Contraception or Sterilization Completely Violates The Vows of Marriage

Fr. Robert Altier – “When You Engage In Marital Relations
It Is A Prayer. . . It’s Profoundly Holy”

DesertVoice.Org, St. Paul-Minneapolis – We have to look even further and remember that for those who are married, it is not only in your physical intimacy that you express the union of marriage. That is the very sign of marriage, which is why the Church is so very clear in teaching that this must be kept holy. This is not about having fun and games; this is about prayer. When was the last time most married couples thought that way, that when you engage in marital relations it is a prayer? It is something which is profoundly holy; it is the very sign of your sacrament. If you think about this in another context, the greatest sign of the Sacrament of Holy Orders is to say Mass. What would you think about a priest who came out to say Mass and was goofing around, being selfish and arrogant about the way he was saying Mass, who was not being reverent, who was not praying, going through the motions but in an entirely irreverent manner? It is exactly the same thing that I as a celibate would say to married couples who are approaching one another in a manner which is less than dignified.

Any kind of violation, any act of using the other person, of course any act of contraception or sterilization, completely degrades and violates not only the other person but the vows of marriage and the very purpose of human sexuality.

Father Robert Altier

We need to think about the holiness of that and ponder the fact that, beyond just that, every time you receive Holy Communion you are also symbolizing the union that is yours in marriage. For each and every one of us, whether married or unmarried, when we receive Holy Communion we celebrate the union of our soul with Jesus. But for a married couple, think about the fact that the way you approach Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is exactly the way you should approach one another. When you receive the Body of Jesus in the Eucharist, it should be in the same way that you receive the body of your spouse, with the same kind of respect, the same reverence, the same dignity, the same holiness, because what it symbolizes is the same thing. It celebrates the union. But it shows to us, as we receive Holy Communion, that each and every one of us receiving Jesus points to the fact that our union with Christ is not just “my own” union with Christ, as it would be in marriage. In marriage, there are the two who are united to be one. In the Eucharist, through Baptism, being celebrated and symbolized in our reception of the Eucharist, all of us are one with Christ. And if we are united with Christ, then we are united also with one another.

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5 comments to Contraception or Sterilization Completely Violates The Vows of Marriage

  • Kathleen Riney

    I’m 69 married for 50 yrs & never heard marriage explained so wonderfully & in complete truth. With all due respect, I believe if the priests would apologise to the laity for the past 40 years of disrespectful, at the very least, masses, foisted on us in the pew…….this would heal an enormous wound! If such a thing was ever done, I believe we would see an out pouring of the Holy Spirit, unmatched in the history of the Church! Bishops, send out letters to be read at every mass, asking forgiveness for all that was allowed to happen in our church. Even though some of them had not even been born at the time, it’s the Office that is responsible. People would be lining up for confession in an unprecedented manner. I have had to apologise to my children & close friends to their children for the “teachings” they recieved from ego centric clergy. For all of the laity who have “hung in there” for the past 40 yrs, apologies from the pulpit would be a very loving stroke from “Holy Mother Church”. I say this with nothing but love for my Holy Roman Catholic Church. Not in spite of the “warts”, but WITH them! 🙂

  • Barbara O'Brien Arato

    I would like someone who is pro life to remind those who condemn the young teenagers who commit offenses and consider them awful awful people to reflect on those grown ups who have years and years of education, money and position in the communities how really awful awful they are when they give thought and experience to the abortion issue and still come up with Pro Choice and Contraception as a valid choice and even a good one. Now that is scary.

  • Luciano

    The truth spoken in charity with clarity!
    God bless your work in Jesus through Mary with Joseph.

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  • Paul C

    How absolutely true of course, as I have found. Great analogy I didn’t consider before.

    Makes one consider poor or illicit Mass celebrations in a new way, as selfish. Either potentially leaving God out as we focus on only the self, or even focus only on the spouse/congregation.

    Perhaps that’s why we/some don’t have a bigger problem with irreverently said, licit or illicit, Masses, because they don’t see the irreverence in their own blessed Sacrament?

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