Coming Soon – Our Most Controversial Post Ever

It is so controversial that we decided to give you a warning in advance.


Because we want this to be very fruitful!  The best way to do that is by preparing our souls.  Is there any better way to do that than praying with a charitable heart?

You wouldn’t mind saying a prayer right now, would you?

A Hail Mary or a St. Michael prayer would be perfect.


Coming this Thursday during the Hour of Mercy . . .


Our Most Controversial Post Ever!


Be sure to mark your calendars and tell your friends.  The fire will be intense.


I don’t know about you, but I am getting excited.


God bless you,

John Quinn


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8 comments to Coming Soon – Our Most Controversial Post Ever

  • judy Bonish

    this is my first time on this site. I am thoroughly confused about the Thursday news. What I really wanted to read was about Fr.Corapi/ I have just learned about his possible scandal. I have the utmost admiration for him and miss hearing his message on EWTN. What is happening. He is in my prayers


    Hello Judy,

    Here is the information on Fr. Corapi.

    The most “controversial post ever” was the one on Harry Potter. Did you see it? Over 100 comments!

    Hope you come back often.

    May God bless you,
    John Quinn

  • mk

    We are ALL very confused. Thought it was last Thursday…nothing.

    Figured it was this Thursday, but here it is the Hour of Mercy and still nothing.

    What gives?


    It is the Harry Potter one. Many good Catholics are at odds with this one.

    Although, did you see the comments on the Cohabitation one?

    Thanks for asking.

  • Antonio

    Please clarify,is the controversial post on Cohabitation or Harry Potter? or something else?


    It is the Harry Potter one. Many good Catholics are at odds with this one.

    Although, did you see the comments on the Cohabitation one?

    Thanks for asking.

  • Mary Bellino

    I am now seeing this email on April 8th………….Has this post already occurred YESTERDAY? I am confused!

  • Jayne

    Is this the Thursday for the ‘Controversial Post?’

  • Holly

    well, what is the news?

  • Luciano

    This reminds me of a phrase I read somewhere, I think it was in the Bible or a commentary on the Scriptures that says “when God is stirred up even the Angels purify themselves”. Yes I do agree with the call to prayer and I would add a prayer to the Holy Spirit for help to recognize the good that we must embrace and the evil that we must oppose. Many years ago when I was in the US ARMY I was asked by some if I was saved, I took it as a challenge and started to read the Bible but I was very fortunate, thanks be to God, to be led to the prayer to the Holy Spirit because of it I was led strait home to the catholic Church. We must have the same determination of the blind man on the side of the road when Jesus was passing by. He new that he was blind and in faith He was calling to Jesus to have mercy on him while the others were basically telling him to shut up but he persisted. It seems to me that like people today those others on the side of the road were like curiosity seekers who where looking for something to talk about and not much more but because of the blind man’s persistence, God’s grace at work, God was glorified, the blind man came to see and those others eyes were also opened. I find that many are afraid of miracles because they’re afraid of the change they’re called to so they limit themselves to curiosity seeking. God bless everyone in Jesus through Mary with Joseph!

  • I just wanted to let you know that Fr. John Cihak is now Monsignor Cihak.

    God Bless.


    Thank you for the information, Grace! If you ever have anything we could post here, please let us know.

    Thank you and God bless you!
    John Quinn

    P.S. I can’t say enough about how thoroughly impressed I am with your site. Your parents must be very special people to have a daughter with a heart like yours!

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