Cowardice Prevails!

Boy Scouts Cave To Political Correctness!

In response to the Boy Scouts of America’s extremely disappointing decision to allow “openly gay scouts,” Father Richard Perozich of the Diocese of San Diego wrote the following: 

From a Catholic spiritual understanding, homosexual attraction is a strong tendency toward a moral evil. In no case can it be approved. Even a young Scout with this condition can be helped. If, however, he declares this condition as his identity with the right to act on it, the other Scouts need to be protected from him and the influence of his ideation, any homosexual sexual touching or talk, or invitation to participate in or to accept this evil.

I would not allow a child under my care to be near either another child or an adult who identifies with, encourages acceptance of, or practices homosexuality. Our parish gave material support to the Scouts in our region until yesterday. We have withdrawn financial aid but will support them with prayer so that the adults retreat from their cowardice before the evil of homosexuality and its perpetrators, and be about protecting and forming young men according to classic Scout values in accord with Catholic teaching.

Pray that more of our bishops and priests have the moral courage to address this most unfortunate situation, and provide moral guidance to their flocks.


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4 comments to Cowardice Prevails!

  • Clem

    Seminaries don’t permit hetereosexual behavior either.

  • Rachel

    @ROB: YOU are one of those people who see the world through rose colored glasses. SEMINARIES do not permit homosexual activity and it happens. When you permit EVIL to enter holy places or wherever children are, there will be INDOCTRINATIONS and homosexual activities.

  • Rachel

    CONSERVATIVES have been told to not discuss politics with fellow parishioners who are LIBERALS. I DISAGREE with THAT emphatically. HOW are these ppl going to educate themselves if all they hear is the LIBERAL MEDIA. IT is a BAD MESSAGE from the pulpit to tell us to SHUT UP. I for one WILL NOT DO IT. THEY are supporting EVIL at EVERY TURN and we’re supposed to be QUIET.

  • Rob

    As I understand the Scout’s position, an gay person can be a scout, but I doubt that gay behavior would be permitted in scouting activities.

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