Is Our Culture Worse Than Sodom And Gomorrah?

Father Robert

We have heard in the Gospel reading about towns where Our Lord did the vast majority of His work, and He condemns them because they did not believe. It is quite amazing to hear what He has to say about these other towns, about Tyre and Sidon, about Sodom and Gomorrah, that Sodom would still have been around to that particular day if the works done in Capernaum had been done in Sodom. We all know what happened in Sodom, the horrible sins that were going on there, the gross homosexuality and all the problems that they had. And we know that when the angels came to Sodom, they wanted to sodomize the angels. Yet Our Lord is telling us that if those works that He did had been done in Sodom, Sodom would still be standing because the people would have converted.

Our Culture Is Worse Than Sodom And Gomorrah

We look around and we see things in our own society getting worse and worse and worse –not only our society, but throughout the world. We ask ourselves, “What is it going to take? What does God have to do to get people turned around?” We might say, “If He did some sort of miracle, people would surely believe.” How many miracles does He need to do? They are happening all the time, yet people refuse to believe. The amazing thing is that very often it is even the people for whom the miracles were done who refuse to believe these days. God does something extraordinary right in someone’s life and they just shrug it off! They continue to act the way that they were before. We are in such a situation that we have to understand that our society is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Now that is quite a statement, yet it is true. Sodom and Gomorrah would have converted if the works that the Lord continues to do even in our own day would have been done in them.

The Vast Majority Refuse To Repent and Believe In The Gospel

But we have been untouched as a society by the works of the Lord. How many Masses are said everyday. How many graces are brought down to this earth through the Mass being offered, through generous souls who are willing to suffer, through the prayers of good and holy people. Yet things continue just to degenerate. At the time of Our Lord, they did not understand the value of suffering. They did not have the Mass. They had Jesus going into these towns and working mighty deeds, but He told us that we would do even greater things than what He had done. So we have all of the saints. We have our Blessed Lady. We have Our Lord. We have the Mass. We have an understanding of the value of prayer and suffering and sacrifice and all these things. We have many, many generous people who are offering themselves to the Lord as victim souls and who are offering their daily sufferings to the Lord. Still, the vast majority refuses to hear and to change.

We Have To Continue To Pray And Do Penance For Our Lost Brothers And Sisters

We need desperately to continue to pray and to continue to offer our sufferings and sacrifices to the Lord. It is the only way. The devil right now has such a hold on the people of this world that our only hope for being able to snatch them from the hands of Satan is going to be through prayer and sacrifice. There are many who are willing to do so, yet when we look at the whole world, it is hardly a handful by comparison. God needs generous souls and He needs them desperately. We can be guaranteed if we are willing to offer up those sacrifices to the Lord that we will see extraordinary things happening, that we will know there are graces being brought to this world and there are souls who are being touched and converted. Even if things continue to go the wrong way on the large scale, we can be guaranteed that God’s grace is working in the lives of individuals to save their souls. That may be at the last moment of their life as they are dying, to get turned around, it may be in some other circumstance, and it may well be people that we do not even know. It does not matter. All that matters is that we have the faith, the confidence, and the trust that the Lord is going to accept what we offer Him and that He will apply it where it is most needed. So we need to do our part.

Beg The Lord For The Grace Of Conversion For Our Loved Ones And The World

If the works that have been done in our day had been done in a place like Sodom, it would have converted. America and the rest of the world have not. We have rejected the grace of God, and we have chosen sin that is far worse than what Sodom ever knew. We need to pray and we need to do penance. We need to beg the Lord to open the way so that people will be able to receive the grace so they will be converted and saved.

Won’t you pray for mercy while their is still time for mercy.

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15 comments to Is Our Culture Worse Than Sodom And Gomorrah?

  • Judy

    Thank you Father. It is true but we,the remnant must stay united.
    The sad thing is that we will be seeing family and friends succumbing to
    sin. We must stay the course just like Lot. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. We will triumph but it will be painful and we must follow Christ.
    But we will rise again. God bless you.

  • Elizabeth Forshaw

    Thank you Father. You have said it all so eloquently. As we turn our trials and tribulations over to the Lord in complete trust, HE will continue to shower the world with His mercy.He will provide all that we need.

  • I am so saddened by the apathy of our Catholic brothers and sisters. So many no longer go to Church. I feel we have lost 2 generations of Catholics. Our children no longer recieve the good Catholic teaching. I was taught out of the Baltimore Catechism and am so thankful for that. My children have turned out well as I taught them their religion but now my grandchildren are leaving their Catholic Faith and it breaks my heart and the hearts of Jesus and Mary. I pray that our pastors start giving sermons that will wake up the luke-warm Catholics. Our salvation is what matters the most. Isn’t that what we were born for?? To be with our Lord forever in eternity!

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  • Teresa

    Spot on Barbara! PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!! I always include intentions for my loved ones, but also tell the Blessed Mother that the intentions are also for HER intentions for all of us! For our Church, our Priests, our Laity, our Communities, our Country, our governing officials, and the WORLD. FOR CONVERSIONS!!


  • Barbara Rew

    The Holy Rosary is the answer to our problems. Our Blessed Mother warned us in 1917 that Russia would spread her errors (Communism)if we did not repent and turn back to God. Now, we in America are seeing the terrible inroads of atheistic communism take root. Our lady asked us to pray the daily Rosary to obtain peace for the world…and that is what we must do!

  • Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz

    All that you said Fr. in this msg is factual. When reading it, such sorrow, and a sick feeling overcomes me..I guess its the disbelief that we as a NATION. ONCE seemingly so clean, and good. Is not either any longer.

