Courageous Missouri Bishop…

To Consecrate Diocese To The

Immaculate Heart of Mary

bishopjohnstonThanks to Catholic Knight Website for posting this news on the new Courageous Bishop in the Springfield, MO – Cape Girardeau, MO diocese in Missouri.  After years of dissent Bishop James Vann Johnston is going to try and bring the diocese back to orthodoxy.  Let us pray for this courageous bishop.

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Three interesting developments are underway in the Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau. Bishop James Vann Johnston has already given preeminent position to the Usus Antiquior (Extraordinary Form Latin Mass) at St. Agnes Cathedral in Springfield where it is celebrated no less than five times a week. Days and times for liturgical celebrations can be viewed on the Latin Mass Community website.

In addition to this, The Catholic Knight has learned that Bishop Johnston has also given his support to the creation of an Anglican Use Community within the City of Springfield. This community lists dates, times and locations for their liturgical services on their website as well. With this latest action we see that Bishop Johnston is opening up avenues for liturgical renewal both on the Latin and English front.

The Catholic Knight therefore calls upon all his readers, to contact friends and family in the Springfield Missouri area, and encourage them to attend either the Traditional Latin Mass, or the Anglican Use liturgy, or both, in support of Bishop Johnston’s effort to clean up the liturgical mess in the Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau.

heartMaryMaurielloLastly, The Catholic Knight has just learned that Bishop James Vann Johnston now plans to Consecrate the Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25, 2010. When we consider the meaning of such an act, in light of the revelations by the three seers at Fatima some 93 years ago, it would appear the good bishop is seeking the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima. This comes as the liturgical reform gets underway in earnest, with the implementation of the new English translation for the Roman Missal, sometime next year.

A lot of news has been coming out of the Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau lately, much of it pertaining to the liturgy, and not all of it good. The diocese has also been plagued by public heresy from some of it’s priests. One extreme example of this was exposed here on The Catholic Knight a little over a year ago. This new bishop of Springfield – Cape Girardeau certainly has his work cut out for him. He can be assured of the prayers of The Catholic Knight, and I would personally like to ask all my readers to join me in praying for him as well. He is a brave man taking on a Novus Ordo establishment that has been entrenched in Southern Missouri for a very long time.

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  • Billy O.

    If Bishop Vann Johnston has need of further inspiration for his wonderful cause, two publications come to mind concerning the upcoming Consecration:

    1) Sister Mary of the Divine Heart
    Droste Zu Vischering
    Religious of the Good Shepherd
    Published 1906.
    2) Life of Leo XIII & History of His Pontificate
    Published 1903.
    Combined (in my humble reading), the two publications detail extraordinary circumstances that preceded Leo XIII to Consecrate the entire human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    A published text of the encyclical is outlined on the Vatican website under “Leo XIII, encyclicals/documents, Rome, Saint Peter’s, and is dated 25Th day of May, 1899.

    The text of the Consecration itself is referenced as an attachment, and while not included within this document, I can imagine that it certainly must enhance the already wonderful storyline. It is very inspirational and humbling reading.
    In particular, near the conclusion of the Encyclical, the Pope states:

    “God, the author of every good, not long ago preserved Our life by curing Us of a dangerous disease. We now wish, by this increase of the honor paid to the Sacred Heart, that the memory of this great mercy should be brought prominently forward, and Our gratitude be publicly acknowledged.”

    Bishop Vann Johnston certainly has one very impeccable “Mentor” on his side.

  • Maseno Cleophas

    Yes ,but let’s pray for Him to get more courage. By the way Bishop do realize it is only the chosen few that will endure the persecutions[Mk:10:28-30] How my heart yearns that you remain firm like late Bishop Romera-Oh’ see how San salvado was bleeding” Mayy the almighty Father fulfill what He started in you.

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