keep your Eyes on Christ and be filled with his peace knowing you were chosen to be EXACTLY where you are.
    God Bless

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    To me the church took the tabernacle and moved Our Blessed Lord to the side altar or an adjacent room to make room for the devil to sit at the altar with sinful social issues like abortion, same sex marriage, birth control and the list goes on.
    Disregarding Our Blessed Lord completely. This virtually allowed evil to set in and make itself comfortable. Tell your priest to put the tabernacle (Our Blessed Lord) back where He belongs.

  • Diane

    Thank you again Fr. Richard Perozich ( http://www.lesfemmes-thetruth.org/wages_of_sin.htm), for your wise and courageous words. I had to wait to type anything here because I was crying so hard at the words you had written because they are “Truth”. These tears are sad tears, sad for so many who have NOT been taught the faith. We lost all of this when we let them take GOD out of the schools all schools including Catholic schools. Not only did they take GOD out of the schools but they replaced it with another religion that being Atheism. How so? Darwin that is how. We let this into our Catholic schools also when we opened the door for him yes him satan to come in under the guise of, we possibly came from a monkey. This is how satan used it; if we came from a monkey hey there is NO Original sin right? NO need for redemption right? No need for morals because there is no Heaven and no Hell? NO need for that church stuff because it is not true. Do you see where I am going? The adults and children no longer believe in the Bible because the adults now are the generation that GOD was taken out of the schools. It is only by the grace of God that some of us have it even though HE was taken out of the schools.

    All of this stems from our children being taught that the Bible is just a nice book of stories instead of it being the Inspired Word of GOD Almighty. Yes it is in our Catholic schools how else could they take down this country. They used the Catholic Church to do it all because of $$$ just like Judas. Just as Bella Dodd printed in her book “School of Darkness” the Communists knew what to do to take down America they needed to take down the Church and they have done a rack up job of it. Her book is under fiction but it is NOT fiction it is fact, I have checked them all out including how she testified to Congress about her roll in putting 1100 priests who were know Communists into the Seminaries, she used the teachers union also. Then when she was finished with all of that before she died she confessed to our beloved Fulton Sheen. He convinced her to testify after she came back into the church and after going to Confession, after she had done her damage and satan’s work.

    Most of us do not have priests like you see here, most of us have priests that will not let you kneel during the Consecration of the Holy Eucharist, or commit heresy by talking about Teilhard De Chardin and how wonderful he was. I am sorry I am not putting down all priests and yes they are human and satan wants them more than he wants us but satan isn’t picky. The people in the pews need more of this kind of preaching from the pulpits, but you will not see that happen, because of the Church’s Tax Status. Let’s face it; we are Government owned because of that tax status. Our priests have their hands tied, why because of the money that’s why. For they loved the glory of men, more than the glory of God.~Luke 12:43

    I keep praying and praying and praying but my heart is breaking, seeing what is happening now. God separating His sheep from his goats (Matthew 25:32) and it is painful but needed, and we knew this day would be coming. We are at war, a war of good and evil like we have never seen in our lives. It is going to get much worse, prepare “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes ….and against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” ~Ephesians 6:10-12.

    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    ~John 8:32

    “Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.”
    ~ Pope Leo XIII (Sapientae Christianae, No. 14, encyclical, 1890)
    “The best parent and guardian of liberty amongst men is “Truth”
    ~Pope Leo XIII, Vicar of Christ(Immortale Dei 40, November 1, 1885)
    “Catholics were born for combat”
    ~Pope Leo XIII (Rerum Novarum)

    • Juan Jose

      You say you checked/verified that Bella Dodd testified to Congress about her roll in putting 1100 priests who were know communists into the Seminaries. I have read Bella Dodd’s June 17, 1953, testimony and find no reference to her putting 1100 communist priests into the seminaries. Did I miss it or did Bella Dodd testify more than once?

  • Michael

    Thank you father RIch. So true said- lisag- these catholic sinners choose what to believe and follow anything they see fit. they decide what is right and wrong, whether it is sexually active homosexual lifestyle, adultery, divorce or another mortal sin – not what God says is right and wrong. Gods /Catholic morals have not changed, Truth does not change. only society changes and it has changed for the worst. Following satan himself.

  • lisag

    Father keep talking, because most Catholic sinners in the areas of personal, family and political realms have no idea they are sinning. They have allowed the media and society to tell them that if they uphold Catholic morals they are ignorant and unjust. They choose what to believe and follow anything they see fit. They have fallen into the trap of moral relativism and the desire of fairness.

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