    There are so many Catholics and others who appear as ‘oh well what can I do? I have my own life to worry about’. I am always stunned at attitudes as such. This tells me, 1. They cannot deal w. the uglyness of it. 2. They are disinterested. 3. They just don’t care, not one bit. So much prayer, and vocalizing of such that is happening. ‘Soldiers of Christ’ as told at Confirmation need to step up to the plate fearlessly.

  • Deb in AZ

    Thank you Father for sharing this important message. We don’t often here “repent or sacrifice” anymore in the pews and probably not in the Catholic schools either. Is this the same idea as ‘offer it up’?
    Does anyone else remember hearing ‘offer it up’ from the good nuns while growing up in Catholic schools? In very little ways we can remember to “offer it up” all the time. To me, it’s many little prayers throughout the day.
    My husband and i say this to each other when confronted with life’s daily troubles, inconveniences, rudeness, slights, tears, pain and other bumps on the road to eternity.

  • Father, I’m thankful for voices in the church that call for repentance. God waits…I pray we hear and obey.
    St Peter Damian, pray for us.

  • From an email subscriber:

    Thank you. I needed the reminder to pray for mercy while there is still time for mercy.

    The time for mercy feels like it is accelerating to an end, or that events are moving worldwide to some kind of cataclysm, while souls carry on oblivious to the danger, unrepentant and uncaring. The many miracles the Lord is giving to the world are ignored.

    The theme of “Gone with the Wind” is somehow involved, having been presented to our family many times. Maybe this last aspect pertains just to our family, I don’t know. Please continue to sound the warning.


  • Mary Bellino

    I pray not to give in to despair but to grow in loving trust and faith and confidence in Our Lord’s great love for humanity. These times in which we live are dire, but prayer can change everything. Thank you for this article. This should be preached from the pulpits of the world……….return to God! TRUTH should be preached each week, if not daily. God is merciful! God forgives anywone who comes to Him with true contrition. Let us pray for conversions with all of our hearts and let us witness with our lives. Father, continue your beautiful witness of Christ, Our Dear Lord.

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  • Patty

    Thank you Father Altier. This world and especially the U.S. is far more rotten and sinful than Sodom and Gomorrah. I did not before realize that only true suffering to the core of the heart can bring about conversions…but am starting to deeply understand this spiritual concept. We are beginning to be chastised by God in the U.S. We see in the Mideast the fires in people that are going to bring worldwide cultures into more depravity. The fire is starting here – the depravity we’ve already invested decades in. Catholics who have partaken in the Supreme Purity of our Lord’s Body and Blood must make an effort not to become caught up in this great worldwide rebellious revolt. I feel we are going to begin some real suffering – once the birth pangs get going, it’s hard to find a breath to relax….ask any mother. We must be careful not to fall into the pitfalls that lead us into rebelling at this time. When Jesus said that others would do mightier deeds than He, I believe He also meant that we would grieve mightier than He, suffer torments mightier than He, and see horrible sinfulness and depravity mightier than He. When He brought back Lazarus to life – the most obvious material proof that He was truly the Son of God right in front of the Pharisees and Sadduccees, that was the most He could do for these hardened hearts to accept proof of His Christ and Divine Role on this planet. I think God has given us even a bit longer to turn back to Him with all the Miracles, Messages, and Mystical Messages He has allowed to happen. To the end He will forgive souls….but God alone will know that somewhere in time, there will be a last soul to repent…then the rest of humankind will never change. Since Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection, all the way to the end, reparation and suffering will be ours to fulfill that which God has demanded for the Divine Dignity of His Son’s Kingdom….”Every penny will be paid.” It will not be today’s pagans or people who hate God who will pay the debts, but today’s Christians – all of us whether Catholic or not – what we’re looking at today in time and a general consensus of what’s coming up, we’re going to be working for the kingdom very hard in ways we don’t realize yet. We continue to pray for conversions, repent, learn to suffer gratefully, and above all imitate Jesus in Meekness, Gentleness and Humility…because only people who are in reality going His Way are going to make it through these certain chastisements. Seek Him and keep walking away from the world which still wants to kill your soul…the Crucifixion is a hard one to beat in doing mightier works….God Bless Us All.

  • Tom

    Thank you so much Fr. Altier! You have said what has been in my heart for a number of years. I have made a promise to Our Lord to pray each day especially for vocations to the contemplative orders. I believe that vocations to the contemplative life are needed because prayer and penance will bring holiness to the priesthood, religious and laity. Without addressing holiness first, how can we hope to follow Our Master to Calvary! Our Catholic brothers and sisters will only continue to look to the world (evil one) for answers instead of Our Savior. Also I accept suffering as a way of imitating His Majesty. Sometimes I look around the world and see so much misery from sin especially the genocide of the unborn. How can Our Dear Lord allow such an abomination? The answer is a mystery and only He can truly answer this question. My task is to have faith and complete trust that all events in human life are following His Plan. How could it be otherwise since He is the Source of all life and King of Love and Justice? Truly we are engaged in spiritual warfare unseen by the human eye yet as real as the trees and flowers we see each day. In the end God will draw all things unto Himself whether to glorify His Mercy or His Justice. We will serve Him either one way or the other. Which way will our brothers and sister choose to glorify Him via His Mercy or Justice? Modern Christians have forgotten the many references in the Old Testament to ‘fear of the Lord’. Instead some of the members of my family and friends only see His Mercy (as interpreted through human eyes – not Divine reality) I contemplate just trying to walk behind Him to Calvary for this world is not the end of existence but the beginning of Life for those who remain faithful.


    May God Bless and Keep us in His Loving Arms

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