A Crisis For Saints

Faithful Catholics: Pray More and Complain Less,
A Message of Hope

Dear Catholic Friend,

I am writing to you to give you a word of encouragement. So I would hope you take this in the fatherly way I want to address you, as one who is a priest of over 32 years and as spiritual director of dozens of people, a priest who very much has personal contact with many of the lay faithful and knows very well the deep concern – anxiety may be a better word – over the present situation in the Church. Take this as if I were in your presence, saying firmly and clearly and with great confidence: Be at peace! Pray more! Calm down and don’t lose heart!

St. Padre Pio, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”


Padre Pio is quoted as saying, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry!” I want to aim that especially at people who write those anxiety-filled blogs and articles at the Church’s present situation, but certainly to all the Catholic faithful who are confused, bemused, or just plain angry. I certainly understand your concern; in fact, I share it but my consideration as to what to do is different. I conclude that we should pray more and complain less; besides you might recall the words of Psalm 95 which we priests and religious who recite the Divine Office have the joy of choosing as the invitatory psalm in our daily recitation of the breviary; specifically the verse that says: “Forty years I endured that generation. I said, ‘They are a people whose hearts go astray and they do not know my ways.’ So I swore in My anger, ‘They shall not enter into My rest.’”


What Are You Going to Do?

Let’s not try our Lord’s patience, rather let’s take this as an opportunity to establish a firmer faith, a more secure hope and a deeper charity. After all, what are you going to do? Leave the Church?! Wouldn’t the Evil One then have the victory over your soul?

Think of it! Aren’t you one who loves that old title given to us at confirmation, “soldiers of Christ.” Well, then don’t walk off the field of battle. These are the times, I’m convinced, that St. Louis Marie de Montfort prophesied, the time of the great saints: “Towards, the end of the world . . . Almighty God and His holy mother are to raise up great saints who will surpass in holiness most other saints as much as the cedars of Lebanon tower above little shrubs.” (St. Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary, article 47). Take it a s a compliment that our father God finds you worthy of these times, that He finds you capable of great sanctity!

I write as one who gives direction to many souls and who is alarmed at the discouragement that has entered so many hearts. I hear it and see it a lot and I must confess that discouragement is not foreign to me, especially given the confusion spread even by those called to strengthen our faith. That being said, I want to tell you what I tell the souls entrusted to me: Pray more! Pray for an increase of faith, hope, and love and make it an apostolic prayer, said with missionary zeal for the sake of others. “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, increase our faith, hope and love!” Not just once, but many times a day, pray this way and you will fulfill your duty as a good soldier of Christ.


Hang in There Friends!

I write this out of gratitude for all the Catholic faithful whose loyalty to Christ and His holy Church has inspired me throughout my life. Hang in there friends! Hang in there with greater faith, hope, and love. “The gates of Hell will not prevail!”

May holy Mary, the woman of great faith and mother of the Church, envelop you in Her most compassionate and immaculate heart. Peace!

Fr. William Moser
January 20, 2016

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18 comments to A Crisis For Saints

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  • Thomistica

    Indeed, more prayer, including for the Holy Father, is much in need. But a qualifier about the need to complain less. That’s true, if it means engage in invective. On the other hand, in my view the laity should be engaged in civil, respectful public disagreement with the tone and direction of this papacy, as a matter of obligation.

    According to the Edward Pentin, a moral theologian who saw the impending exhortation claimed that it undermines the moral natural law. So where are the Catholic scholars coming out publicly, in a group, to signal that they will dissent *if* this happens? When the history of this period is written, part of the narrative will be the inaction of public intellectuals. Who knows the motivations for inactivity. One can only speculate. Human nature? Perhaps too many people laboring under slavish cultural attitudes toward the papacy, or not wanting to upset their institutional ties to the hierarchy? Or just outright fear about appearing histrionic?

    When the history of this period is written, it may well turn out that part of the narrative will be the inaction of so-called public intellectuals in the laity.

    Who knows the motivations for inactivity. One can only speculate. Human nature? Perhaps too many people laboring under obsequious or slavish cultural attitudes toward the papacy, or not wanting to upset their institutional ties to the hierarchy? Or just outright fear about appearing histrionic?

