Defending the Holy Father’s “Who am I to judge?”

Fr. John Hollowell answer’s the proverbial statement, “Don’t judge me!”

This is a great short video, well worth sharing.

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4 comments to Defending the Holy Father’s “Who am I to judge?”

  • John C. Leach

    This is most wonderfully spoken. It is the Word of God that judges us or another way of putting it, the voice of Christ, speaking through His teaching Church.

  • Justin

    Father John what a nice simple wonderful message. I’m glad it was recorded. You are so correct in observing that the press doesn’t even begin to understand the faith. The Catholic Church cannot change it’s (infallible) teachings. It was conincidental (or was it?) that the Pope echoed the Gospel “Who appointed me your judge?”, yet the full message of Jesus was that you never know when His judgement will come upon you, as it did to the succesaful farmer who thought he had a long life of leisure in front of him. As the Pope said “If someone is trying to live a holy life and seeking God, who am I to judge him?” Pope Francis doesn’t need to judge;he does need to teach how to seek God and how to live a holy life and those teachings don’t change.

  • Diane


    A wonderful sermon on what Holy Francis really said….

    And about being judgemental……..

    Wish with all due respect Father that you had mentioned
    that we are to judge ACTIONS.

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