The Best of Courageous Priest 2011

1. A Capuchin Eucharistic Flash Mob

This was easily our most popular. And well worth watching again.

2. As “Mass” Progressed I Was Both Disappointed and Annoyed

Bishop Coyne:  Went to Mass and Things Went Downhill From There

3.  How Harry Potter Corrupts Our Children

“Our heroes are sorcerers. The characters we admire spend seven years studying, and a lifetime becoming proficient in, something that is intrinsically and gravely evil – sorcery. No room for doubt here. Magic is good, Dark Magic bad. This is a false dichotomy. In the real world, in God’s Eyes, all sorcery, the manipulation of preternatural powers – which means, yes, demons – is dark, is evil.”  Fr. Donal Callaway, MIC

4. A Novena for Fr. Corapi

Please consider this the most read and not “the best of . . . “

5. Priest Unveils Catholic Healthcare Grants Given To Support Abortion

Fr. John Malloy Exposes the Ugly Truth About Catholic Healthcare West


May God bless you this new year.  Thank you all so much for your support of Courageous Priest, the apostolate, and for real courageous priest.


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