  • May it please God to give us may more Priests like you. God bless you Father

  • Marian

    Father, since the summer, my husband and I have been sitting home on Sunday. We know there is nowhere else to go outside of the Catholic Church, yet we haven’t been able to reconcile what was and what is, and it just gets worse by the week. My confusion is supreme. Frustration has set in. And no one has the time to help me. Any good priest is already stretched to the limit. So, we made the decision to just stop attending Mass. I still pray my Rosary and say other prayers every day, and on Sunday I read the Mass propers.

    Thank you for writing this article.

    • ladyj

      If you can not go to Church you may try following the Mass on EWTN it is twice a day and then there is the Divine Mercy Chaplet for we are in the year of the Divine Mercy and then there is Stations of the Cross on Fridays You may like trying these

    • Mary Bennett

      Please come back to Mass. You are not doing anyone any good by staying away. I know there is reason to be concerned, but don’t give up. Please don’t be discouraged.
      Jesus said: “Be not afraid!” You say you haven’t been able to reconcile what was and what is. Please come back anyway! Something VERY important IS always the same. Jesus is eternal. He is truly present in the Eucharist. We can’t be fooled by appearances. Please come back to Mass. Confusion is temporary; Jesus is eternal. Please have hope that the situation in the Church will get better. And just think, your prayers during Mass may help that happen!

  • Sebastian

    Thank you Father for your good work and encouragement. You are absolutely right:- “The gates of Hell will not prevail!” Did not Jesus promise us that He will be with us till the end of time. Take heart folks. God bless

  • Ramanie

    Father may God bless you more and more. Thank you for this very inspiring article.

  • jim davidson

    What is this about female priests ?
    Best spend time & energy removing priests for same sex marriage & homo partnerships.


  • Jed

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, increase our faith hope and love!

  • eileen

    January 28,2016at 5:40pm

    Thank you Father! I am in need often to be reminded to TRUST totally in our Lord’s Providence and so the all powerful intercession of Mary, our Mother! This helps to LOVE unconditionally and not become weary.

  • Cathy

    Thank You Fr. for the words of encouragement but please keep praying for those people with anxiety and confusion. Keep up the inspiring work.

  • John

    Thank you Fr. Moser. I’m a little person, not terribly smart and struggling to understand and apply my Faith in Jesus and his Holy Catholic Church. The torrent of different and often opposing opinions, not to mention the intense emotional reactions I see in others and in myself, often leave me confused and sometimes discouraged For now though, one thing for me remains strong, and that is that I will not leave Peter’s side! “Where shall we go Lord? You have the words of eternal life.” and “You are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” St. Michael, pray for us!

  • A

    Thank you for this encouragement. It is just what I needed right now.

  • Robert Leach

    Father Moser: Your message is exactly what I needed. I have prayed often lately for hope and a stronger faith as I watch many of our Church leaders – right to the very top – sow confusion and error, and cause doubt and anxiety especially amongst those Catholics most loyal to the magisterium. Indeed these faithful ones are the ones most insulted by the reigning pontiff who sees their loyalty to doctrine as somehow pharisaic. I will download and print out your timely advice and read it every time I feel down about where the Church leaders are trying taking us. Sadly, that is likely to happen far too often in this turbulent period for the Church – a Church I used to think of a rock rather than the pile of shifting sand it is now.

    Kind regards

  • tg

    Thank you Father. I needed this. But if PF approves women priests, I’m staying home.

    • donny

      Dr tg, Let us not give into the fear of an uncomfortable future possibility. Even in the darkest period of Church history no Pope taught anything contrary to our faith. So let us trust in our Lord’s prayer for Peter that his faith may not fail (Lk;22:32) and on our Lord”, assurance that the power of hell shall not prevail over the Church. (Mr;16:18). It seems unlikelly that women will be ordained in the Catholic Church. But for our own spiritual good of being docile to the Holy Spirit let us be open to the whatever the Church teaches and decrees , even if it is an unlikely one.

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